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  1. Toratorii

    SalaryCap Sumo Haru 2020

    Did I seriously win by 1 point!!?? Awesome! Congratulations to Toyama for jun-yusho... a great Juryo battle?
  2. Toratorii

    UDH Nagoya Basho 2019

    I did a "reload frame" and it brought up the info. Now I see your message, Rocks. Thanks. Wow! Second. Awesome. Congrats to Gonzaburow. Looks like a tie-breaker win for having more losses.
  3. Toratorii

    UDH Nagoya Basho 2019

    I cannot view these days. I'm rather curious of the final results. I was near the top on Day 12.
  4. Toratorii

    UDH Haru Basho 2019 -- skipped due to technical problems

    Yes, get it fixed properly. Anyone care to track their own results here with me? [Of course... it appears I would have had a good basho.] I would have scored 36 points on day 1. Day 4 total of 113.
  5. Toratorii

    Pick The Yusho Winners Hatsu 2019

    Ummm yeah. Frustrating to "lose" yusho (AGAIN) to a drone. It didn't look very good for me mid-basho. I was thrilled to see my team rise to the top (almost) . Thanks for continuing this game Itachi!!
  6. Toratorii

    Sandanme Game Hatsu 2019

    I agree that it'd be great to have 20 players. We'd better see the quality of our picks. No doubt you, Flohru, would still win! I'm glad to see my approach has been showing good results.
  7. Toratorii

    Pick The Yusho Winners Kyushu 2018

    I remember needing to score close to 80 points to feel I had a chance at winning the yusho. Picking 4 winners happened often enough, but still somewhat rare. This was a great result for Flohru. You nearly earned your tsuna in the Oshirokita era. Itachi, it'd be interesting to see a summary of yusho & jun-yusho since you've run PTYW.
  8. Boy, was I feeling left out on the abundance of scoring. The torch passed up to Juryo, but never reached as high as my rikishi there. Thought I had hard luck. Now I'm amazed that it dropped back (to us)!!
  9. Toratorii

    Sandanme Game Aki 2018

    Awesome! My humble thanks. I was able take time to study my selections. It produced a very good result.
  10. Toratorii

    FAWL Aki 2018 Invitation

    I've consistently played this game over the years. Perhaps, not very well, yet I'd think I could still be included on the banzuke. ~Torafujii
  11. Chishafuwaku, will you show current standings along the way? This will confirm I (we) understand the rules (and adjustments made) in scoring.
  12. Hey... Let's get this game back to the top, and refreshed!
  13. Ikioi Kaisei Okinoumi Shohozan Takarafuji Tochiozan Takekaze Chiyotairyu ~Torafujii
  14. Toratorii

    TORCHBEARER 2018: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Akiseyama Ms8e ~Torafujii(Toratorii)
  15. Toratorii

    Pick The Yusho Winners Kyushu 2017

    Good job, old boss!
  16. Toratorii

    RotoSumo results Kyushu 2017

    I had lost the lead late and figured I'd be glad simply for a great result. However, now, I'm thrilled for the strong finish and yusho! Good basho, Chankoyama.
  17. Toratorii

    Makushita Game Kyushu 2017

    Looks like I'm going down in "style".
  18. Toratorii

    Pick The Yusho Winners Natsu 2017

    Humble thanks. I haven't felt I've fulfilled my duties lately, however, I continue to battle. The competition is tough! Itachi, you do well keeping this game alive.
  19. If I entered Hakuho, please replace that selection with Terunofuji.


  20. Toratorii

    Handicap- new and quick pre-basho game

    Kakuryu Terunofuji Yoshikaze BR: Tochinoshin Ikioi Endo BR: Sokokurai Kyokushuho ~Torafujii
  21. Toratorii

    Pick The Yusho Winners! Hatsu 2016

    Thanks for the compliments shimodahito. I'm relieved to return to form. I actually had achieved Yokozuna in the last days of the Oshirokita era. That's a far cry from recent results. Azumashida was the dai-Yokozuna. Itachi himself had been Ozeki when I first started. Many thanks to Itachi for running this game with consistency!
  22. Toratorii

    Fantasy Sumo banzuke?

    Did I seriously become Mr. Irrelevant? Things when horribly wrong for my picks. So much for being a one-time Sekiwake in this game.