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  1. Pippooshu

    New Juryo for Natsu Basho 2012

    I'm happy for Masakaze/Kitazono. He lied in Makushita first ranks for many seasons. Now he's shin-Juryo! Congratulations...
  2. Pippooshu

    Day 9 lower division results

    Kakizoe 0-5...it's so sad...
  3. Pippooshu

    Futeno danpatsu-shiki to be broadcast online

    He is Inagawa (Da Vida) Oyakata Thanks a lot.
  4. Pippooshu

    Tosanoumi, Iwakiyama danpatsushiki

    Iwakiyama was one of my favourite old generation rikishi. Tochinonada and Kyokutenho also. Will "survive" Tenho also...
  5. Pippooshu

    Futeno danpatsu-shiki to be broadcast online

    And his new myoseki? Will be oyakata?
  6. Pippooshu

    Haru banzuke discussion.

    All the M1 (except Aminishiki) 2,3 and one M4 are Make-Koshi. It's the same for the sekiwake Toyonoshima and the couple of komusubi. So...Aminishiki, M1 with 9-6 will be sekiwake; one M4, Tochinowaka (8-7) can be komusubi and the same for M5 Myogiryu (9-6). 9-6 for the M6 Yoshikaze and Kyokutenho also but they are back, maybe they will be M1...not more. ...What do you strongly think about different high Banzuke?
  7. Pippooshu

    Haru banzuke discussion.

    Only obvious thing is this: Sekiwake: kakuryu - aminishiki Komusubi: tochinowaka - myogiryu
  8. Pippooshu

    Hatsu Yusho for Baruto!

    Congratulations to Big Baruto! His first Yusho is an european pride also!
  9. Pippooshu


    Shohozan strikes again. Dynamic and strong, he uses style and pride...I was right (Clapping wildly...) (Bouncing of excitement...) Shohozan is grown up and he can arrive until sanyaku's zone...or little less. Matsutani go!
  10. Pippooshu


    In the last years we've underlined about japanese sumo's crisis, Kotoshogiku apart. But in the last tournments we've discovered the high qualities of Myogiryu (2 Juryo yusho in the last 2 basho but he was strong when he was Miyamoto also) and...Shohozan. Few people has talked about former Matsutani, a great between Makushita but personally I've discovered a very good rikishi. High mobility, much aggressive and with a very good style in every kind of Sumo, Oshi-Zumo and Nage. What do you think about him? Can he grows up until Sanyaku zone in a next future? (Yusho winner...)
  11. Pippooshu

    January 2012 banzuke

    Komusubi: Miyabiyama - Takekaze M1: Wakakoyu - Kitataiki M2: Okinoumi - Goeido M3: Aminishiki - Takayasu M4: Myogiryu - Homasho I hope for the Takanoyama promotion but reading the Juryo scores I'm not so sure. Asasekiryu maybe M17. Kokkai demoted.
  12. Pippooshu

    Kisenosato Ozeki regardless of senshuraku result?

    This is sure. Not only for a maths matter but b'cause his sumo doesn't was so cleane, this time. 5 losses and two lucky (and confused) wins (against Kotooshu and Gagamaru). I don't like this kind of promotion...
  13. Pippooshu

    Banzuke - Hatsu Basho 2012

    Wakakoyu, I think.
  14. Pippooshu

    Kisenosato Ozeki regardless of senshuraku result?

    He doesn't deserve the promotion. 5 losses and two lucky wins, against Kotooshu and Gagamaru (!) There aren't a good score. His Gino-sho, I think, is only an alibi for his pre-ordered promotion.
  15. Pippooshu

    Sansho Kyushu 2011

    I'm really agree! 5 losses and two lucky wins, against 'Ooshu and, above all, Gagamaru (do you have understood the Mr Gaga fall?). And I would underline the few Oshi-zumo wins not so tecnically cleane. I think his Gino-Sho is not deserved and this is an alibi for pre-ordered promotion. Myogoryu and, I would to add, Shohozan have deserved it far more... (Sign of approval...)
  16. Pippooshu

    Naruto Oyakata accused of abusing deshi

    If a man arrives until this level of strictness...he is crazy and brutal.
  17. I'm sorry...I'm going to Japan for 17th october until december and I'll be in Tokyo and Nagano (Suwa-gun) above all. Do you know some info about radiations from Fukushima? Is it dangerous to be in Tokyo and Nagano or to eat local food? Do you know some official data???? Please, answer to me b'cause I'm very worried!
  18. Pippooshu

    Info about radiations

    I don't want to sound nasty (as some others have done) but if you are so easily misled by hysterical out-of-Japan journalism (or inside-Japan non-journalists), it might be better for you not to come at this time. Unless you have already bought your ticket, (in which case, come anyway, we are here to help you), why not make your journey somewhat later when much of this nonsense has died down? For instance, anybody who thinks that Funabashi is in Tokyo does not live here. Or that Chiba is part of Tokyo? It's in a different prefecture at the end of a very long train ride. The train passes through Ryogoku where I live (and where the sumo headquarters are located) but people who want to actually go to Funabashi or Chiba take the express. Best wishes anyway, and I hope to meet you and share sumo enjoyment when you eventually get here. Orion Thanks a lot to all of you. You are very comprehensive and kind. I've already had my ticket for Japan and I'll be there for 18th. I'll stay in Nagano-ken (Suwa-gun) and Tokyo for 1 month and little more. I was afraid b'cause I'll be there with my wife and my boy, he is 2 months young!!! But, like you said, many people and many babies living there. I hope to live an happy period... PS: Kokugikan apart, do you know any sumo shop in Ryogoku, where I can buy something autentic and interesting?
  19. Pippooshu

    Info about radiations

    You don't be wrong. I imagine to have gone a little to the panic. I must calm me...after all, the Kokugikan museum cannot wait... (Holiday feeling...) Have a look at this NYT report. The writer is usually reliable. Radioactive Hot Spots in Tokyo Point to Wider Problems *It's not about Setagaya-ku. ...And now my panic grows up again... (Neener, neener...)
  20. Pippooshu

    Info about radiations

    You don't be wrong. I imagine to have gone a little to the panic. I must calm me...after all, the Kokugikan museum cannot wait... (Holiday feeling...)
  21. Pippooshu

    Info about radiations

    The source of the small hotspot in Setagaya-ku Tokyo has tentatively been identified: http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/2011/10/new-twi...sievertshr.html There are reports that the high radiation readings reported by citizens in Funabashi have been unable to be reproduced when follow-up readings were taken by the city. It seems an alibi from authorities...bottles with radium inside a basement in Setagaya-ku!!!??? Data not conformed in Funabashi?? Don't seems so worthy of confidence... (Holiday feeling...)
  22. Pippooshu

    Info about radiations

    Today has been published an ugly news: Greepeace has noticed in Tokyo high level radiations like Fukushima, specifically in Setagaya and Funabashi (Chiba). Autorities said the cause was the cinders found again inside a basement but Greenpeace thinks the real cause is cooling the Fukushima Daiichi's corium done in the wrong way. High radiations level in Tokyo...hmmm, this isn't a good news. (Holiday feeling...)
  23. Pippooshu

    Yasukuni celebration

    Yesterday has been celebrated the Yasukuni shrine hono-zumo day! All the Makuuchi rikishi have celebrated the war martyrs (criminals also...) in front of 5000 people. At 9.00 has been celbrated Dohyo-sai; 10.40 Hakuho Dohyo-iri and Torikumi; 13.30 honors from Riji-Kai to the martyrs and 14.00 Naka-iri. I've read this. Do you know something more?
  24. Pippooshu

    Yasukuni celebration

    Wonderful photos! Thanks a lot!!!
  25. Pippooshu

    70th All Japan Sumo tournament

    All Bulgarian Sumo Tournment... :-)