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  1. Will someone please help me communicate with the rijicho of POG? I don't see an admin/default e-mail address.

    This is the second basho recently in which my entry selections were NOT taken.

    I made my initial selections AND confirmed them. Is there an issue with the English version of their website?



  2. The standings and full team results are posted in the tables above.

    Torafujii's entry was on the late side.

    Maybe my full PM box caused the delay.

    Anyway, his team had 7 rikishi with Day 1 results. 5 wins, 2 losses.

    Replacement with Mukashi's picks would yield 2 wins, 1 loss and another 4 rikishi without a Day 1 bout.

    I'm satisfied that the entry was not made late to capitalize on Day 1 results but I am prepared to enforce the substitutions if I receive complaints from other players before the next results posting.

    I was eager to have my selections included... wasn't sure that the basho had started at that point. I will accept your decision graciously.

    Regards, Torafujii

  3. I am amazed to have ascended the mountain.

    Early in my career I felt a little success, however, the past few years have not been good. See my M7 rank...

    I didn't try so hard this basho; instead went with the flow. I made selections more with my heart than with my algorithms. One's that have not been giving me any success. This yusho is somewhat a relief!

    Arigato gosaimasu, sages.

  4. We are at the "5 year mark"! Originally, a thought was that a banzuke would be developed at this point in the game. Interesting, huh?

    I have 3 or 4 free slots. I'd like them filled with Ohata, Yamamoto, Suga.

    I'm considering more additions and exchanges. Regardless, it would be great to see updates...

  5. The yusho race was made interesting down the stretch by a few of us. Alas, Gonzaburow had the superior heya, and congrats to her. You've done well, lately.

  6. The competition has been strong. I congratulate the 3 who made jun-yusho. It has been some time since I've shown my top rank ability (from Oshirokita website days). I miss Azumashida. It feels good to know I can still pick the winners.

    Gonzaburow and Achiyama, you've done well lately! It's difficult to maintain a strong run.

    Thanks, Itachi, for reviving this game.

  7. I am speechless. (Eh?) How did I accomplish winning the yusho consecutively??

    This is the time where I don't do well and go make-koshi a couple of basho.

    I'm delighted to be crowned the champion again, however, I fear my inability to maintain winning ways. Earning promotion to Ozeki was not in my dreams. I will try to uphold the rank, but fear it will be a struggle. Perseverence will be key.

    Thank you, Rijicho.

  8. I have climbed the mountain once again! I had companions this time. It has been a journey since my last yusho - with more failures than successes. Hopefully, I can maintain a higher level of results going forward.

    Thanks for running a challenging game.

    Good run, Senkoho!

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