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  1. Beisaikyou

    Surprise urine tests to be held

    To be honest, the whole bong-hit picture kerfuffle just made me like Phelps more.
  2. Beisaikyou

    Surprise urine tests to be held

    I understand quite well the (valid) argument that the Ozumo bigwigs have to maintain the public dignity (= what's permitted and expected in Japan) of their sport and its participants. I understand that someone like Wakakirin is being punished far more for his betrayal of trust, his loss of face for his organizations (up to and including the sport) and the chaos he's stirred back up than for the bare facts of his legal offense. Lengthy disclaimer aside, I can't help rolling my eyes at all of the terrible fuss and panic and hue and cry over a little Mary Jane.
  3. Beisaikyou

    Tochinohana, Tochisakae- double danpatsushiki

    Cool pix! I really like it when you take several in quick succession, so there's a quasi-animated quality to the flipping-through. :D Especially the salt-throwing and the sequence of Tokitenku's pre-bout gestures. Did Baruto feel the need to throw up the horns in the middle of his torikumi? :-O Edit: And who's the guy in the cowboy hat?
  4. Beisaikyou

    January retirees

    Thanks. :D
  5. Beisaikyou

    January retirees

    Who wears that hilarious Cyber Agent kesho-mawashi? I have it as my cell phone background and still don't know whose it is.
  6. Beisaikyou

    Traces of sumo in Tohoku

    Neat to see the vintage banzuke! Thanks for posting this stuff.
  7. Beisaikyou

    January retirees

    I think he's cute. :D
  8. Beisaikyou

    Haru Juryo Promotions

    Damn, now I feel less inclined to arbitrarily root for the kid on the basis of his shikona. :D Good for him, nonetheless.
  9. Beisaikyou

    Ryu and His Barber

    First I've read this thread. What a fascinating relationship. Tokoju sounds like a stand-up guy. :D
  10. Beisaikyou


    At the last Kyushu Basho, there was a whole class of adorable little schoolkids with an "Asasekiryu Ganbare!" banner the day I was there. They were ecstatically cheering him on. Too bad he lost that match. :( I wish I'd gotten a picture of them!
  11. Beisaikyou

    Kensho Standings (Hatsu 2009)

    lol :) :) ROTFLMAO (Neener, neener...) (Shaking head...) Aw c'mon. :-) As lazily as many rikishi are doing it nowadays, I can see how the (supposedly) stylized tegatana motion isn't obvious to a newbie. Anyway...Beisaikyou, check out this post by Hananotaka that deals with the origins of the tegatana. Thanks! That clears things up. :)
  12. Beisaikyou

    Kensho Standings (Hatsu 2009)

    Question from a sumonewbie! Why do the rikishi point their hands around hesitantly before finally grabbing the kensho? Is it to ceremonially display that they aren't greedy for it?
  13. Beisaikyou

    Yokozuna bout video's

    Thanks for the vids! The Baruto/Hakuho match was riveting. It's great to watch it over again and check out the little techniques I missed last night. Was sad that Taikai lost.
  14. Beisaikyou

    Day 5 results and day 6 pairings

    I missed actually watching the matches today because of work, but I'm psyched about Baruto's record so far and happy that Harumafuji finally managed a win... a little bummed about Taikai and Kotooshu, but at least they're still strong; can't say the same about poor Kotoshogiku. :( Can't wait to curl up in front of the TV tomorrow night.
  15. Beisaikyou

    FANTAstic Asashoryu

    Hahaha, love the mini horse.