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    Two days of keiko

    Send me a PM and I'll get you over there! BTW he also wants to eat sausages!!!! Not the Japanese type!!! Viru Valge is a crap because its maded from US corn and bottled in Estonia. Russian vodka a
  2. tauri

    Two days of keiko

    Hi! You havent tried Saaremaa` home-made beer. It is a killer, believe me. I once tried and it tasted good but was too quick for me :D.
  3. tauri

    The new Baruto

    Lets hope that today is 11-0 to Baruto :).
  4. tauri


    Hi, I`m new member in this forum. My name is Tauri and i`m from Estonia. My favourite sumotori is Baruto Kaito who is also estonian as I am. Thank you, Tauri Mihklepp :-)