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  1. wanderer

    Harumafuji danpatsushiki

    Hakuho is Harumafuji's senior rank wise.
  2. wanderer

    Harumafuji danpatsushiki

    Cheek kiss is usually given by an elder or senior, so for Kakiryu it was not appropriate to treat his senpai this way. I am sure other Mongolians who are junior of Harumafuji did not kiss him as well.
  3. wanderer

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I think Kakiryu is just preemptively sending a message to Tochinoshin, the main rival this time, to blunt his sharp attack. The M5 rikishi wasn't Kakiryu's main focus.
  4. wanderer

    Osunaarashi scandal

    My distance memory tells me that Kyukutenho was involved in a more serious accident and got away with a minor disciplinary action.
  5. All I can say is that Giku beat the three Yoks fair and square. So, Mongolians are definitely not in the yacho game. If Giku goes zensho con-theorists have to blame Japanese rikishi.
  6. Asa says: This is not Chipave game!!! How can these fools lose one after another!!!!!
  7. Well, I wish I could demonstrate this technique on you and see what you will say.
  8. Oh come on, conspiring to do what? Give Hakuhou a yusho that he so badly needs? Even for ST, that is really reaching.. He got slapped so hard he didn't know his name-that's why he let his guard down.. I think Hakuho hit Kise in the chin with the base of his palm, which effectively knocked him out just before the pull. I remember him doing this MMA trick on Kotomitsuki once. It is subtle but Hakuho is very good at it.
  9. wanderer

    The greatest yokozuna of modern times is

    This is good point. The most popular Yokozuna according to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or what not. Let us put more videos of those who had careers in the pre-internet era.
  10. wanderer


    I've just watched bouts of someone below juryo first time since days of young Hakuho and came to the consclusion that Ichinojo is a real deal. Many wrote about him on this forum before but my impression was that he is someone overweight with some sumo experience from high school, whom we can expect doing well in lower ranks. The first thing caught my attention is that he is doing thinking man's sumo. Someone with such size and strength often resorts to brute force shoving and slapping. Surprisingly, Ichinojo settles things down and wins by actual techniques. This approach will also save him few injuries down the road for sure. Also, he seems to have a good stamina, which is surprising for such an overweight wrestler. It also gives him great advantage because the opponent will run out of gas rather quickly under his weight and strength. (Remember Mr. Minute.) It looks like he's got good deal of training in Mongolian wrestling as well, which equips him with arsenal of tricks. He changes his posture rather freely, turning defense into offense or vice versa. Very good. I still hope that he stays in Juryo long enough to let his body develop more muscle mass especially in his upper body before entering makuuchi. Knee injury must be avoided at all costs because it would be hard for him to recover due to his enormous weight.
  11. wanderer

    Nagoya 2015 Videos- Days 1-15

    Hakuho may have had a bad hungover from Naadam celebration at the beginning of the basho. July 10-12 are the Naadam days.
  12. wanderer

    Haru 2015 Videos- Days 1-15

    Original sumo broadcast is long and boring, that is why making a condensed version is such an epic effort from Kinta. Thanks so very much. PS: Is Hakuho still drunk on day one?
  13. wanderer

    Dohyo Preparation - 2015 Haru

    Watching these pictures is strangely pleasing. Makes me want to take part in it. Looks very rewarding too. Can volunteers take part in it? Is there schools that organize tours to these workshops? Want to learn packing earth into beautiful flat surface, and using beer bottles correctly.
  14. wanderer

    Rikishi extra activities

    Well, my niece just visited me after studying 3 years in Japan. She was on the brink of needing a rehabilitation due to social stress she endured in japan. Different culture means different culture. She regards Japanese culture and way of life very highly but was quite certain that it is not for everyone from outside of Japan. Funny thing is she started complaining how rough was americans while she was flying but soon felt at home here in the US even though we are Mongols. One thing she revealed me that surprised me a lot was that many Mongolian students are abandoning their studies in Japanese universities complaining that the society and teaching methods are way to rigid or even feudalistic. That surprised me. There is a fair amount of arrogance from Mongolians I guess, because no Mongol kid wants to be a salary man or woman, ever! Openness, and having a big dream are defining features of Mongol mentality, which is why many Mongols may have hard time in Japan. Mongolian country side is not very different from ranches in Texas. Supremely independent people, rough yet generous, tough but honest, but above all, free people.
  15. wanderer

    retirees after Hatsu 2015

    I think Asasekiryu must be nearing intai after this basho.
  16. wanderer

    Hatsu 2015 Comments

    It looks like the three headed Mongol Monster has brought peace and tranquility to the sumo world. The most important milestone behind, the monster may actually consider birth of a Japanese Yokozuna, but not before giving Kakiryu his first few yusho ranked at Yokozuna. Having said so, I don't think bouts between Yokozuna in the past basho were anyhwhere close to acting. Hakuho secured his record run before meeting the other two. In other words, Hakuho saved a trouble for the other two, which shows how great Yokozuna is Hakuho. They would have worked out something if his record was on the line in the last two days. Kisenosato has been around for ages now with the same guys around him, Hak, Haru, and Kak. He is under the same mercy of time. That means parity in power and technique among these guys will not change dramatically in coming years. That pretty much pins him at where he is now. There is only one scenario that he could make it to Yokozuna. It is not far fetched to assume that the three headed Mongol Monster suddenly decides to make it happen. Ichinojo had the much required stop after his meteoric rise. He experimented, fooled around, and loosened himself a bit. Watch him this year. Tochinoshin finally came to where he was before. Barring injuries, he may make it to Ozeki, expect no further advances considering his age. Terunofuji is a wild card at this point. He will stay in Sanyaku unless he stops his habit of standing upright. Top guys will quickly exploit this. Endo is still trying to find himself, but I do believe he may become a better ozeki than Goeido. Hakuho is barely 30, and injury free. In contrast Taiho and Chiyonofuji were in much different shape when they reached their record. Although Hakuho is in perfect shape, he may consider retiring. There is nothing left to prove, and he conquered himself (read: no sobbing or fist pumping after winning the 33rd yusho). He may attempt one more yusho this year and I think that will be it. There is one little but important information circulating around in recent days that may change this perspective though. Apparently Hakuho was told by his wife (she is Japanese) that the journey is not over if there is some gas left in the tank. We will see what happens.
  17. wanderer

    Day 12 pics Hatsu 2015

    No mention of Ikio's crow this basho?
  18. wanderer

    Hatsu 2015 Comments

    I heard it from many Mongolian grand champions, including Hakuho's father, that their mere movement becomes a winning technique in their prime. They were so much far above the rest. I think Hakuho is doing just what his father used to do.
  19. wanderer

    Hatsu 2015 Comments

    I remember him saying on one of Mongolian tabloids that there are couple of yusho which were not properly recognized (no emperor's cup etc) and he wants to make absolutely sure to get awarded the emperor's cup at least 32 times. I think he is not done yet.
  20. wanderer

    Kensho for Hatsu15

    Hakuho has a real chance of winning over 500 kensho. Has anyone ever done this before? More than 500 kensho in a single basho.
  21. wanderer

    Here's not looking at you

    As a Mongol, I don't know of any custom that makes us look away from the vanquished. I think it is just Asa-Hak thing. Maybe it is a sumo thing. I was told that helping downed rikishi is an insult in sumo. In Mongolian wrestling, the competitors have to go through series of complicated traditional acts after the bout is decided. So again, Mongolian wrestling isn't cultural background for Asa-Hak's antics here.
  22. wanderer

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    In my view, Tochinoshin is the most sumo literate of all Europeans so far, and he is smart. There are also some subtle things that are used in selecting Mongolian wrestlers and both Ichinojo and Tochinoshin posses those. Tochinoshin's thighs are enormous while his upper body is not overly overweight, this is ideal for sumo. For reference, I would suggest all of you to watch the pre-bout part of Ichinoj-Kisenosato. Look at the size difference of their thighs. That is why Yokozuna Kisenosato is perhaps a lost cause. Pushing power comes in no small part from buttock muscles. Flat butt guys wouldn't do great in sumo for sure. Buttocks represent at least 5 kilos of pure muscle and that is very important. Now if you go back and see all the Yokozuna and ozeki Kaio, Chiyotaikai, Tochiazan, Baruto, and Kotooshu, they all have pretty pronounced buttocks. So we say in Mongolia: that kid with pot buttocks and horse thighs is the one. Both Ichinojo and Tochinoshin fit in this category pretty well.
  23. wanderer

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    I don't see anything that suggests Hakuho was not up to the game in the bout with Goeido. Careful look at the slow-mo shows that Goeido going to Hakuho's front belt right from the beginning, while also going for right inside. This move is possible only if you hunker down and compact your body. As a result he ended up deep inside Hakuho's. Next thing Goeido did was remarkable and what sealed the victory. He sank to Hakuho so tight that there was no room for Hakuho to even wiggle. From here, pushing Hakuho is as easy as butsugari session. Being tall person, Hakuho has two weak points and his opponents seem to exploit that from time to time if he allows them. 1. Hakuho is vulnerable if someone shorter gets inside him, raising his chest with a head just like Goeido today. If Hakuho was shorter, he would have more leverage to counter his opponent with his head. 2. During a strong forward push, Hakuho bends more than what would shorter person need, bringing his centre of mass almost on top of his opponents footprint. This opens an opportunity for his opponents to exploit it in evasive moves combined with some beltless throwing. Osunaarashi almost managed succeeding one this basho. Brilliant tactic with superb execution today from Goeido.
  24. wanderer

    Bout-length Aki 2014

    Hakuho rules: 1. Hatakikomi 2.2 seconds (plus minus 10th of a second) 2. Yurikiri 2.8 seconds (plus minus 10th of a second) 3. Left hand not on mawashi 40 seconds (Takayasu) 4. Opponent running around 4 seconds (Yashikaze) Overall, no unknown unknowns.
  25. wanderer

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    And there goes Kisenosato. As soon as start hoping that this could be the time.