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  1. - 1) I'm VERY interested in continuing to play this game. It's different, and because the picks are made pre-basho, I'm able to play it more readily. It would certainly be better with more players, however, is a challenging game.

    - 2) It's good! I guess Sekitori Quad. is what "bumps" FAWL to the side... sadly.

  2. I've been getting virus notifications to entry forms for both Makushita game and Salary Cap game.

    I cannot acces either site.

    My Ms Game entry:
















    If I could, I'd have a Salary Cap entry...


  3. After a number of lead changes in this basho, the winner is Torafujii! (Yusho winner...)

    Congratulations also to Mysko, who had the same final score and only lost due to the later entry tiebreaker.

    Thank you!! Thank you.

    I am proud to honor my rank of ozeki with this yusho! The competition was fierce and I'm amazed I came out on top!

    I will now tell myself that my previous yusho was not a fluke.

    I, too, congratulate Mysko for a strong performance. You should join me at Ozeki!

  4. Thanks for including my "late" entry in the results.

    I was hoping for another good basho. Too bad it had to be cancelled. This one certainly has some drama to end with.

    I think you'll get the prize back that I temporarily stole.

  5. for what it's worth...

    I'm only getting around to checking all the results.

    I used the entry form prior to the basho. I'm saddened that it didn't work.

    My Hatsu picks would have been...

    ms1-4: Kitazono

    ms5-8: Tochiyashiki

    ms9-12: Hakiai

    ms13-16: Sakumayama

    ms17-20: Saishin

    ms21-24: Rikiryu

    ms25-28: Tochinohama

    ms29-32: Kotoyutaka

    ms33-36: Chiyoo

    ms37-40: Mankajo

    ms41-44: Yamatofuji

    ms45-48: Rendaiyama

    ms49-52: Nakanokuni

    ms53-56: Takunishiki

    ms57-60: Wakamisho

    How would my Heya be doing at this point??

  6. I'm not much better than you. My score was 11-4 in the last round but still just moved from 4-11 to 5-10...

    It's weird... now I was 7-8 and still moved from 5-10 to 6-9...

    I agree that there must be something wrong. My position in the standings is obviously a mistake.

    My position sure isn't a mistake... (On the banzuke...)

    I'm not surprise at the letdown following a Yusho. Don't get me wrong I'm disappointed, but not surprised because last basho I was out of character.

    Doitsuyama, you didn't have to follow me down the standings after our struggle last time... Sorry.

  7. Torafujii follows up his two consecutive junyusho in the previous 2 basho with the yusho this basho and will be promoted to Ozeki. Well done!!

    Thank you Oshirokita... deliberation council... :-)

    Having been on vacation the first week of hon-basho I wasn't able to follow the results as closely as I usually do. When I took a quick look at the results I was amazed to see the success of my picks! Needless to say I was on pins and needles following the results in week two.

    I shall continue to train hard, fight hard, and bow deeply as I strive to uphold the honor of Ozeki. May I continue this great run of form.

    The true test will come when I must compete against dai-Yokozuna Azumshida.

  8. ... a deep bow to the Ozeki Doitsuyama. :-) The battle was fierce and the challenge great.

    I am honored to Yusho.

    I didn't think I'd ever accomplish this... I tried so hard in the past without much success - overthinking and regretting my picks. This may be my only career yusho, however, I'll relish it (Yusho winner...) and certainly keep trying for more! I encourage the other rikishi to continue to gambarize!

    Thanks to the admin. for running a fun and challenging game.

  9. Please continue the game.

    It may be a very unique basho, but it will be strategically fun regardless.

    Make an adjustment as you feel necessary, yet find a way to gambarize, similarly to the real basho.

  10. How did I pull off such a great result??? I am simply amazed. I have worked so very hard in the past to do well, however, haven't been able to finish in the top 25! Jun-yusho?!?! This shows me that not over-thinking and over-analyzing is a better approach. (Even in other games... if you've also realized this, please chime in!)

    Thank you for running this excellent game!

    (First prize...)

  11. I request a redo! This is not going according to plan at all!

    I can certainly relate.

    Obviously, I've over-thought my picks. Now I'm hoping for a respectible finish. Best to you, too.

  12. I tried to mix things up a bit this basho. What I've been doing in the past hasn't been working, so I thought being "outlandish" might help.

    Ditto for me and my approach. I guess I wasn't quite as "out of the ordinary" as you. My practical side tends to win over too frequently.