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  1. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    This is closest to the truth.
  2. Landmine950

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Was it Yamamotoyama? Give me a description, chances are I probably know who it is. Yes Yamamotoyama and byamba....
  3. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    I kinda think that Baruto here against 112 kg Satoyama Jd15, looks very similar to Brodi in style and development at this point. Same pushing style and then the opponent gets underneath and cause him some problems. Baruto looks a bit thicker in the legs but I think Brodi may be a bit taller and about the same weight. But that's just IMHO Also here against Solslan Gagleov former Wakanoho Megashira #1 Brodi's weight was down here to 317 lbs from a high of 367 as he had been working hard in hockey and football. @ 0:57 It actually appears that he wins this match as Soslan's arm touches down first. Would that be a win in Pro Sumo? But still not bad for a guy who trained alone in his back yard with barrels in the snow in Canada, against a guy with 3 1/2 years pro sumo 212 matches and 21 bashos to his credit! It was Soslan "Wakanoho" who said that he had never felt raw power like Brodi. He was very encouraging to Brodi and really urged him to go to Japan to try and get into Pro sumo and felt that he had great potential. Time, of course, will tell. Brodi's other matches at 1:23, 1:29 and 1:32
  4. Landmine950

    Homarenishiki's prospects (split from Videos thread)

    For what it's worth. Potential wise... Brodi is a BIG dude. At 15 he was 367 lbs while playing hockey and football and lacrosse full time and hockey academy and weight lifting. At 16 years old he bench pressed 505 lbs and ran a 5.35 40 yard dash!. He trained for Sumo in his back yard and managed to win the US Open so he must have some natural ability to learn. He wears size 17 or 18 EEEEE shoes. He is way lighter now than in the past and looks so skinny in his shoulders and face. He was about 350 when he came to Japan and had planned to be at about 400 by now. He has the potential to gain a lot of his muscle and mass back and even get to the 500+ pound bodyweight mark like Akebono or Mush but with more arm and chest power. Most men simply can't carry that weight and be mobile. That with more training and luck would make him hard to beat even at the top level IMHO. I certainly hope that a career in Juryo and above are legitimate and realistic goals for him in the future.
  5. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Brodi's 6th match.. sorry I don't know how to make the preview pic post
  6. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Brodi's 5th match
  7. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Brodi in his 4th match Nov 14 2015
  8. Landmine950

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2015 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    yeah, it almost looked like he was slapping the top/back of the head. is there any "out of bounds" when it comes to harite? he's got potential right now. he's a huge piece of coal, just waiting to be forged into a diamond :-) He got high and sideways but his height and strength seemed to have bailed him out ,hope he didn't hurt the shoulder that just had surgery! Is Sokubiotoshi allowed with a closed fist if the area contacting the back of the head/neck is the forearm? How about Kachiage? Anyone?
  9. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Many of us appreciate the up to the minute results and video. We wait chewing our fingernails for the results! (IN THIS CASE) :'-(
  10. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Aki 2015 Day 6 Homarenishiki (2-0) vs Koseki Takuya (2-0) Koseki Takuya stats from sumo reference Match
  11. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Match #2 Kotomiyakura Daisuke Stats :-D :-D ( 2-0 )
  12. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

  13. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Match #1 Aki 2015 Day 02, Homarenishiki vs Kotonoshima 25 year old Kotonoshima Eishin's stats from Sumo reference :-D
  14. Landmine950

    Honda brothers?

    According to Brodi "Homarenishiki" they are 3 brothers
  15. Landmine950

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Met with Brodi for dinner. He said he had done almost no keiko prior to this basho as he had an infection in his lower forearm. He had to go to the hospital four times for intravenous and injected and oral antibiotics. His hand was badly swollen and extremely painful. They lanced it with needles and finally made about a 3 inch long incision to drain the infection. He fought his maezumo matches with a plastic drain tube installed between the bones of his forearm and the arm was wrapped in gauze and bandaged. (I have pictures if you want to be grossed out lol.) He had hoped to give Hamamichi a much better match, and while he managed to fight in spite of the pain he said he just couldn't generate any real force with his thrusts. Mitoizumi is bringing him along very carefully, in an effort to help avoid injury. It's important to remember that it isn't how good you are when you start your sumo career that matters... It's how good you are when you finish.