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  1. 15 hours ago, Rocks said:

    Hit Shift-F5 to force a refresh of your browser at the page. You finished 2nd. Congrats.

    I did a "reload frame" and it brought up the info.  Now I see your message, Rocks. Thanks.

    Wow!  Second.  Awesome.  Congrats to Gonzaburow.  Looks like a tie-breaker win for having more losses.

  2. I remember needing to score close to 80 points to feel I had a chance at winning the yusho. Picking 4 winners happened often enough, but still somewhat rare.

    This was a great result for Flohru. You nearly earned your tsuna in the Oshirokita era.

    Itachi, it'd be interesting to see a summary of yusho & jun-yusho since you've run PTYW.

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  3. Thanks for the compliments shimodahito. I'm relieved to return to form. I actually had achieved Yokozuna in the last days of the Oshirokita era. That's a far cry from recent results. Azumashida was the dai-Yokozuna. Itachi himself had been Ozeki when I first started.

    Many thanks to Itachi for running this game with consistency!