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  1. Yubinhaad

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I made a mistake when I was putting together last basho's maezumo results, the last two bouts in the first session (Day 3) had the rikishi on the wrong sides. I've corrected it in my post in the recruits thread. Sorry about that, the rest should be fine. Oh and speaking of last basho, it needs a name and venue change to bring it into line with Nagoya/July. Thanks for catching that, for the record his transfer was effective as of February 1st 2020.
  2. Yubinhaad

    Amuru intai

    According to Onomatsu okamisan, Amuru has decided to retire and will hold his intai press conference at the Kokugikan tomorrow. The 34-year-old Russian entered ozumo in the 2002 Natsu basho, along with unlamented compatriots Roho and Hakurozan. It took him almost a decade to earn promotion to Juryo in 2012 Hatsu, but a strong debut with 10 wins was cut short by a terrible knee injury, which forced him to sit out the next five basho. On his return Amuru won the Jonidan yusho to start a run of 11 consecutive kachi-koshi and a well-earned Makuuchi debut in 2014 Kyushu. Overall he spent 9 basho in the top division, reaching a highest rank of Maegashira 5. A fine example of hard work paying off. Kintamayama's report when Amuru's Juryo promotion was announced:
  3. Yubinhaad

    New recruits Haru 2021

    Joining Tomozuna-beya in March will be Kota Takamatsu (高松 航太), who will by then have graduated from Erimo Junior High School in Erimo, Hokkaido. The shisho (former Sekiwake Kyokutenho) and Hokkaido-native Kyokutaisei visited on the third. Takamatsu is 167cm and 140kg at present. Takamatsu has a judo background since elementary school, and this provided the link to the heya - director Kamada of his judo club and Kyokutaisei are alumni of Asahikawa University High School.
  4. Yubinhaad

    Kimarite Statistics - November 2020

    The table shows the stats for this basho, the text after is about the year overall - sotokomata appeared this basho, the other three in earlier basho of the year. Sorry for any confusion, I could probably write those things a bit clearer.
  5. Yubinhaad

    New recruits November 2020

    I could only find handheld screen-recorded videos with rather dodgy audio for this basho's maezumo, but I think I've got everyone in the right place for the results. Joining the six newcomers were two banzuke-gai rikishi, Honma (Naruto-beya, 5 basho out of action) and Fujinonami (Fujishima, 3 basho out after getting injured during Hatsu). Honma fought only one bout in the first session and was absent after that. Edit: I've now seen the Abema footage and confirm the results as follows: Day 3 X Honma Fujinonami O O Arauma Minorufuji X O Kyoda Onofuji X X Harada Atamifuji O Day 4 O Harada Minorufuji X O Arauma Fujinonami X X Kyoda Atamifuji O X Harada Onofuji O Day 5 X Kyoda Fujinonami O X Harada Onofuji O X Arauma Atamifuji O O Kyoda Minorufuji X Day 6 O Arauma Fujinonami X O Kyoda Onofuji X O Harada Minorufuji X X Fujinonami Onofuji O And I make the final standings as: Atamifuji Isegahama 3-0 Arauma Isenoumi 3-1 Kyoda Futagoyama 3-2 Onofuji Isegahama 3-2 > Fujinonami Fujishima 2-3 Harada Otake 2-3 Minorufuji Isegahama 0-4 > Honma Naruto 0-1-3 Shikona confirmations: Turtogtokh > Arauma (荒馬, あらうま) Morita > Minorufuji (実富士, みのるふじ) Takase > Onofuji (大ノ富士, おおのふじ) Takei > Atamifuji (熱海富士, あたみふじ) Onofuji has high school wrestling experience and hair like an ungreased Elvis, while his winless stablemate Minorufuji has judo experience. Harada has some soft tennis experience from junior high.
  6. Yubinhaad

    Retirees November 2020

    Uminishiki evidently wanted to retire under his shikona, having switched back to it for this very basho. He will be returning to his hometown in Fukuoka and begin studying/training for a career in childcare. After/Before danpatsu-shiki: Kotoseigo after his danpatsu-shiki: Injuries kept Taiga largely absent for the last couple of years of his career, with only one complete basho since 2018 Aki. With his retirement, Mimurodake stands alone as the last active rikishi from the old Asahiyama-beya. Kihonoumi was the longest-serving rikishi in Dewanoumi-beya, retiring at 36 after just over two decades on the dohyo. He made his debut in 2000 Haru alongside fellow retiree Hitenryu who is only 12 days younger. Wakaryusei was ex-Wakanosato's second uchideshi (following the already-retired Wakasatake) before he branched out to found Nishiiwa-beya.
  7. Yubinhaad

    Toyonoshima intai

    Izutsu-oyakata announced that May 28th 2022 is the date for his intaizumo at the Kokugikan. Quite poignantly, he noted that his last basho as an active rikishi was a lonely experience with no audience at all, and hopes that in a year and a half his many fans will be able to attend and see the last oichomage of Toyonoshima.
  8. Correct, it's 王鵬 (おうほう). Shiraishi is now Tohakuryu, 東白龍 (とうはくりゅう).
  9. Sure, I think the writer of the theory was more excited by Toyonoshima finally getting Nishikijima (which he was supposedly paying for until he couldn't afford it) than in the minutiae of Kyokai regulations or Kakuryu's future. For what it's worth, someone will have to formally acquire Izutsu within the next two years, because it will have reached the three-year limit for a retired oyakata/deceased's estate to hold onto it, which as far as I know is still in force.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, if nothing else it would be a handy stopgap for ex-Bushuyama, who might have to jump out of the Kasugayama hot seat soon. Ex-Masudayama only ended up in Nishonoseki ichimon because his successor took the heya there (via Takanohana's doomed breakaway), so he surely has no loyalty to them when it comes to the disposal of his myoseki. While I'm here, I read this entertaining domino theory last night revolving around the forthcoming Takasago change: Wakamatsu takes over Azumazeki-beya. Takasago switches to Wakamatsu (back to his original myoseki for his five years as sanyo). Nishikijima takes over Takasago-beya. Izutsu (Toyonoshima) switches to Nishikijima. Kakuryu's citizenship finally comes through and Izutsu is conveniently vacant.
  11. Yubinhaad

    Trivia bits

    Yeah, I remember some real horror examples like Baraki (the retired one, might have been confused with Bariki) where they could barely walk and still came off with the win. It will be a sad day for people in peril of going banzuke-gai when HZ finally retires. Just to clarify, a win is not needed to remain on the banzuke, just a contested bout. See the last few years of Kitasatsuma's career. A fusenpai however doesn't save you, so from this basho Haruku and Sawaisamu will fall off the banzuke (assuming they aren't retiring).
  12. I have no basis for giving an informed opinion on the matter. I have no idea why a bunch of them took the jobs a few years ago, but none have for the last couple years. Simple, there haven't been that many oyakata reaching mandatory retirement since 2018. That initial swathe of eight sanyo appointments mostly happened in 2016 (4) and 2017 (3), with ex-Tamanofuji being the pioneer in 2014. Takasago will bring some fresh 65-year-old blood to the ranks next month. Of the twelve oyakata who have turned 65 (well, Arashio retired a few days early but let's not split hairs) since the consultancy position was created in November 2014, four did not apply for it, two of whom had very good reasons why. Asahiyama (ex-Daiju, March 2015) - myoseki remained vacant for ten months before being acquired by ex-Kotonishiki. Kitajin (ex-Kirinji, March 2018) - health reasons. Yamashina (ex-Onishiki, September 2018) - myoseki remained vacant for a year, since then it has been borrowed by ex-Sadanofuji. Arashio (ex-Oyutaka, March 2020) - heya passed to Sokokurai, no alternative myoseki was available for Oyutaka to use, even if we assume he wanted to stay on.
  13. Nikkan's Sasaki mentions that Wakamatsu is to take over Azumazeki-beya, although the linked article (regarding Takasago-beya) makes no mention of that. Maybe ex-Takamisakari found running a heya not to his liking? Anyway, back to the Takasago future - the required documents for exchange of myoseki were filed with the Kyokai on the 17th and await the rijikai's rubber stamp after the basho. Current Takasago will then become Nishikijima and stay on under that name for his extra five years as a consultant after he turns 65 next month. https://twitter.com/Ichiro_SUMO/status/1329716542385266688
  14. Yubinhaad

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    It seems that back on Day 7, Shohoryu accidentally clipped Shikimori Inosuke's gunbai with the bow while performing the yumitori-shiki.
  15. Nikkan-gendai quotes an oyakata who confirms that it is certainly Wakamatsu. The decisive reason: to keep the Kindai lineage and connection. The shisho and Asanoyama are from that university, and also ex-Asanowaka. http://www.nikkan-gendai.com/articles/view/sports/280884 Sponichi says: Nishikijima (ex-Asasekiryu) will take over, his personality and career achievements appear to have overturned the collegiate connection of Wakamatsu. Not final yet, but expected to be confirmed after the basho.
  16. Four sekitori are absent from the start of this basho. Both Yokozuna are out for the second straight basho, Kotoyuki had surgery last month, and Abi continues to serve his suspension. Yokozuna Hakuho Yokozuna Kakuryu M15w Kotoyuki J11w Abi Ms54e Hikarugenji Sd15w Tomisakae - possibly intai Sd16w Mifuneyama Sd23e Hitachigo Sd35w Tomokaze Sd36w Sadanohikari Sd38e Inoue Sd47e Kiritsubasa Sd57w Kenshin Sd86e Fukushima Sd96w Kakutaiki Sd97e Hatooka Sd99w Hitenryu Jd11e Ryutsukasa Jd12e Tanji Jd15e Shori Jd21e Kotootomo Jd46e Gagamaru Jd68e Sasazaki - possibly intai Jd69w Wakaryusei - intai Jd86e Takano Jd88e Chikureisen Jd93w Wakaonehara Jd102w Andozakura Jd109e Kirinoryu Jk15e Yaotsufuji Jk20w Teraosho Jk26e Ryuseiyama Jk28w Tsuyasato Good to see all the Tamanoi rikishi are competing after their enforced kyujo last time.
  17. Yubinhaad

    Rikishi Status - 2020 November Basho

    No withdrawals and a single late entry ahead of Day 13 and the final round of lower division action: Jk20w Teraosho begins his basho and faces the challenge of Hattorizakura, who in fairness has actually looked slightly better than usual this basho.
  18. Yubinhaad

    Rikishi Status - 2020 November Basho

    Two withdrawals in Sandanme ahead of Day 11: Sd5w Masutoo - hurt his already-injured left ankle, apparently after stepping on the gyoji's foot in his last bout. Sd99e Hokutoyoshi (fusenpai Day 10) - limped away favouring his left leg after being thrown in his last bout.
  19. Yubinhaad

    Trivia bits

    A visual scan of the rikishi pages on the database results in very tired eyes, and the following list of rikishi with the most absent honbasho days, as of today. It's possible I missed someone from Sandanme or lower, but I was really starting to struggle by then. Takanohana 201 Kakuryu 201* Hakuho 191* Akebono 181 Chiyonofuji 170 Tochiazuma 169 Mitoizumi 162 Kaio 158 Hisanotora 152* Gojoro 146 Kuniazuma 146
  20. Yubinhaad

    Kotoshogiku retires

    Sad to hear the news, but he's been an outstanding servant of ozumo (and a mainstay of Yubinhaad-beya for eighteen years), he's earned his blue jacket and a chair in the hanamichi to rest on. His yusho was a highlight of the decade for me.
  21. Yubinhaad

    Rikishi Status - 2020 November Basho

    Two withdrawals, one returnee and two late arrivals ahead of Day 7: Withdrawing: Sd23w Kagamio (fusenpai Day 6) Sd62e Kaishinmaru Returning/Entering: Ms42e Kototsubasa (withdrew on Day 3) Jd93w Wakaonehara Jk27e Ryuseiyama
  22. Yubinhaad

    Lower-division Torikumi November Basho 2020

    19 Terunosato (Jd71e) 0-1 Tenichi (Jd72w) 0-1 The last survivors of the 141 rikishi who made their debut in the 1993 Haru basho. Over 27 years later, this was their first meeting, a win for Tenichi.
  23. Yubinhaad

    Rikishi Status - 2020 November Basho

    Welcome back to the basho, Forum. I want you to gambarize for the remaining days without doing anything unreasonable. As reported elsewhere, newly-minted Ozeki Shodai is kyujo from Day 5 due to a ligament injury in the left ankle, requiring treatment for about three weeks. There was just one withdrawal from the lower divisions ahead of Day 5, but a sad one: Ms3w Kotodaigo was limping badly after his right leg buckled in his loss against Terasawa on Day 3, although from the footage it's hard to tell what the injury was. After being so close to Juryo recently, this is really unlucky. One other note, Sd65w Toyoshimizu had a fusenpai on Day 3 but did not withdraw and came back to win on Day 5.
  24. Yubinhaad

    New recruits November 2020

    Isegahama-beya shows the following shikona for their three recruits: Morita - 実富士, Minorufuji? Takase - 大ノ富士, Onofuji? Takei - 熱海富士, surely Atamifuji based on his hometown.
  25. Yubinhaad

    Rikishi Status - 2020 November Basho

    Six withdrawals from the lower divisions ahead of Day 3: Ms6w Ichiki (as reported above, left ankle injury) Ms43e Kototsubasa Jd10w Hisanotora (not again... fusenpai Day 2) Jd103w Iwamoto Jk17e Haruku (fusenpai Day 2) Jk18w Sawaisamu (fusenpai Day 1) Oitekaze-beya's Daishoko also had a fusenpai on the opening day but has not withdrawn, he is scheduled to fight banzuke returnee Reon on Day 3. Arashio-beya reports that Jd12e Tanji was kyujo from the start due to a medial collateral ligament injury in the left elbow and is undergoing PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy.