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  1. Pippooshu

    Juryo Promotions - 2014 Natsu

    When has been closed the Naruto? Why? All the former Naruto rikishi are in Tagonoura now? Kisenosato, uncle Waka and the czech hero only? :-)
  2. Pippooshu

    Sansho Kyushu 2013 (Special Prizes)

    You thought wrong. Obviously. I've read the Sansho... :-/
  3. Pippooshu

    Sansho Kyushu 2013 (Special Prizes)

    I thought the inverse: Gino-sho for Ikioi and Kanto-sho for Chiyotairyu.
  4. Pippooshu

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Wow... Sounds like his constant kadobans have finally caught up with him... And his performance in the last 3 years doesn't give much hope that a 10 win return to Ozeki is very possible. Although the fact that his only double digit wins in the last three years have been in the three Hatsu basho might give him some hope. I still contend Osh is one of the best in the business. All he needs is motivation to give 100%. Dropping to Sekiwake is a pay cut and I feel THAT will be motivation enough. IF he drops to Sekiwake, I predict he'll get the needed 10th win by day 11 or 12 at Hatsu. Mmm...I'm afraid about this is the prelude to his Intai...
  5. Pippooshu

    Aran talking retirement? Yes. Retired.

    He can't retire, he's the most popular rikishi in sumo today... Where?
  6. I'm sorry b'cause I'm in late with the topic...but...I don't know: is there a new link where we can see the video streaming??
  7. Pippooshu

    Promotion/Demotion discussion Nagoya 2013

    I think next Komusubi will be Takayasu and Tochiozan. Baruto, Tochinoshin will be Juryo. Takekaze and Chiyonokuni almost. I think "the uncle" Wakanosato will survive like M16...
  8. Pippooshu

    Mongol bokh

    Great fight.
  9. Pippooshu

    Nagoya 2013 Banzuke

    Why? For Goeido status maybe it's only my wrong opinion but very often if you fall in Make-Koshi you go down in the banzuke below... For Tokitenku I'm happy, he is one of my favourites rikishi and I go crazy for his "feet traps" but he was M8 (with 10-5 score, oh yes...) meanwhile Takayasu and Takekaze were M5 and M6 (with 8-7 and 9-6 scores)...maybe a better ranking than Tokitenku.
  10. Pippooshu

    Nagoya 2013 Banzuke

    Strange Banzuke with Goeido Sekiwake again and Tokitenku like Komusubi... strange comment... anything else than Goeido as Sekiwake and Tokitenku as Komusubi would be strange ;-) seems like I'm really the only one that sees Shohozan's position (Komusubi east) as a big scam Why strange? I thought about Goeido in Make-Koshi fallen in Komusubi rank. And about Takayasu or Takekaze better than Tokitenku for a Sanyaku place...
  11. Pippooshu

    Nagoya 2013 Banzuke

    Strange Banzuke with Goeido Sekiwake again and Tokitenku like Komusubi...
  12. Pippooshu

    Miyabiyama Intai

    Former Ozeki for a bit and former Sekiwake for a long time, I remember. He won 8 sansho prizes also and 2 kinboshi. 2 Makushita and 2 Juryo yusho for him and 1 Ise tournament also (it's not an hon-basho tournament but it's good...). Miyabiyama has been a great! (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...)
  13. Pippooshu

    Hatsu Basho 2013 - Discussion Thread

    I'm sorry again...what's about Homasho?
  14. Pippooshu

    Hatsu Basho 2013 - Discussion Thread

    I'm sorry...what's about Asasekiryu?
  15. Pippooshu

    Preparations of the masses Hatsu 2013

    Maybe. But he comes from two excellent scores in the last Bashos. With 11 point he can become ozeki, is it right?