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  1. Ahokaina

    If companies sold ad space on mawashi

    We already have Kensho system for ads, and why they want to contaminate the sacred Dohyo with gross ads? Plus, practically, since Mawashi is just the simple smooth silk belt, how the ad banner is attached to the belt? It can't be sewn to the belt, because it will gets on the way to tie the knot , and each Rikishi is not fighting for the sponsor. Kensho is enough. Gross idea
  2. Ahokaina

    What is the deal with the Kagamiyama stable?

    Kagamiyama oyakata owns a lot of real state properties and financially well-off, so he is not really eager to recruit apprentices. He himself one time said, "I am the only to blame for having such a small number of apprentices". I guess he does not have so much interpersonal skill. Before Kagamio came, he had only one, his own son. Yes, it is rare and I feel sorry for those two Rikishi (is Kagamio already retired?). One time his son said, "If the other guy catches a cold or injured, I can't practice". During this COVID-19 pandemic, they can't visit other stables, so it must be really tough for them.
  3. Ahokaina

    Closing Ceremony

    https://mag.japaaan.com/archives/70474 (Japanese) I think it is chosen from the same sect (Ichimon) of the Heya the Yokozuna belongs. > I always find it interesting to watch, especially to listen to the crowd cheer as one foot comes down. Yoisho!!
  4. Ahokaina

    Closing Ceremony

    The current Yumitori is Shohoryu(Tokitsukaze-beya), and the prior one is Kasugaryu (Kasugano-beya) and the one before is Satonofuji (Isegahama-beya). The reason for using the Makushita rikishi I guess is the Yumitori is originally done by the Yokozuna or the winner of the last match of the day, and if they use the Makuuchi rikishi, there is a chance the Yumitori Rikishi fight against the Yokozuna or the winner Rikishi on that day and that's not right. Even if you use the Jyuryo Rikishi, he can move up to Makuuchi quickly and the same problem occurs. The same situation as the Dohyo-iri. If the Tachimochi (sword-holder) or the Tsuyuharai (herald) fight against the Yokozuna on that day, other Rikishi substitutes so that opponents don't go on the Dohyo for the Dohyo-iri ceremony. It is easy to substitute the Tachimochi or Tsuyuharai, but the Yumitori requires the special skill and the training and harder to substitute, so they don't want the same situation happens.
  5. Ahokaina

    Joining a Koenkai?

    Joining Koenkai is easy and you don't have to be introduced by the current member or anything. The Heya's website usually has the link to Koenkai and usually Tanimachi leader (local business owner, usually) is organizing the Koenkai, not the Oyakata himself or Heya itself. It's like a fan club. The regular member fee is about $100 per year and you get some newsletters and the calendar maybe and info of the events, but not that much. The benefit is, sometimes they have Rengo-geiko (cross-Heya practice) to which only the Koenkai members are invited. You can pay more to have a little more free gifts such as the Yukata fabric with Rikishi's name on it but not that much. You don't have to be a Koenkai member to watch regular practice (Keiko) unless it is really crowded. You don't have to join the Koenkai to go to the Senshuraku party either. You just get the info of the party, show up and pay the party fee on the spot. The regular Koenkai annual fee does't include the party fees. You can get events info a little bit easier if you are Koenkai member but if you are checking out SNS and other media, it's not that hard. You can always call Heya too. Being Tanimachi is a different story than becoming just a Koenkai member. If you are rich and willing to offer a building or donate thousands of dollars every year, you just do it and get recognized by Oyakata, and you can go to the party for free maybe, but you are on the side of organizing parties or events.
  6. Ahokaina

    Where does the money to run a Heya come from?

    For Makushita Rikishi, the Sumo Association pay about $20,000 to Heya per Rikishi. For Sekitori Rikishi (above Jyuryo), the Sumo Association pays salary to the individual Rikishi, not to Heya, but usually Sekitori Rikishi attract more fans and Tanimachi (private sponsors and patrons), so Heya can get some money from them too. So, it is critical for Heya to recruit new Rikishi candidates, not just to have Sekitori in the future, but also to run Heya financially.
  7. Ahokaina

    Help identifying piece of sumo memorabilia

    The signature at the bottom looks like an authentic signature of Chiyonofuji (one of the greatest Yokozuna) . The calligraphy reads " Shingi Ittai" (Spirit and physical condition integrated as one).
  8. Ahokaina

    Old lower ranked rikishi

    They have their own safety net. Heya has a very strong connection with local community, and Tanimachi (sponsors) members are business owners and wealthy people so they manage to find job for retiring Rikishi. They often find jobs at construction or distribution related companies. Not extremely high paying job, but they can go on with their second life. Some Rikishi go back to their home town and take over their parents' business or start a business. Tanimachi lend money for that too. They even arrange their marriage. (Makushita Rikishi rarely marry and start a family because they have no income and privacy. But a lot of them get marry after they retire). That's the great thing about Sumo. Many parents of Rikishi send their children to Heya, not expecting they make to even Juryo. They want their children to get self disciplined. Chiyotaikai's parents sent him to Sumo, because he was a leader of delinquent biker group and they said "if he is still on the street, he will go to prison for sure." Sumo society had and has a role of welfare or public safety net when there was no concept of public welfare 300 years ago and it still has that aspect. Retired athletes in any other Western-origin sports like soccer, boxing or baseball don't have such luxury.
  9. Oguruma oyakata (former Ozeki Kotokaze) looked pretty good as he appeared as a commentator on NHK broadcast. He fell and strained his neck during Jungyo and paralyzed last April. (I didn't know!) The doctor said his recovery speed has been almost a miracle. Oyakata said he just wanted to go back to his Heya to teach his rikishi as soon as possible. Amazing spirit! :-)
  10. Chiyoootori's older brother, Chiyomaru is in Makushita now. His Oyakata (former Ozeki Chiyotaikai) decided his Shikona because his belly is so round ("marui" in Japanese). When he complained "You should not decide my shikona based on my belly's roundness", Chiyotaikai said "What? I gave you the very honorable shikona! "Chiyo" is taking from Yokozuna Chiyo-nofuji, and "Maru" is taking from Yokozuna Musashi-maru!" :-)