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  1. Naganoyama

    The Elbow Breaker

    It seems to me that he began at that time to go for a mawashi grip (morozashi more often as time went on) early in the bout. It took a while for him to become as proficient at belt sumo as he had been at the tsuppari, but he seems to have figured it out now. (Cloverleaf...)
  2. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 5)

    Hmmm. Not sure what to do now! (Cloverleaf...)
  3. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 5)

    cellspacing="0"> After day 5,March 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 5 5 Asashoryu, Chiyotaikai, Kaio, Kokkai, Asasekiryu 4 6 Musoyama, Wakanosato, Takamisakari, Buyuzan,Kotoryu, Takekaze 3 10 Kyokutenho, Tochinonada, Tamanoshima,Hokutoriki, Tochisakae, Kinkaiyama, Toki, Kotonowaka, Kaiho, Yotsukasa 2 6 Shimotori, Aminishiki, Tokitsuumi,Kasuganishiki, Harunoyama, Ushiomaru 1 12 Kotomitsuki, Kakizoe, Miyabiyama, Kyokushuzan,Dejima, Tosanoumi, Iwakiyama, Jumonji, Asanowaka, Futeno, Toyozakura, Wakanoyama 0 2 Takanonami, Chiyotenzan cellspacing="0"> After day 5,March 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 5 1 Kasugao 4 6 Otsukasa, Takanowaka, Kitazakura, Hakuho,Sumanofuji, Dewanofuji 3 7 Oikari, Tamakasuga, Hayateumi, Wakatoba, Gojoro,Ama, Ichinotani 2 8 Kobo, Kaido, Towanoyama, Takanotsuru, Tokitenku,Bushuyama, Daimanazuru, Masutsuyoshi 1 4 Roho, Tamarikido, Hamanishiki, Wakakosho 0 2 Nakao, Juzan <
  4. Naganoyama

    French Sumo Magazine makes Kyodo!

    Actually I have had a go at it, but due to my inexperience (I have never translated anything since school) it has come out in rather stilted Frenglish. If anyone is willing to look it over and suggest improvements, I imagine it is not far off. I am a huge fan of Le Monde du Sumo and I am glad it is getting such well-deserved good publicity. (Cloverleaf...)
  5. Naganoyama

    data revisions at NSK site

    Well spotted! This is good news.
  6. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 4)

    border="1"> After day 4,March 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 4 7 Asashoryu, Chiyotaikai, Kaio, Takamisakari,Kokkai, Kotoryu, Asasekiryu 3 8 Musoyama, Wakanosato, Kyokutenho, Tamanoshima,Hokutoriki, Buyuzan, Takekaze, Yotsukasa 2 10 Tochinonada, Aminishiki, Tochisakae, Kinkaiyama,Kasuganishiki, Toki, Kotonowaka, Harunoyama, Ushiomaru, Kaiho 1 11 Kotomitsuki, Kakizoe, Shimotori, Miyabiyama,Kyokushuzan, Tosanoumi, Tokitsuumi, Iwakiyama, Asanowaka, Futeno, Toyozakura 0 5 Dejima, Jumonji, Takanonami, Chiyotenzan,Wakanoyama border="1"> After day 4,March 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 4 3 Takanowaka, Kasugao, Sumanofuji 3 8 Oikari, Otsukasa, Hayateumi, Kitazakura, Gojoro,Hakuho, Dewanofuji, Ichinotani 2 6 Tamakasuga, Wakatoba, Takanotsuru, Tokitenku,Ama, Masutsuyoshi 1 8 Kobo, Roho, Kaido, Tamarikido, Towanoyama,Bushuyama, Daimanazuru, Wakakosho 0 3 Nakao, Juzan, Hamanishiki <
  7. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 4)

    OK. Then try this
  8. Naganoyama

    Dohyo Diver

    Actually I take back what I said. Thinking about it a bit more logically, he has a need to keep his rank and a win is a win. I find it very frustrating when the ozeki keep going kadoban so I should be grateful to see them win. Also I don't much like the effect on the basho when half the ozeki are kyujo. Hatakikomi just isn't very pretty for an ozeki. I don't actually believe it is more honourable to withdraw than try and compete. It was just that that was what he said and I didn't think about it much. So thanks for your persistence. I feel persuaded. (Having downloaded the bout, I see what you mean about the kotenage. You can grab any part of the body and pull. It might just as well be from the kotenage grip. Perhaps hikiotoshi would have been a better kimarite.)
  9. Naganoyama

    Dohyo Diver

    Hey I'm quite a Taikai fan too and I'm ashamed. He said something about doing the honourable thing and going kyujo if his fitness was not there. I understand why he's doing it but I just don't like to see him pulling. (Shaking head...) BTW I have hatakikomi, kotenage, hatakikomi, hatakikomi
  10. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 4)

    Makuuchi Results Juryo Results
  11. Naganoyama

    Day 3 lower division results

    (Shaking head...) I get to be a nitpik! I get to be a nitpick! (a nitpic who doesn't even know how to spell nitpique) I think you meant to say 'sekitori debut', and not 'sanyaku debut'. No he meant sanyaku debut. He just hasn't been able to calculate the requisite number of wins accurately. :-/
  12. Naganoyama

    New Chinese giant debuts..

    :-/ :-O damn.................he is huge............ let's hope he can move also........ (Shaking head...) if he gains more height in the next couple of years he would be really fearsome.... He looks pretty ungainly in this picture, but I suppose you need to see him in action to be able to tell.
  13. Naganoyama

    Dohyo Diver

    3 hatakikomi wins so far this basho. He should be ashamed to go back to his heya!
  14. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 3)

    Welcome (Shaking head...)
  15. Naganoyama

    Leaderboard (Day 3)

    cellspacing="0"> After day 3,March 2004, Makuuchi division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 3 9 Asashoryu, Chiyotaikai, Kaio, Takamisakari,Buyuzan, Kokkai, Kotoryu, Asasekiryu, Yotsukasa 2 12 Musoyama, Wakanosato, Kyokutenho, Tochinonada,Tamanoshima, Hokutoriki, Tochisakae, Kasuganishiki, Takekaze, Harunoyama, Ushiomaru, Kaiho 1 12 Kotomitsuki, Kakizoe, Shimotori, Miyabiyama,Kyokushuzan, Aminishiki, Tokitsuumi, Iwakiyama, Kinkaiyama, Toki, Kotonowaka, Toyozakura 0 9 Tochiazuma, Dejima, Tosanoumi, Jumonji,Takanonami, Asanowaka, Chiyotenzan, Futeno, Wakanoyama cellspacing="0"> After day 3,March 2004, Juryo division scores are: Wins Rikishi Shikona 3 5 Otsukasa, Takanowaka, Kasugao, Gojoro,Sumanofuji 2 9 Oikari, Hayateumi, Wakatoba, Kitazakura, Hakuho,Takanotsuru, Dewanofuji, Masutsuyoshi, Ichinotani 1 9 Tamakasuga, Kobo, Tamarikido, Towanoyama,Tokitenku, Ama, Bushuyama, Daimanazuru, Wakakosho 0 5 Roho, Kaido, Nakao, Juzan, Hamanishiki <
  16. Naganoyama

    rikishi's hobbies

    I have also heard that Musoyama gives 'sunbathing' as another hobby Kotoryu is a connoisseur of incense Kyokushuzan is an author of books for children Tochinonada plays golf
  17. Naganoyama

    Could I learn Sumo in Japan?

    I am always impressed when a non-native English speaker posts interesting, informative or amusing stuff in English which is comprehensible. If the English is also stylish and well-formed, then this is a bonus. Despite all the years I have spent trying to learn languages, I have never attempted to contribute to any forum not in English or post a web-site in any other language. I think Mojo-san must have higher expectations than me. How many languages can you write fluently by the way. :-P
  18. Naganoyama

    How to become a sumotori?

    If I am in Greece I will look you up! (One thing I have never done in my life is watch sumo with another fan!)
  19. Naganoyama

    Audio Banzuke updated at last..

    My pronunciation was not helped by years of listening to Syd Hoare. Tochiazoo'mer etc. (In a state of confusion...) So thanks Kinta-zeki. (In a state of confusion...)
  20. Naganoyama

    How to become a sumotori?

    It is no longer shown because it has the word Sumo in the title and there is no Sumo on UK TV these days. (Nodding yes...)
  21. Naganoyama

    KaioU wary of Asashouryuu?

    Hey what's going on in Kaio's head? Has Asashoryu's general demeanour finally persuaded him to start feeling afraid? (Surely even Asashoryu can't do a tsuriotoshi on 174 kg?)
  22. Naganoyama

    Asashouryuu in pain

    He will need more than 10-5. Remember that he has expressed his intention to win 4-5 (depending where you read it) yusho this year. He will need to win his first Haru or his first Nagoya this year if this is going to happen.
  23. Naganoyama

    Musoyama says..

    I am grateful for Kinta-zeki's posts. Even the outpourings of some of these tabloid journalists have some information which it is impossible for those of us based outside Japan to glean. It isn't necessary to believe every word or to trust their conclusions for it to be worth reading the articles. So keep it up Kinta! (In a state of confusion...)
  24. Naganoyama

    Shoryu vs Mickey news

    Since the days when Kotomitsuki was on top of Asashoryu, not only has Asashoryu come on a bit in terms of his sumo (In a state of confusion...) but his style has changed somewhat. Gone are the days when he had only lightning tsuppari and a few leg trips in his arsenal. (Sorry, I can see this is a bit simplistic, but I hope you get my drift) Kotomitsuki has been called 'Data man' because he keeps stats on all his opponents and studies videos of their bouts so that he can make an action plan as to how to fight them. Changing one's fighting style, or perhaps more relevantly in the case of Asashoryu, using a wide range of techniques, may well be one way to foil this aspect of Mickey's approach. (i.e. he has an action plan, finds it is not working in the actual bout, and has no fallback plan). De-geiko with Asashoryu is probably the best thing for Kotomitsuki in terms of rectifying this problem. He gets to try again and again, and eventually starts to win again. This must be good for his confidence also, particularly after their Hatsu Basho meeting. (Banning his tsukebito from looking at pictures of THAT bout!)