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  1. Pippooshu

    Day 7 lower division results

    It's very strange the shikona "U"...which is his japanese translation? (I am not worthy...)
  2. Pippooshu

    Asashouryuu danpatsushiki

    I've seen the Asa's danpatsu-shiki on an italian media-video and I was very sad. With the tears in my eyes. It's happens...this terrible moment is really happens... Thanks for all, Asashoryu :-) (Punk rocker...) Italian report
  3. Pippooshu

    Aki 2010 Banzuke

  4. Pippooshu

    Day 14 lower division results

    Aoiyama breaks the crisis and rise up against Kitaharima. ;)
  5. Pippooshu

    Day 13 lower division results

    Magiar Masutoo...what a pity! (In jonokuchi...)
  6. Pippooshu

    KaioU injured

    I don't wanna be "uncorrect" but I've thought: It was the time! Every rikishi fights against Kaio is too respectful and try to win in classic technic only. Now, finally, I've seen a pure Nage against him. An honest, not politically correct kimarite. It was the time! (Sign of approval...) Good luck for Kaio's check up. I hope to see him on the Dohyo, tomorrow.
  7. Pippooshu

    Day 9 lower division results

    What a pity! For every step grown up, Takanoyama falls down the tournment after! He don't become Sekitori...never!
  8. Pippooshu

    Day 5 lower division results

    Takanoyama has won! Finallly! We can hope to a promotion, now. This win can break the psicological stop of czek rikishi!
  9. Pippooshu

    Day 1 lower division results

    I'm happy for Jumonji but it's a pity he has won against another of my favourite sumotori, Kotoyutaka.
  10. Pippooshu

    Asa's danpatsu

  11. Pippooshu

    Iwakiyama Intai

    Flat Face is one of my favourite rikishi. I'm sad about this risk...
  12. Pippooshu

    Nagoya 2010 Banzuke

    Miyabiyama, Goeido, Toyonoshima, Hibiki, Okinoumi and Wakakoyu...are in?
  13. Pippooshu

    NO live broadcast of Nagoya basho

    I'll sign it!!! ;-)
  14. Pippooshu

    NO live broadcast of Nagoya basho

    I haven't undestood...will be impossible to watch the little video streaming on NSK website???? Please...say me not...!!! :-O ;-)
  15. Pippooshu

    Have admitted publicly to baseball gambling

    (Help me...) I'm sorry...but in the black list isn't there Kakizoe also???
  16. Pippooshu

    Nagatani-en no more

    Poor Takamisakari... (Sign of disapproval...)
  17. Pippooshu

    Baruto's Ozeki Party

    You are so lucky. What a wonderful experience...the top for sumo fans like us. :-)
  18. Pippooshu

    Rome's sumo event?

    The end of June would be impossible as the rikishi have to be in Nagoya by June 28th for the banzuke announcement. Yes, I presumed this and I think it's another reason to doubt about Rome's sumo event.. (Sign of disapproval...) What a pity...
  19. Pippooshu

    Rome's sumo event?

    My japanese friend has said to me to have heard in japanese embassy of Rome that some rikishi will be in italian capital city very soon. I don't know if is real or a urban legend but I would know if someone of you has read about same thing. You know...I live in Rome and will be a wonderful experience.
  20. Pippooshu

    Rome's sumo event?

    My friend, "Miss X", has told me the news. The japanese embassy and Rome administration have organizated a Japanese Culture's event with many shows about japanese cultural specifics. At the end of June will be in Rome this event and surely we can see a kabuki show but for the sumo will be difficult b'cause the rikishi invitation it's too expensive. They are talking about this and we hope it happens...but there aren't many possibilities. (Sign of disapproval...)
  21. Pippooshu

    Dejima danpatsushiki

    Dejima has been one of my favourite rikishi. I called him "missile"... (Sign of approval...)
  22. Pippooshu

    Video of Comedy Sumo @ Dejima`s Danpatsu

    Hi Fay...is it wrong or it's the same comedy shown at the Amsterdam exibition (with the same Sadogatake deshi)? (Sign of approval...)
  23. Pippooshu

    Congratulations Shin juryo Kaisei!

    Another gaijin "in da club"! ;-) (Thinking in depth...)
  24. Pippooshu

    Heisei Hopefuls - prospect watch