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  1. Pippooshu

    New Bulgarian rikishi in Tagonoura beya

    Maybe he will be a Makushita Tsukedashi, b'cause if you have a good tecnic background you can begin like Makushita, if I remember well... (Sigh...)
  2. Pippooshu

    Sumo Confidential

    I'm really, really agree. This is one of the best sumo documentaries that I've seen. Simply wonderful. But...if the link bring us until the ABC site, will be possible to keep the "sumo confidential" video? And record it? (Sigh...)
  3. It's the same for me. If this case will be revelated like real and clued...I'll stop my passion for the Sumo. Sumo for me will be out.
  4. Hi! I'm turned back from Holland. I've seen the Sumo event in Amsterdam, the day sixth, and I wanna say MANY, MANY THANKS to all the crew of this wonderful forum and to the group that sat down near me during the show. From the leader Martina until my comunicative neighbors. I've known very nice people, so competent and kind and I'm so sorry b'cause I've lost you at the exit, when the "river-people" has get out me from the hall. I'll write you soon...and MANY MANY THANKS again.
  5. Yeah! Will be possibile to buy this T-Shirt? It's a a cool gadget! (Sign of approval...)
  6. I'm envying you! So much!!! :-)
  7. Come on, guys, come on! We are waiting for you! (Applauding...) :-)
  8. Pippooshu

    Kyokai addresses "lethargic Sumo"

    Every win by Chiyotaikai when he fulfills all of the following: A- Kadoban B- Has already lost 7 C- Is facing an Ozeki or a Japanese Sanyaku-joi. Or Baruto. In most cases, A is not a necessity either. It could be that some of us are beginning to maybe think they might possibly soon stop to see the Sumo perhaps. I know...I think it's right. I suspected too, but if the Kyokai don't intervene to stop these scandals, the Sumo itself will falls down in crysis (but maybe it is indeed) and I read it like a not logical practice. (In love...)
  9. Pippooshu

    Kyokai addresses "lethargic Sumo"

    Do you really believe it was clean ? I don't know. Maybe not. But if we must translate every win of Chiyotaikai in Yaocho, I think it's better if we stop to see the Sumo (Typing at computer...)
  10. Pippooshu

    Kyokai addresses "lethargic Sumo"

    I thonk that another suspectd bout has been Chiyotaikai against Kaio. As you see, while Chiyotaikai attacked with his Tsuppari, Kaio didn't even try to grab the Mawashi! Not only he couldn't but he didn't. The only right triumph during last three bouts - it's like a paradox - was the Henka against Kotomitsuki.
  11. Well it should not be hard to miss them , they will be the only big guys in kimonos wearing face masks (In love...) Seriously I do not think that they will be given too much free reign to roam around in A'dam, especially after the last 10 turbulent days with regard to their coming/not coming here. Probably it's right. Also b'cause the Sadogatake Oyakata will be afraid about drugs using around coffee shops... :-)
  12. I'm agree. It's must be stupid to drug yourself in Amsterdam and during a testing age...I thing will be a wonderful event. I hope to meet them around the city to make photos with them... (Typing at computer...)
  13. Pippooshu

    Asashouryuu preparations- July 2009

    The grandfather of my wife thinks Asashoryu is finished. Is off. Too fisical problems for him...but I don't know. My hope is Asashoryu continue for long time to fight in the Dohyo, but from some tournments I'm seeing another Asa. Fast but less creative than the past and much less strong.
  14. Pippooshu

    Tokitsukaze Beya Rikishi Court Case

    has been an ugly story. I think it's very easy the young sumotori pass the normal Kawaigatte line until a crime zone. In these cases it's important the supervision of a good stablemaster Oyakata that avoid the exagerations. But Mr Yamamoto was in the wrong part of the case...
  15. Hi, I'm an italian new entry in this wonderful forum. I'm a Sumo lover, a Kotooshu's fan and a sumo blog writer (www.latavernadipippooshu.blogspot.com). I'm not sure to have known so well...the Amsterdam Jungyo is confirmed??? I've reserved two tickets and I would know about the appointment fot the payment and taking with the great Martina! If the event is confirmed I'm very happy! Please, gimme an answer when you know! (Clapping wildly...)