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  1. Aichi native Komakiryu has lost about 25kg since February, having planned to retire at what would have been his home Nagoya basho - unfortunately the change of venue put paid to that idea. In September he will start working for a company run by a member of Kise-beya's koenkai.

    Byakko made his debut in Nakamura-beya, when that closed in late 2012 the surviving rikishi moved to Azumazeki-beya. With his retirement, only Mitozakura remains active.


    On ‎24‎/‎07‎/‎2020 at 18:22, Akinomaki said:

    For his 2nd career he works at a construction company. He aims to get to 100kg, from 135kg. Kyokuyuko wants to teach what he learned in the heya to the kohai at his school, Mukainooka industrial high, asked to by the coach.

    Ex-Kyokuyuko visited the school for the first time five days after his danpatsu-shiki and has returned several times since to help with coaching. "I convey the importance of diet and training the lower body. I'm happy to be involved with the sumo world after my retirement," he said.

    Lending his chest during keiko:


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  2. Quite a long list of retirees, 19 from this particular basho, plus the late Shobushi and five ex/sekitori during the extended break (quoted below).

    (Heya, Age, Debut, Highest Rank)

    Ms8e Kizenryu  (Kise, 35, 2008.03, J11e)
    Ms27e Terao  (Shikoroyama, 33, 2005.01, Ms10e)
    Sd23e Gochozan  (Minezaki, 32, 2006.03, Ms7w)
    Sd31e Aratora  (Isenoumi, 28, 2015.05, Sd3e)
    Sd35w Byakko  (Azumazeki, 31, 2005.03, Ms13e)
    Sd60w Kyokuyuko  (Nakagawa, 26, 2013.01, Ms58w)
    Sd64w Kurahashi  (Asakayama, 23, 2016.05, Ms50w)
    Sd69e Komakiryu  (Kise, 35, 2008.03, Ms33w)
    Sd89w Ako  (Onomatsu, 27, 2008.03, Sd20w)
    Sd90e Bankoku  (Kise, 30, 2010.01, Ms12e)
    Sd99e Kotorikuzan  (Sadogatake, 26, 2009.03, Sd30w)
    Jd50w Sakaefuji  (Sakaigawa, 27, 2011.05, Sd72e)
    Jd63w Terumichi  (Isegahama, 23, 2013.03, Jd2w)
    Jd95e Takamasaki  (Chiganoura, 20, 2018.03, Jd21e)
    Jd98e Ryuga  (Nishikido, 21, 2018.09, Jd80w)
    Jk5w Houn  (Minezaki, 25, 2017.09, Jk3e)
    Jk10w Kyokushoriki  (Tomozuna, 22, 2018.03, Jk8e)
    Jk12w Wakaseiun  (Chiganoura, 19, 2017.03, Jd56w)
    Jk30w Yamakawa  (Tagonoura, 15, 2020.03, Jk30w)

    Sd82w Shobushi  (Takadagawa, died while active aged 28, 2007.03, Sd11e)


    On ‎18‎/‎07‎/‎2020 at 11:33, Yubinhaad said:

    J2w Tochiozan - retired July 15th, now Kiyomigata-oyakata
    Ms7w Toyonoshima - retired April 17th, now Izutsu-oyakata
    Ms41w Sokokurai - retired March 26th, now Arashio-oyakata
    Ms57e Seiro - retired July 13th
    Sd4w Tokushinho - retired June 1st


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  3. Two new, two not so new.


    Oki - Ms2w, 5-2 (Shikoroyama-beya)

    Nishikifuji - Ms3e, 5-2 (Isegahama)



    Kitaharima - Ms3w, 5-2 (Yamahibiki)

    Chiyonokuni - Ms12w, 7-0 Yusho (Kokonoe)


    8th Juryo promotion for Kitaharima, one short of the record held by the retiring Kizenryu. And a much-needed fillip for the suddenly embattled Shikoroyama.

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  4. Farewell, uwatenage master.  (Sadgoodbyes...)

    Actually I heard back in February that his injuries were getting too much and he intended to retire after the Natsu basho, which of course didn't take place. I had hoped the enforced break might have helped him to heal and continue a while longer, but looking at him this basho I think he's shed some weight, so his mind must have been made up. And at 35, that's fair enough. He holds the record for most promotions to Juryo with 9, but unfortunately he never managed a kachi-koshi there.

    In the future he plans to return to his home prefecture Kagawa and get involved with coaching sumo to kids.

    Naturally, he signed off with an uwatenage win, the 143rd of his career which is almost half of all his wins.



    A deep farewell bow to the dohyo.


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  5. All the action is in the bottom two divisions ahead of Day 13, with four rikishi making late entries and three departing.


    Jd40w Kototsukahara

    Jk11w Kotokino

    Jk17e Ishii

    Jk34w Daigonishiki

    It's not unusual to see two late-entering Jonokuchi rikishi face each other, but this one is an interesting bout - Kotokino is lower-half-Makushita quality when healthy, but a straight year of make-koshi followed by kyujo has left him needing a bout to stay on the banzuke here. He goes up against 192cm Ishii, the second of the Miyagino towers who joined in March. Meanwhile, the opening bout of Day 13 sees declining veteran Daigonishiki against the mighty Hattorizakura.


    Jd17e Shinyashiki

    Jd26w Hokutohomare

    Jd76w Akiyama (fusen Day 12)

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  6. Three in, three out ahead of Day 11.


    Sd71w Hokutoryu (withdrew Day 7)

    Jd38e Kaitoma (withdrew Day 9)

    Jd85e Sasazaki (withdrew Day 9)

    Withdrawing (all had a fusenpai on Day 10):

    Ms23e Mifuneyama

    Ms25w Kagamio

    Sd83w Asanojo

    Mifuneyama hurt his left knee a week ago against Murata, and had to stop while hobbling back to the shitakubeya, although he managed to stay in the basho until now.

    Kagamio has a strained back, while Asanojo also suffered a knee injury in his win on Day 7.

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  7. I hope everything is alright with Asashosakari; in the meantime here's my quick-n-dirty results and standings info.

    As Akinomaki reported above, the shindeshi were joined in maezumo by three rikishi returning from banzuke-gai: Kototaiko (Sadogatake, out of action for 4 basho), Hanashi (Musashigawa, 3 basho), and Yutakanami (Tatsunami, 2 basho).


    Day 3
    O Hanashi	Kototaiko X
    O Yasunishi	Takarabe X
    O Akiyoshi	Kawaguchi X
    O Osuzuki	Nakago X
    O Mabuchi	Furusawa X
    X Shimoyama	Takano O
    O Yutakanami	Kototaiko X
    Day 4
    O Hanashi	Takarabe X
    X Yasunishi	Kawaguchi O
    O Akiyoshi	Nakago X
    O Osuzuki	Furusawa X
    X Mabuchi	Takano O
    O Yutakanami	Takarabe X
    Day 5
    X Mabuchi	Yasunishi O
    O Hanashi	Nakago X
    O Akiyoshi	Takarabe X
    O Osuzuki	Kawaguchi X
    O Takano	Furusawa X
    O Yutakanami	Yasunishi X
    I make the final standings as follows:
    Akiyoshi	Onomatsu	3-0
    Osuzuki		Naruto		3-0
    Takano		Kise		3-0
    > Hanashi	Musashigawa	3-0
    > Yutakanami	Tatsunami	3-0
    Yasunishi	Michinoku	2-2
    Mabuchi		Musashigawa	1-2
    Kawaguchi	Kokonoe		1-2
    Takarabe	Kokonoe		0-4
    Nakago		Kokonoe		0-3
    Furusawa	Kokonoe		0-3
    > Kototaiko	Sadogatake	0-2-2
    Shimoyama	Tokitsukaze	0-1-2


    No surprises among the 3-0 rookies - Takano and Akiyoshi have competitive backgrounds through to high school while Osuzuki comes from Nittai-dai. In contrast, the Kokonoe quartet could only muster a combined 1-12, perhaps backing up why I couldn't find much on them regarding sumo experience.

    Yutakanami looks fit again, having started his career with a jun-yusho before injury dropped him back. Hanashi hasn't yet managed back-to-back kachi-koshi in his career, and his 3-0 here is a bit deceptive - Kototaiko and a pair of winless Kokonoes were his victims. Kototaiko didn't appear again after his double duty in the first session.

    Shimoyama fought once in the first session and was absent thereafter, but he did return for the shussehiro as you can see in the pictures above. We overlooked him a bit, he was on the sumo team at Kogota Norin High School in Miyagi prefecture and competed at the 2019 Inter-high.

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  8. One rapid returnee and four more withdrawals ahead of Day 7.


    Sd67w Kotosusumu


    Ms35e Inoue

    Sd5e Sagatsukasa

    Sd54w Nihonyanagi

    Sd71w Hokutoryu (fusen Day 6)


    Inoue had to be taken to the clinic in a wheelchair after injuring his right knee in his Day 5 yoritaoshi loss to Hiradoumi. He reported hearing a cracking sound.

    Nihonyanagi couldn't put any weight on his right leg after landing off the dohyo in his Day 5 loss to Haruminato - I fear it could be a repeat injury to his right knee, which he had surgery on before joining ozumo. (But that's just my speculation)

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  9. Six withdrawals ahead of Day 3, three each in Sandanme and Jonidan:

    Sd28w Dewanojo

    Sd68e Wakaryusei (fusenpai Day 2)

    Sd79e Kirinoryu (fusenpai Day 1)

    Jd77e Tabara (fusenpai Day 1) - Musashigawa reports a worsening case of cellulitis.

    Jd91w Wakatoriumi (fusenpai Day 2)

    Jd99w Hokutoizumi (fusenpai Day 2)

  10. On ‎19‎/‎05‎/‎2020 at 15:06, Akinomaki said:
    On ‎09‎/‎04‎/‎2020 at 19:16, Akinomaki said:

    Hideo Kuwabara 桑原英男  (18. 175cm, 165kg) from Takizawa, Iwate enters Onomatsu-beya. He graduated from Tairadate high in March, a sumo stronghold. Kuwabara was 2nd in the Tohoku high school championships last year, both in the individuals and with the team.

    he had been approached by the heya and decided to go there - on the 25th he'll enter the heya in Chiba.

    He started sumo in 2nd year primary school and entered national competitions in his 3rd year middle school. The last 3 years in a row he was at the kokutai juniors. Due to Corona, Kuwabara trains at Tairadate high instead of the heya. The coach of the sumo club is close to Onosho - that was the connection to Onomatsu-beya. 

    Kuwabara's shikona will be Akiyoshi (秋良), the kanji are taken from the names of two sumo coaches who taught him during his school years. A more up-to-date photo from the heya:


    He has visited the heya before for their kids sumo events, here he gets Wakakoyu's autograph.


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  11. 20 hours ago, Yubinhaad said:

    According to Asakayama-beya, Kaihiryu will be on the dohyo tomorrow for a special shussehiro to make up for missing out back in March. His shisho and stablemates helped him put on a kesho-mawashi for the first time. I'm not sure if it will take place at the usual shussehiro time, nor do I know if others who were absent then will also take part.

    Three others joined Kaihiryu for the special shonichi shussehiro, which took place before the day's torikumi started. From left: Sakashita, Ezura, Ieshima, Kaihiryu.


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  12. On ‎10‎/‎03‎/‎2020 at 23:07, Yubinhaad said:

    Newcomer Watanabe is absent having had the opposite problem to Machi - he managed to get back to Tokyo after the shindeshi-kensa to attend his graduation ceremony, but was then unable to return to Osaka.


    On ‎16‎/‎03‎/‎2020 at 16:13, Yubinhaad said:

    NHK and the press articles include absent Watanabe with the shikona Kaihiryu


    On ‎17‎/‎03‎/‎2020 at 20:14, Asashosakari said:

    As already mentioned by Yubinhaad they surprisingly included completely absent Watanabe as part of the niban-shusse group, with a proper shikona to boot, which now makes me wonder if the Kyokai might have decided to waive the participation requirement for him because unavoidable travel restrictions forced him to miss out on competing, not anything he was responsible for.


    According to Asakayama-beya, Kaihiryu will be on the dohyo tomorrow for a special shussehiro to make up for missing out back in March. His shisho and stablemates helped him put on a kesho-mawashi for the first time. I'm not sure if it will take place at the usual shussehiro time, nor do I know if others who were absent then will also take part.


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  13. Apart from the recently-retired Tochiozan, all sekitori will start this collector's edition July basho at the Kokugikan. The lower division absences are as follows.


    Ms9w Shiba
    Ms11w Tomokaze
    Ms27e Terao - intai
    Ms42e Chiyonokatsu
    Ms42w Irodori
    Ms45w Gokushindo
    Ms56w Hatooka


    Sd13e Amatsu
    Sd23e Gochozan - possibly intai
    Sd28e Gagamaru
    Sd31e Aratora
    Sd47w Akitoba
    Sd60w Kyokuyuko - intai
    Sd64w Kurahashi - intai
    Sd82w Shobushi - R.I.P.
    Sd89e Etsunohana
    Sd89w Ako - intai
    Sd90e Bankoku


    Jd40w Kototsukahara
    Jd44e Nogami
    Jd47e Hisanotora
    Jd49e Teraosho
    Jd50w Sakaefuji
    Jd60w Tochigidake
    Jd61w Dewaazuma
    Jd63w Terumichi - intai
    Jd71w Taiga
    Jd78e Fukuminato
    Jd87e Hakuomaru
    Jd92w Fukamachi
    Jd95e Takamasaki - intai
    Jd95w Chiyotaiko
    Jd98e Ryuga
    Jd107w Oju
    Jd116w Kenho


    Jk5w Houn - possibly intai
    Jk10w Kyokushoriki
    Jk11w Kotokino
    Jk12w Wakaseiun - intai
    Jk17e Ishii
    Jk30w Yamakawa - possibly intai
    Jk34w Daigonishiki

    Tate-gyoji Shikimori Inosuke is also kyujo due to poor health, which is why Kimura Tamajiro was the senior gyoji in the dohyo-matsuri earlier.

    And just for clarity, retiring sekitori (or former sekitori) go straight on the intai list and are therefore not listed as kyujo by the Kyokai. On the current banzuke they are:

    J2w Tochiozan - retired July 15th, now Kiyomigata-oyakata
    Ms7w Toyonoshima - retired April 17th, now Izutsu-oyakata
    Ms41w Sokokurai - retired March 26th, now Arashio-oyakata
    Ms57e Seiro - retired July 13th
    Sd4w Tokushinho - retired June 1st

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  14. 1 hour ago, Kintamayama said:

    Wow-have there ever been so many rikishi dispersed to so many heyas at once?

    If I recall correctly, when the rikishi of the previous Tagonoura-beya were split between two heya it was reported as a first, so this mess is certainly unprecedented.

    Surprised to see twin brothers Okunisato and Yoshizawa going to different heya.


    3 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    Kokusoten, Kasugaryu, Haruhikari and Yoshizawa now have a rare 4th heya affiliation and even move to another ichimon, Okunisato was already in Oitekaze-beya once

    Unofficially it could be considered as a fifth heya for Kyokusoten - he was originally training in Takashima-beya but it folded before he could take the shindeshi-kensa, so he ended up going with the shisho to Kasugayama-beya (and got Takakasuga as his first shikona).

    Tokojin can even claim a seventh heya affiliation - he started in the old Takashima-beya under ex-Mitsuneyama, which folded a month or so later, moved with the shisho to Kumagatani and eventually branched out with the later Takashima-beya under ex-Koboyama.

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  15. Kokonoe-beya expands with four new recruits. The only one I can find background on so far is Kawaguchi, who had some prefectural competition experience during his time at Kureha Junior High School.

    19-year-old Kaito Furusawa (古澤 圭) from Kariya, Aichi prefecture. 180cm, 147kg.

    15-year-old Tensho Takarabe (財部 天照) from Ama, Aichi. 169cm, 101kg.

    17-year-old Daichi Kawaguchi (川口 大地) from Nanto, Toyama. 168cm, 120kg.

    15-year-old Taiju Nakago (中郷 泰樹) from Yaita, Tochigi. 173cm, 145kg.

    Furusawa, Takarabe:


    Kawaguchi, Nakago:


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  16. Onomatsu-beya's Ako has retired after a 12-year career. The son of former Maegashira Tachihikari (who also retired after 12 years), Ako began sumo in elementary school and took part in the kids sumo events held by Onomatsu-beya, which is located in his home prefecture Chiba. He joined the heya straight after graduating from junior high school. Danpatsu-shiki took place in the keikoba.



    Tennozan entertained with some funny stories about Ako before the danpatsu-shiki began.


    Former Juryo Keitenkai makes his cut.


    Heyagashira Onosho.


    Shiranui-oyakata (former Komusubi Wakakoyu).


    Ako's father, former Maegashira Tachihikari.


    Onomatsu-oyakata (former Maegashira Daido) makes the final cut.


    Ako in his new suit.


    An old photo of Ako with stablemate and fellow Chiba native Wakayama, who first met at the Onomatsu kids events.



    Chiganoura-beya reported that Wakaseiun and Takamasaki have retired - the latter was the final deshi to be recruited by Takanohana.

    Minezaki-beya duo Gochozan and Houn are gone from the heya website so they're probably retired as well. 32-year-old Gochozan was a constant Makushita presence for the last seven years until injury struck earlier this year. Houn never managed a kachi-koshi in his 17-basho career, and was the one of the rare victims of Hattorizakura.

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  17. 2 hours ago, ryafuji said:

    @Yubinhaad, you reported back in October that Kotoshoho had changed the given name in his shikona from Toshiki to Yoshinari - is that still the case? Sumo Reference has it only for Kyushu, with him switching back to Toshiki after that tournament.

    His Kyokai profile page still says Kotoshoho Yoshinari, and no further changes have been listed for him by Nikkan.

    A couple of other notes for @Doitsuyama:

    Komine's new shikona is Chiyotaisei, not Chiyotaisai as currently shown on the English side.

    Also, Sokokurai doesn't show up in a Rikishi.aspx search, which I assume is connected to his position being left blank on the site's banzuke page.

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  18. Ten* shikona changes for this banzuke, half of them for those making their honbasho debut (although when that will happen remains to be determined, of course).

    The only change from the top four divisions is a minor one, a simple middle kanji alteration for Saidaiji. He also changes the first kanji in the given name - the reading remains Kohei, and the kanji are now the same as his real given name.

    In Jonidan, Asonishiki is just one letter but many ranks away from being an Ozeki - he's now Asonoyama. We'll have to try and avoid any Amanishiki/Aminishiki style mix-ups.

    Mimori is now Kinotsukasa, receiving the traditional suffix for an Irumagawa-beya rikishi.

    Omura has perhaps the most interesting change on this banzuke - he is now Chikureisen, and also changes from his real given name Gennosuke to Genzo.

    Nakagawa-beya's Okuniasahi has reverted back to his family name Yoshizawa.

    As noted at the top there are five changes among those from last basho's shindeshi group. The least imaginative is Naruto-beya's Fukasawa, who simply adds the shisho's kanji in front to become Ofukasawa.

    Kakeno is now Suzaki - the kanji are those of the city of Susaki in Kochi prefecture, but I don't know if there's a connection with the shikona of this Gifu native.

    I was one-tenth prepared for making this post - Komine's new shikona Chiyotaisei was displayed on the heya website for at least a week already.

    It's been a while since Kataonami-beya had to make a shikona change, but new recruit Ikeda is now Tamanohoshi.

    Lastly, Yagi is now Ieshima, very closely following his brother Ienoshima's lead.

    Ms47w Saidaiji Kohei (西大司 幸平 > 西太司 康平)
    Jd3e Asonishiki > Asonoyama (阿蘇ノ山)
    Jd31e Mimori > Kinotsukasa (毅ノ司)
    Jd100e Omura Gennosuke > Chikureisen Genzo (大村 玄之輔 > 筑零扇 源造)
    Jd115e Okuniasahi > Yoshizawa (吉澤)
    Jk15w Fukasawa > Ofukasawa (欧深沢)
    Jk16w Kakeno > Suzaki (須崎)
    Jk24e Komine > Chiyotaisei (千代大聖)
    Jk27e Ikeda > Tamanohoshi (玉の星)
    Jk34e Yagi > Ieshima (家島)

    * Nikkan lists one more alteration, Jk32e Takasu has changed the first kanji of his name to one that apparently can't be displayed, although there's no change to the reading. As they put it:


    And finally, two more rikishi make given name changes:

    Ms14e Daiseido Yoshitomo > Masaru (喜悌 > 勝)
    Jd11e Miyanofuji Takashi (峻氏 > 峻史)

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