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    Video stream from NSK

    Thanks a lot. I will try that tomorrow.
  2. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 10)

    width="100%"> After day 10,January 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 10 1 Asashoryu 9 1 Chiyotaikai 8 4 Kaio, Kotomitsuki, Kakizoe, Buyuzan 7 5 Tochiazuma, Shimotori, Miyabiyama, Aminishiki,Asanowaka 6 5 Wakanosato, Dejima, Kokkai, Tochisakae,Hayateumi 5 6 Jumonji, Kotoryu, Takanonami, Asasekiryu,Ushiomaru, Kaiho 4 5 Tamanoshima, Kyokushuzan, Kyokutenho,Kinkaiyama, Tamakasuga 3 8 Tochinonada, Hokutoriki, Iwakiyama,Takamisakari, Tokitsuumi, Kasuganishiki, Yotsukasa, Takanowaka 2 4 Tosanoumi, Takekaze, Wakatoba, Kitazakura 1 1 Toki 0 0 - width="100%"> After day 10,January 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 10 0 - 9 0 - 8 1 Chiyotenzan 7 5 Wakanoyama, Nakao, Hakuho, Hamanishiki, Juzan 6 8 Toyozakura, Kobo, Harunoyama, Futeno, Kaido,Roho, Bushuyama, Sumanofuji 5 2 Otsukasa, Oikari 4 4 Takanotsuru, Towanoyama, Daimanazuru, Oginishiki 3 2 Masutsuyoshi, Gokenzan 2 2 Kasugao, Tochifudo 1 0 - 0 0 - <
  3. Naganoyama

    Asashoryu talks to pro-wrestler

    The boss is always right. Not just in sumo.
  4. Naganoyama

    New kesho-mawashi spotted

    Perhaps he plans to get a job in road-haulage if sumo doesn't work out for him? :-D
  5. Naganoyama

    Day 11 Makuuchi Torikumi

    A reasonably good chance of a kinboshi. After all Asashoryu doesn't really know what Kakizoe is made of. (And nothing to lose psychologically for Kakizoe either)
  6. Naganoyama

    Not man enough....

    One of the best. (One of my all-time favourite rikishi, not just because of his sumo, but also his personality) ;-)
  7. Naganoyama

    Kyujo/kosho issue, example Toki

    I can see this thread has gone well beyond anything I can handle but I would still like to defend Toki who: (a) has only 15 career absences and clearly is not an abuser of the system (b) said in any case that he was intending to come back if possible in week 2.
  8. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 8)

    Although Asashoryu's record against Kotomitsuki is only 9-6, he won all 5 of their bouts in 2003. Perhaps Kotomitsuki is also losing his nerve against Asashoryu. :-D (And you have your wish - they are fighting tomorrow)
  9. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 8)

    border="1"> After day 8,January 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 8 1 Asashoryu 7 4 Tochiazuma, Chiyotaikai, Kotomitsuki, Kakizoe 6 3 Kaio, Shimotori, Buyuzan 5 8 Musoyama, Wakanosato, Dejima, Miyabiyama,Aminishiki, Takanonami, Tochisakae, Asanowaka 4 9 Kyokushuzan, Jumonji, Kotoryu, Kokkai,Asasekiryu, Ushiomaru, Kaiho, Tamakasuga, Hayateumi 3 3 Tochinonada, Tokitsuumi, Takanowaka 2 11 Tosanoumi, Tamanoshima, Hokutoriki, Iwakiyama,Takamisakari, Kyokutenho, Kasuganishiki, Kinkaiyama, Yotsukasa, Wakatoba, Kitazakura 1 1 Takekaze 0 0 - border="1"> After day 8,January 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 8 0 - 7 0 - 6 5 Chiyotenzan, Futeno, Wakanoyama, Hakuho, Juzan 5 8 Kobo, Otsukasa, Harunoyama, Roho, Nakao,Bushuyama, Hamanishiki, Sumanofuji 4 5 Toyozakura, Oikari, Takanotsuru, Kaido,Oginishiki 3 2 Towanoyama, Gokenzan 2 3 Masutsuyoshi, Daimanazuru, Tochifudo 1 2 Kasugao, Tochinohana 0 0 - <
  10. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 9)

    width="100%"> After day 9,January 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 9 1 Asashoryu 8 3 Chiyotaikai, Kotomitsuki, Kakizoe 7 4 Tochiazuma, Kaio, Shimotori, Buyuzan 6 4 Miyabiyama, Aminishiki, Tochisakae, Asanowaka 5 8 Musoyama, Wakanosato, Dejima, Takanonami,Kokkai, Asasekiryu, Kaiho, Hayateumi 4 5 Kyokushuzan, Jumonji, Kotoryu, Ushiomaru,Tamakasuga 3 9 Tamanoshima, Tochinonada, Hokutoriki,Takamisakari, Kyokutenho, Tokitsuumi, Kasuganishiki, Kinkaiyama, Takanowaka 2 5 Tosanoumi, Iwakiyama, Yotsukasa, Wakatoba,Kitazakura 1 2 Toki, Takekaze 0 0 - width="100%"> After day 9,January 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 9 0 - 8 0 - 7 2 Chiyotenzan, Juzan 6 9 Kobo, Futeno, Wakanoyama, Roho, Nakao,Bushuyama, Hakuho, Hamanishiki, Sumanofuji 5 4 Toyozakura, Otsukasa, Harunoyama, Kaido 4 3 Oikari, Takanotsuru, Oginishiki 3 3 Towanoyama, Gokenzan, Daimanazuru 2 3 Kasugao, Masutsuyoshi, Tochifudo 1 1 Tochinohana 0 0 - <
  11. Naganoyama

    New kesho-mawashi spotted

    Not just when eating :-)
  12. Naganoyama

    Another bad call

    Having thought about this a bit more, I think there is a simpler explanation for the situation where there is a very close bout and no mono-ii. In any case I think I was definitely wrong when I said In cricket, the umpire is allowed to consult his colleague on the field or the 'third umpire' (the back-room man with video replay capability) before he takes a decision (e.g whether the batsman is out). The gyoji is meant to point his gunbai East or West immediately the bout is concluded, even if he is not certain of the outcome, or if he thinks it was a dead heat. The shinpan do not know exactly what the gyoji saw. They can't, therefore, initiate a mono-ii just because the bout was close. A shinpan can only stand up if the bout was awarded to one rikishi but he saw that rikishi touch down first. There may only be one shinpan in a position to see this, and he may miss it.
  13. Naganoyama

    Some more pictures

    Hey that was funny. I liked the one where they had swapped clothes.
  14. Naganoyama

    Heartbroken Chiyotaikai

    Let's take some positives from this. Perhaps now he can concentrate on getting his condition back and doing his own sumo.
  15. Naganoyama

    Rikishi Talk: Day 5

    I agree totally. I just wish they wouldn't.
  16. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 7)

    Juryo yusho is back in the air again border="1"> After day 7,January 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 7 1 Asashoryu 6 4 Tochiazuma, Chiyotaikai, Kotomitsuki, Kakizoe 5 8 Kaio, Musoyama, Wakanosato, Shimotori,Aminishiki, Takanonami, Buyuzan, Asanowaka 4 8 Kyokushuzan, Dejima, Miyabiyama, Kotoryu,Kokkai, Tochisakae, Asasekiryu, Kaiho 3 7 Tochinonada, Tokitsuumi, Jumonji, Takanowaka,Ushiomaru, Tamakasuga, Hayateumi 2 6 Tosanoumi, Kyokutenho, Kasuganishiki,Kinkaiyama, Yotsukasa, Kitazakura 1 6 Tamanoshima, Hokutoriki, Iwakiyama,Takamisakari, Takekaze, Wakatoba 0 0 - cellspacing="0"> After day 7,January 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 7 0 - 6 0 - 5 8 Otsukasa, Harunoyama, Chiyotenzan, Futeno,Wakanoyama, Hakuho, Sumanofuji, Juzan 4 9 Toyozakura, Kobo, Oikari, Takanotsuru, Roho,Nakao, Bushuyama, Hamanishiki, Oginishiki 3 3 Towanoyama, Kaido, Gokenzan 2 1 Tochifudo 1 4 Kasugao, Tochinohana, Masutsuyoshi, Daimanazuru 0 0 - <
  17. Naganoyama

    Another bad call

    Actually I was only referring to the occasional instances where the bout is so close that it is surprising that the shinpan are so certain that the gyoji was right. After all, you might expect a mono-ii just so that the video footage could be examined. Just sometimes, the shinpan seem to 'look the other way' when there is an apparent dead-heat, if this means that the bout goes to the more popular rikishi. I don't mean fixing from the point of view of the bout being decided before the rikishi step into the dohyo. Perhaps I shouldn't have used a word as strong as 'suspect' - a better word might have been 'wonder'.
  18. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 6)

    border="1"> After day 6,January 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 6 1 Asashoryu 5 4 Tochiazuma, Chiyotaikai, Kotomitsuki, Kakizoe 4 12 Kaio, Musoyama, Wakanosato, Kyokushuzan, Dejima,Shimotori, Aminishiki, Takanonami, Kokkai, Asasekiryu, Buyuzan, Asanowaka 3 8 Tokitsuumi, Miyabiyama, Jumonji, Kotoryu,Tochisakae, Takanowaka, Kaiho, Hayateumi 2 9 Tosanoumi, Tochinonada, Kyokutenho,Kasuganishiki, Kinkaiyama, Yotsukasa, Ushiomaru, Kitazakura, Tamakasuga 1 6 Tamanoshima, Hokutoriki, Iwakiyama,Takamisakari, Takekaze, Wakatoba 0 0 - border="1"> After day 6,January 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 6 0 - 5 3 Futeno, Wakanoyama, Sumanofuji 4 9 Toyozakura, Otsukasa, Harunoyama, Chiyotenzan,Roho, Nakao, Hakuho, Oginishiki, Juzan 3 6 Kobo, Oikari, Takanotsuru, Towanoyama,Bushuyama, Hamanishiki 2 3 Kaido, Gokenzan, Tochifudo 1 4 Kasugao, Tochinohana, Masutsuyoshi, Daimanazuru 0 0 - <
  19. Naganoyama

    Another bad call

    One sometimes suspects yaocho when the bout is either very close or the other rikishi, on inspection (or even at first glance) wins, and there is no mono-ii. I think that if there is any doubt, a shinpan should stand up. There are too many cases where this does not happen and the true winner is robbed. :-( I suppose that the shinpan are human and doze off occasionally. (It would only take one of them not concentrating at a critical moment, if the angle were such that only one shinpan was in a position to see). Perhaps this is me being generous. (Feeling guilty...)
  20. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 5)

    border="1"> After day 5,January 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 5 2 Asashoryu, Kotomitsuki 4 7 Tochiazuma, Chiyotaikai, Kyokushuzan, Kakizoe,Takanonami, Kokkai, Asasekiryu 3 11 Kaio, Musoyama, Wakanosato, Dejima, Shimotori,Aminishiki, Jumonji, Takanowaka, Buyuzan, Kaiho, Asanowaka 2 12 Tosanoumi, Tochinonada, Kyokutenho, Tokitsuumi,Kasuganishiki, Miyabiyama, Kotoryu, Yotsukasa, Tochisakae, Ushiomaru, Tamakasuga, Hayateumi 1 7 Tamanoshima, Hokutoriki, Iwakiyama,Takamisakari, Kinkaiyama, Wakatoba, Kitazakura 0 1 Takekaze border="1"> After day 5,January 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 5 2 Wakanoyama, Sumanofuji 4 4 Otsukasa, Chiyotenzan, Futeno, Roho 3 7 Toyozakura, Harunoyama, Towanoyama, Nakao,Hakuho, Oginishiki, Juzan 2 8 Kobo, Oikari, Takanotsuru, Kaido, Gokenzan,Bushuyama, Tochifudo, Hamanishiki 1 3 Tochinohana, Masutsuyoshi, Daimanazuru 0 1 Kasugao <
  21. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 4)

    Lists in rank order, kosho rikishi removed. content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"> width="100%"> After day 4,January 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 4 4 Asashoryu, Chiyotaikai, Kotomitsuki, Takanonami 3 11 Tochiazuma, Kaio, Musoyama, Kyokushuzan,Kakizoe, Shimotori, Aminishiki, Kokkai, Asasekiryu, Kaiho, Asanowaka 2 11 Tochinonada, Wakanosato, Kyokutenho, Dejima,Jumonji, Kotoryu, Tochisakae, Takanowaka, Buyuzan, Tamakasuga, Hayateumi 1 11 Tosanoumi, Toki, Iwakiyama, Takamisakari,Tokitsuumi, Kasuganishiki, Miyabiyama, Kinkaiyama, Yotsukasa, Wakatoba, Ushiomaru 0 4 Tamanoshima, Hokutoriki, Takekaze, Kitazakura width="100%"> After day 4,January 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 4 3 Wakanoyama, Roho, Sumanofuji 3 7 Otsukasa, Harunoyama, Chiyotenzan, Futeno,Towanoyama, Nakao, Hakuho 2 8 Toyozakura, Kobo, Oikari, Takanotsuru,Tochifudo, Hamanishiki, Oginishiki, Juzan 1 5 Kaido, Masutsuyoshi, Gokenzan, Daimanazuru,Bushuyama 0 2 Kasugao, Tochinohana <
  22. Naganoyama

    Leader board

    I wondered about that. I kind of like it as the rikishi on 0 wins gradually thin out to the guys who aren't competing. I will be happy to do it though as it makes sense. (Manually for now until I have time to change the software, so don't be surprised if I forget one day.)
  23. Naganoyama

    Leader board

    Lists are in rank order: width="100%"> After day 3,January 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 3 7 Asashoryu, Chiyotaikai, Kaio, Musoyama,Kotomitsuki, Takanonami, Asasekiryu 2 15 Tochiazuma, Tochinonada, Wakanosato,Kyokushuzan, Kakizoe, Shimotori, Aminishiki, Jumonji, Kokkai, Tochisakae, Takanowaka, Buyuzan, Kaiho, Asanowaka, Hayateumi 1 10 Tosanoumi, Takamisakari, Kyokutenho,Kasuganishiki, Dejima, Miyabiyama, Kotoryu, Kinkaiyama, Wakatoba, Tamakasuga 0 10 Tamanoshima, Toki, Hokutoriki, Iwakiyama,Tokitsuumi, Takekaze, Yotsukasa, Kotonowaka, Ushiomaru, Kitazakura <
  24. Naganoyama

    Leader board

    I generate these tables for myself each day (software). I posted them in case someone might be interested in the format. (Obviously it didn't include you!) I chose day 3 to start because it was the first day where things started to get interesting.
  25. Naganoyama

    Asa-Robo nice anecdote..

    He is a bit like a child. He doesn't seem to know that there are things you don't say. Like that statement he made about how the fans would go wild if he made it to Ozeki. One the one hand one can enjoy his frankness in an ever more devious world. On the other, he comes over as a bit of a simpleton.