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  1. Toratorii

    Sandanme Game Kyushu 2015

    Daikamikaze & Wakanofuji in place of kyujo Kotodaigo & Wakakeisho please.
  2. Toratorii

    Sandanme Game Kyushu 2015

    Katsunofuji Mitoyutaka Masakaze Chiyonoumi Kotodaigo Karatsuumi Wakakeisho Tochinoshima Musashikuni Fukunokuni Takunishiki Saionji Chiyoarashi (if kyujo, Okinoiwa) Hirotsukasa Isoazuma ~Torafujii
  3. Toratorii

    Paper Oyakata (POG)

    Will someone please help me communicate with the rijicho of POG? I don't see an admin/default e-mail address. This is the second basho recently in which my entry selections were NOT taken. I made my initial selections AND confirmed them. Is there an issue with the English version of their website? Regards, Torafujii
  4. Toratorii

    Paper Oyakata (POG)

    no suggestions or assistance???
  5. Toratorii

    Sandanme Game Aki 2015

    Please replace Inabajo with Mitohikari. ~Torafujii
  6. Toratorii

    Sandanme Game Nagoya 2015

    I was eager to have my selections included... wasn't sure that the basho had started at that point. I will accept your decision graciously. Regards, Torafujii
  7. Toratorii

    Sandanme Game Nagoya 2015

    Maeta Nagao Tochinohama Hishofuji Munakata Kotoseigo Ishii Takatenshu Notoazuma Mitoyutaka Musashikuni Tochinoshima Shonushi Takumi Aoto ~Torafujii
  8. Toratorii

    Makushita Game Natsu 2015

    Arigato gosaimasu. It was an Ozeki showdown! An honor to contend with you three.
  9. Toratorii

    Guess the maegashira joijin on the Natsu 2015 banzuke

    Tochinoshin M1 Terunofuji Aminishiki M2 Takekaze Okinoumi M3 Toyonoshima
  10. Toratorii

    FAWL - Hatsu 2015 - Registration is open

    I am amazed to have ascended the mountain. Early in my career I felt a little success, however, the past few years have not been good. See my M7 rank... I didn't try so hard this basho; instead went with the flow. I made selections more with my heart than with my algorithms. One's that have not been giving me any success. This yusho is somewhat a relief! Arigato gosaimasu, sages.
  11. Toratorii

    TORCHBEARER 2015: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Ok. Fine. I'll play... J13e Shiba
  12. Toratorii

    Stable development Hatsu 2014

    We are at the "5 year mark"! Originally, a thought was that a banzuke would be developed at this point in the game. Interesting, huh? I have 3 or 4 free slots. I'd like them filled with Ohata, Yamamoto, Suga. I'm considering more additions and exchanges. Regardless, it would be great to see updates...
  13. Toratorii

    Guess the maegashira joijin Haru 2015

    Basho #2 M1e Myogiryu M1w Aminishiki M2e Toyonoshima M2w Okinoumi M3e Takayasu M3w Chiyotairyu
  14. Toratorii

    Guess the maegashira joijin Hatsu 2015

    Sounds fun! Isn't it fun to speculate? Yoshikaze M1 Takekaze Aoiyama M2 Okinoumi Chiyootori M3 Aminishiki ~Torafujii
  15. Toratorii

    PTYW Natsu 2014

    The yusho race was made interesting down the stretch by a few of us. Alas, Gonzaburow had the superior heya, and congrats to her. You've done well, lately.
  16. Toratorii

    PTYW Natsu 2014

    Just saw that Takageppo is out... I'll change my Sandanme pick to Aokishin.
  17. Toratorii

    SCS Hatsu 2014

    If I could have know about the pricing sooner, I would have made selections. Something like... Hakuho Aminishiki Shohozan Takayasu
  18. Toratorii

    PTYW Kyushu 2013

    The competition has been strong. I congratulate the 3 who made jun-yusho. It has been some time since I've shown my top rank ability (from Oshirokita website days). I miss Azumashida. It feels good to know I can still pick the winners. Gonzaburow and Achiyama, you've done well lately! It's difficult to maintain a strong run. Thanks, Itachi, for reviving this game.
  19. Toratorii

    SCS Aki 2013 - Pricing thoughts

    I agree with all the above replies. A greater diversity in pricing will increase the strategy. Regardless, keep this game going to some degree.
  20. Toratorii

    FAWL Nagoya 2013

    Looking at reports late. Please replace my Baruto selection with Kitataiki. Day 1 middle group winner.
  21. Toratorii

    Makushita Game Natsu 2013

    I am speechless. (Eh?) How did I accomplish winning the yusho consecutively?? This is the time where I don't do well and go make-koshi a couple of basho. I'm delighted to be crowned the champion again, however, I fear my inability to maintain winning ways. Earning promotion to Ozeki was not in my dreams. I will try to uphold the rank, but fear it will be a struggle. Perseverence will be key. Thank you, Rijicho.
  22. Toratorii

    Stable Development Natsu 2013

    I would like to take on shin-deshi Tochisato and Kaisho.
  23. Toratorii

    Makushita Game Haru 2013

    I have climbed the mountain once again! I had companions this time. It has been a journey since my last yusho - with more failures than successes. Hopefully, I can maintain a higher level of results going forward. Thanks for running a challenging game. Good run, Senkoho!
  24. Toratorii

    Stable Development Haru 2013

    I'll fill my slots with Ishiura, Omori, Onosho, and Majima