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    New Manager of the Sumo Club

    Potentially dangerous.
  2. sumojosh

    YDC Soken

    Sudo pompous? I think you'll find the spelling is "pseudo" buddy. Actually if he did asume[sic] he was some "sudo pompous wanker" that would mean he just believed he was faking being a pompous wanker and in fact not one at all. Either way what you wrote makes no sense, has no relevance to this thread and like all your posts on the forum so far a reply to one of mine. Didn't I call you the next day like I promised or something or are you Ratpack (psycho Nick) in disguise? Why the personal attack? I am here to read the posts and participate in the forum like any other respectable member. My views weren't directed at you. However you seemed to take offence and then assert some kind of unintelligible rant about a spelling mistake, a Ratpack and some guy Nick?
  3. sumojosh

    YDC Soken

    True.Or you could just walk in with your head up your arse and asume you are some sudo pompous wanker like Bono. That works as well.
  4. sumojosh

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    Nice one Nishinoshima.Some of those bouts are quite an impressive display of brute force!
  5. I've seen those portraits. They are quite impressive
  6. sumojosh

    Rikishi Talk - Day 10 2009 Nagoya Basho

    I totally agree
  7. sumojosh

    Purchase of Mawashi

    For the reason Sasanishiki mentioned. A mawashi is indeed "just canvas" as diamonds and graphite are both "just carbon". (Exercising...) I see.Cheers (Lifting weights...)
  8. sumojosh

    Purchase of Mawashi

    Yes No Why not Nishinoshima?
  9. sumojosh

    Amateur Sumo Team(s) in Kobe, Japan?

    I second Nishinoshima,I would also like to see the photos :-)
  10. sumojosh

    My first trip to the Kokugikan!

    That sounds about right.
  11. sumojosh

    Quotes from Day 12 - Haru 2009

    Checked out the rule books for both ozumo and amateur and yes, it is only in the latter. Very interesting
  12. sumojosh

    My first trip to the Kokugikan!

    When stopped in traffic the meter runs at a much reduced rate. Heavy traffic makes little difference to the fare. "Ryogoku Kokugikan" is what you should say. The hotel is across the road. Most won't know it by name. Almost all taxis use GPS now anyway so the route is usually the fastest. Find a taxi in Tokyo? Anywhere, anytime you'll have at least 5 within sight. (In a state of confusion...) Yeah.Taxis are easy to find in Tokyo.Be prepared to pay through the nose!