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  1. Timmons

    Hatsu basho sanyaku

    I think this 11 sanyaku guys will be next basho.
  2. Timmons

    Hakuho-Ama Great Bout!

    I think that Hakuho this time showed his real Yokodzuna strenght. He didnt want to lose Ama at the 2nd time this basho. It was clearly seen when he greatly defeated Kotomitsuki. He didnt give him any chance. And he didnt give Ama any chance in ketteisen. To my mind the only Ama's mistake was that he didnt attack Hakuho, he showed only his great defensive tachniques. As for me I supported Ama in yusho ketteisen, he deserved yusho. But maybe next time! It'll be interesting when Asashoryu returns next basho. We'll see who is the best. I think Hakuho becomes Great Yokodzuna next basho.