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  1. Mark Buckton

    YMY documentary

    today sometime on J TV. Details evade me as was told last week, but check the papers - will be in there.
  2. Mark Buckton

    Are there any Black Rikishi?

    Marvin entered using his mother's nationality - Japanese. His Dad, nice bloke of the same name is American - radio DJ in Tokyo. Marvin speaks no English.
  3. Mark Buckton

    Natsu basho masu seki

    you are wrong
  4. Mark Buckton

    My first trip to the Kokugikan!

  5. Mark Buckton

    My first trip to the Kokugikan!

    You'll only able to see the stables from the outside this way of course, but you probably know that. If you want to see some keiko inside going on, then you should rather arrive no later than 7 a.m. at the stable. If it's in Ryogoku you still can go on to the dohyo matsuri later on. not quite. During, and just before a basho it is perfectly normal to go to keiko and see the sekitori as late as 0830 and many run till just before 1000.
  6. Mark Buckton

    Are there any Black Rikishi?

    and with al this daft search for the 'pure' black man our new member is trying to acheive, lets not forget, he who espoused so much pride in the black people in the US back i nthe day - Malcolm X had a white parent / grandparent? Imagine if a 'nationality' were asking the same 'is he pure.....' questions? WOuld it be let go? The rikishi are rikishi. Simple. Their colour doesn't matter.
  7. Mark Buckton

    Kaio - should he stay or should he go now

    unless he gets some 'dope' from the lads using.......
  8. Mark Buckton

    Are there any Black Rikishi?

    WT...chuff? For real?
  9. Mark Buckton


    very friendly rikishi but one overdue the ringing of the last orders bell. He'll be around for a while.
  10. Mark Buckton

    Haru Henka Sightings

    nice guy Mark Schilling. Have had the pleasure of his company. Probably the least (factual / sentence structure etc) likely to repeat things each tim he is on the show. Very little if any @I was talking to....' or 'I remember .... just coming into the sport' Missed the English yesterday but might tune in today. Fingers crossed it isn't the hip man.
  11. Mark Buckton

    Quotes from Day 12 - Haru 2009

    aactually, many of the things seen on the lower part of that page DO happen very briefly and the speed of a bout moves past it.
  12. Mark Buckton

    Quotes from Day 12 - Haru 2009

    Checked out the rule books for both ozumo and amateur and yes, it is only in the latter. If you can read the Japanese it doesn't actually say it is a foul that will lose you a fight - only that it shouldn't be continued with. Edit - should have read down - as was put in another post by Mado.
  13. Mark Buckton

    Quotes from Day 12 - Haru 2009

    Hmmm. I've definitely seen that somewhere. Maybe it's only in amateur. As Yamamotoyama was an amateur that might explain his confusion if it is the case. I doubt that. Several times I have seen the vertical part at the rear used as leverage in amateur sumo. in professional many more times.
  14. Mark Buckton

    Kaio - should he stay or should he go now

    actually, and slightly off topic - those children are not differentiated in the database which could lead new fans / general researchers to be confused as to why they have a 'record' listed.
  15. Mark Buckton

    NHK English commenators and the Sumo database

    IIRC, the person in charge of the English braodcast isn't full time NHK anyway. Orion / Simmons will know if around soon. Anyway, it is this bod doing the briefing ahead of time so not really a lackey. If the 'team' have anything to say I presume they can do so at that time but you know NHK.....