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  1. Ahead of the final round of lower division action, one rikishi makes a late entry and one withdraws.


    Sd88e Nogami - I wonder, one last ride as a member of Oguruma-beya before hanging up his mawashi?


    Ms34e Obara (fusenpai Day 12)

    Unusual to have no Jonokuchi rikishi entering in order to stay on the banzuke. Provided they don't retire, Jk9w Asadaimon, Jk14e Wakayama and Jk15e Sadatsuyoshi will be banzuke-gai in March. (Jk5e Shishimaru and Jk10e Matsuzawa are from COVID-kyujo Tagonoura-beya and will presumably maintain their rank)

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  2. The seven newcomers were joined by banzuke-gai returnees Takatairiku and Chiyotsurugi for five sessions of maezumo.

    The unfortunate Chiyotsurugi ended up with the dubious honour of an 0-8 record, although I thought he was unlucky in the very first bout, which might have been a torinaoshi if it was a regular torikumi.

    For me, Wakanosho looks like the most capable of the bunch at the moment, with Kototebakari perhaps having the best prospects in the longer term. Hanafusa looks quite solid but a late growth spurt to add a few centimetres would be handy I think.

    Toseiryu finished 3-0 despite a well-taped left shoulder, but two of the wins came against Chiyotsurugi. As Katooshu already implied, Iwakiri/Satsumasho seems quite average and all three of his wins came against Chiyotsurugi. I wasn't particularly impressed by Kotokenryu either who also got his three wins against the returnees. It's harsh to judge them entirely based on maezumo though, we'll see how they all fare in the long term.

    I'm not sure all the numbers reported by Totorofuji are quite correct, after going through the videos I have Wakanosho and Satsumasho both finishing at 3-2. Anyway here are the results and standings as I see them, corrections welcome.


    Day 3, Session 1
    X Chiyotsurugi	Takatairiku O
    X Kotokenryu	Daiseizan O
    O Hanafusa	Satsumasho X
    O Kototebakari	Wakanosho X
    X Chiyotsurugi	Toseiryu O
    Day 4, Session 2
    X Chiyotsurugi	Satsumasho O
    X Kotokenryu	Wakanosho O
    O Hanafusa	Takatairiku X
    O Kototebakari	Daiseizan X
    O Toseiryu	Wakanosho X
    Day 5, Session 3
    X Chiyotsurugi	Kotokenryu O
    O Daiseizan	Takatairiku X
    X Satsumasho	Wakanosho O
    X Hanafusa	Kototebakari O
    X Chiyotsurugi	Toseiryu O
    Day 6, Session 4
    X Hanafusa	Daiseizan O
    X Chiyotsurugi	Wakanosho O
    O Kotokenryu	Takatairiku X
    X Chiyotsurugi	Satsumasho O
    Day 7, Session 5
    X Kotokenryu	Hanafusa O
    X Chiyotsurugi	Satsumasho O
    O Kotokenryu	Takatairiku X
    Final Standings
    Kototebakari	Sadogatake	3-0
    Toseiryu	Tamanoi		3-0
    Daiseizan	Arashio		3-1
    Wakanosho	Tokiwayama	3-2
    Hanafusa	Nishonoseki	3-2
    Satsumasho	Oitekaze	3-2
    Kotokenryu	Sadogatake	3-3
    > Takatairiku	Tokiwayama	1-4
    > Chiyotsurugi	Kokonoe		0-8


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  3. Sorry it's a bit late, I was away yesterday and was too tired when I finally got home. Ahead of Day 9 there were four more withdrawals from the lower divisions:

    Ms6w Kotodaigo - as noted by Kintamayama above, he was wheeled away after what seemed like a left leg injury in his last bout on Day 7.

    Ms23e Ishizaki

    Jd34e Seigo (fusenpai Day 8) - he was back in action this basho after three consecutive kyujo, so this is really unfortunate.

    Jd58w Takatsukasa (fusenpai Day 8)

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  4. Ahead of Day 7, another Day 1 defaulter returns to make his first proper appearance of the basho, while two more rikishi are out.


    Ms32e Asonoyama (fusenpai Day 1, withdrew Day 3)


    Ms5w Kyokutaisei (fusenpai Day 5) - as reported above, left knee injury.

    Sd49w Denzan

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  5. 4 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    Considering Tamawashi's age, is he anywhere near the record for oldest kinboshi winner?

    He's also managed to take a kinboshi off every yokozuna since Harumafuji.

    According to my notes, he is the 6th-oldest:

    Winner			Basho, Day		Yokozuna	Age of Winner
    1) Oshio		1940 Haru, Day 6	Minanogawa	39 years, 5 months, 6 days
    2) Kitanonada		1961 Natsu, Day 3	Asashio		38 years, 3 months, 8 days
    3) Nayoroiwa		1952 Aki, Day 5		Chiyonoyama	37 years, 11 months, 29 days
    4) Dewanishiki		1963 Haru, Day 4	Taiho		37 years, 7 months, 26 days
    5) Aminishiki		2016 Hatsu, Day 3	Kakuryu		37 years, 3 months, 9 days
    6) Tamawashi		2022 Hatsu, Day 6	Terunofuji	37 years, 1 month, 29 days


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  6. Lower divisions ahead of Day 5, a pair of rikishi "return" for their first actual appearances, and one more withdraws.


    Sd87w Iko (fusenpai Day 1, withdrew Day 3)

    Jd23e Shinyashiki (fusenpai Day 1, withdrew Day 3)


    Ms21e Oshoumi (fusenpai Day 3) - as reported above, a repeat of his left shoulder injury from last basho.


  7. On 05/01/2022 at 17:38, Akinomaki said:

    Takeda had the most attention in the papers. He gets the shikona Wakanosho 若ノ勝, from Wakanohana I, the first shisho of his shisho ex-Takamisugi and the -sho like Takakeisho and Takanosho https://www.sanspo.com/article/20220105-K3YRJLZ67RNKHE5ACDGQS62DH4/

    Tokiwayama-beya adds that his shikona given name is Eido (栄道, えいどう), likely referring to him coming from Saitama Sakae.


    Meanwhile, Arashio-beya reports that Asuhada's shikona is Daiseizan Daisuke (大青山 大介, だいせいざん だいすけ). It is surely in honour of the Daqing Mountains (same kanji), an alternate name for the Yin Mountains which cross Inner Mongolia.

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  8. Five withdrawals from the lower divisions ahead of Day 3:

    Ms32e Asonoyama (fusenpai Day 1) - as reported by Akinomaki above, a knee injury in asageiko

    Ms37w Fukushima (fusenpai Day 2) - Nishikido-beya is kyujo due to COVID

    Ms57e Wakanoumi (fusenpai Day 2) - ditto

    Sd87w Iko (fusenpai Day 1)

    Jd23e Shinyashiki (fusenpai Day 1)

    Nishikido-beya gyoji Kimura Kintaro is also off the torikumi-hyo, and I assume their blanket withdrawal also covers yobidashi Tsurutaro and tokoyama Tokonaka too.

  9. A quartet of sekitori are sitting this basho out from the start, one unlucky and three naughty.

    M7e Takayasu - due to positive COVID tests within Tagonoura-beya, which is kyujo as a whole.

    M8e Hidenoumi - suspected of illegal gambling.

    J4e Asanoyama - continuing to serve his six-basho suspension for breaching COVID regulations last year.

    J12e Shiden - suspected of illegal gambling.

    Lower division absentees, with Tagonoura-beya separate:

    Ms1e Kyokushuho
    Ms48w Anzai

    Sd6e Hagiwara
    Sd20e Kaiho
    Sd24w Kiritsubasa
    Sd31e Shimoyama
    Sd68w Kasugaryu
    Sd71w Miyabishin
    Sd73e Sadanogo
    Sd88e Nogami
    Sd92e Shimanishiki
    Sd94w Nishihara
    Sd99w Shogun

    Jd2w Wakaseido
    Jd3e Mifuneyama
    Jd7e Wakayamanaka
    Jd15e Nankairiki
    Jd24e Hitoshi
    Jd32w Toho - retired after last basho but not on the official list, danpatsu-shiki took place last month
    Jd52e Fujiizumi
    Jd52w Yashiroumi
    Jd53e Kotorikisen
    Jd53w Hokutosora
    Jd57w Wakaonehara - had his arm in a sling in recent heya pictures
    Jd77w Shunpo
    Jd83w Takataisho - currently in rehabilitation following knee surgery
    Jd86w Machi

    Jk9w Asadaimon
    Jk14e Wakayama
    Jk15e Sadatsuyoshi


    Sd12w Kaishin
    Sd40e Akashifuji
    Sd54e Kojikara
    Sd98e Sekizuka
    Jd6w Takanoryu
    Jd24w Iitsuka
    Jd37e Matsugi
    Jd45w Tagomaru
    Jd84w Takasu
    Jd98w Ojiyama
    Jd100e Terunosato
    Jk5e Shishimaru
    Jk10e Matsuzawa

    Gyoji - Kimura Takao
    Yobidashi - Mitsuaki
    Tokoyama - Tokonaru

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  10. Iwakiri is from Kagoshima and has been given the shikona Satsumasho (薩摩翔, さつましょう), in honour of the pre-Meiji Satsuma Province which is now western Kagoshima prefecture. He attended Kagoshima Commercial High School before going on to Nihon University, so he should feel at home in Nichidai-led Oitekaze-beya. He was in the Nichidai sumo club but perhaps didn't play a major part in their competitive teams, as I don't find his name in our amasumo section.

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  11. Shusshin, given name and a few kana errors.

    Moji's shusshin information was broken at some point. His original shusshin of Wakayama-ken, Arida-shi (和歌山県有田市) is missing, and there's an extra Hyogo-ken on there at the moment.

    Hishuyama's given name Keiji (けいじ) is correct on the English side but is wrongly shown as Keijiro on the Japanese side.

    Kojikara's kana reading should be こぢから.

    A bit late after his shikona change, but Sekizukayama's kana reading should have been せきづかやま.

    Yurikisho has one too many elongations, it should be ゆりきしょう.

    There's an extra kana in Wakakaneko's profile, it should be わかかねこ.

    Yanagida's given name is shown as こうめい on his heya website profile.

    Asakiryu's given name was cut to just Ryu (りゅう) according to his heya website profile.

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  12. On 23/12/2021 at 22:47, Yubinhaad said:

    Over in Oguruma-beya, Watanabe gets his first shikona as he continues his second comeback from injury - he is now Akekaze.

    Jd19e Watanabe > Akekaze (朱風,  あけかぜ)

    The Kyokai quietly corrected Watanabe's shikona change - the reading is Akikaze (あきかぜ) instead.

    No problems on the database which has picked up the correction, either automatically or thanks to Doitsuyama. (Signofapproval...)

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  13. Five new recruits in total.

    Sue's shikona will be Toseiryu (東誠竜,  とうせいりゅう).

    The five will be joined by the two foreign shindeshi held over from last basho, Arashio-beya's Ashuhada and Sadogatake-beya's Bilguun - the full shikona of the latter has been revealed as Kotokenryu Takeaki (琴拳龍  武明,  ことけんりゅう  たけあき).

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  14. Toho's danpatsu-shiki took place at Otake-beya on the 23rd.


    Commemorative group shot.


    With an oichomage at last.


    Heyagashira Oho makes a cut.


    And the final cut from Otake-oyakata (former Juryo Dairyu).



    Proper haircut and a new suit.



    Merry Christmas all! post-2101-0-61285600-1356388336.gif

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