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  1. I have written two novels, one connected with sumo and the other with Japan more peripherally, and would appreciate viewing by anyone and everyone They are "Melvin, the Sumo Wrestler" and "The Bangkok Queen, Tokyo" and both can be viewed, free of charge, at Any and all opinions and advice would be most welcome
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  3. Hello one and all My name is Geoff and I am an American, living in Japan for some 20 years. I, my wife (Japanese), and two daughters are all big sumo fans, albeit of different rikishi. I have also written a book about an American who becomes a sumo wrestler, largely by accident. I'd love any and all comments, critiques (well, don't be too cruel!), and advice The novel, "Melvin, the Sumo Wrestler" can be viewed, for free, of course, at Let me know what you all think