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  1. Gernobono

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Takakeisho was robbed
  2. Gernobono

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    what ist accidental grabbing?
  3. Gernobono

    Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2022 (17th Wave)

    sd7w Taiyo sd39w Suguro
  4. Gernobono

    Upcoming Kanreki

    let's see the next weigh-in
  5. Gernobono

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2021 (17th Wave)

    Sd100TD Ersin nimm i a
  6. Gernobono

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2021 (17th Wave)

    congratulations to my surfboard kiryuko for reaching an early kk
  7. Gernobono

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    crazy bout of the day was dainichido - amanoshima in makushita amanoshima got the back of his foe and was walking him out when he crumbled for no visible reason BEHIND the opponent, making the kimarite a tsukihiza
  8. Gernobono

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    tough on chiyoshoma
  9. Gernobono

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    takanosho won't be fighting today.....thanx fot the early warning
  10. Gernobono

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Takayasu is in ozumo for 16 years now and you think the reason he is not winning is the 3 months he is not training with araiso? really?
  11. Gernobono

    Hattorizakura (Shounanzakura)-intai

    strange to find him on the kyujo-list, though
  12. Gernobono

    Games Talk Aki 2021

    that has to be some kind of record......even for you....whining BEFORE the baho begins about the last few days in game
  13. Gernobono

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2021 (17th Wave)

    jd 49e kiryuko
  14. Gernobono

    Terunofuji is the 73rd Yokozuna.

    When I first heard of sumo, i learned that Akebono is just the 64th Yokozuna in the 1000 year old history and I thought becoming a Yokozuna is something very rare. Little did I know. Congratulations to the 73rd.
  15. Gernobono

    Nagoya Basho 2021

  16. Gernobono

    Nagoya Basho 2021

  17. Gernobono

    Banzuke Surfing Nagoya 2021 (17th Wave)

    Kyujo New one is jd2e Fujizumi
  18. Gernobono

    Banzuke Surfing Nagoya 2021 (17th Wave)

    sd85e kawamura
  19. Gernobono

    Preparations of the masses- Nagoya 2021

    le royale
  20. Gernobono

    The English commentators- views

    for me, kintamayama is absolutely right to add, i usually think i know as much about sumo as the commentators (guess this is not true irl) and therefore i ike to hear the japanes voices while i sometime watch while working it is important to me, to hear the gyoji to call for the bout ie...
  21. Gernobono

    Natsu basho 2021

    the exo-skeleton taking care of that
  22. Gernobono

    Natsu basho 2021

    another sashi chigae for the tate....guess there has never been a tate with so many
  23. Gernobono

    Natsu basho 2021

    do we have any evidence, he hurt his elbow, but him nursing the elbow after the bout against ura (and the pics of the kotenage)
  24. Gernobono

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Natsu 2021

    makuuchi was running at time of entry for 10 minutes