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  1. Mister Micawber


    . No, I don't want to compare myself to the competition; I want to make money. Sorry, I have no shikona, Sokkenaiyama-- I'm not a sumotori. I'm an English teacher. (And thanks to management for the Sumo Glossary. I'm an awful speller.) .
  2. Mister Micawber

    Not so Fantastic Asashoryu

    . Asashoryu got beat 5 out of 6 tussles with Hakuko in pre-basho practice for the Sumo Association yesterday (or Tuesday? What day is this?). As a big fan of his, I hope his arm holds out-- he's dropped out 3 bashos in a row, and the pundits say he's gotta hang in there this time... and do well. (Apologies if this duplicates someone else's comment somewhere else-- I haven't quite got the hang of this place yet.) .
  3. Mister Micawber


    Yup. Got PayPal? .
  4. Mister Micawber


    . Thanks for the welcome. It looks like there are still sentient beings on this forum. Guess I have to find a rikishi avatar, eh? Or strap on my mawashi and get my photo taken. No, I'll look for something on-line. .
  5. Mister Micawber


    . Just found you. Don't know what I'll talk about till January 11th. Maybe I'll get bounced for inactivity. I live in Yokohama. I got here just in time for Chiyonofuji's last basho. I go to the Ryogoku Kokugikan once in a while, but mostly watch the bashos on NHK...except when that awful announcer comes on, the one that calls every defeat 'Pancake Time'. I used to be a member of Akebono's support group. And I used to win a lot of money in the sumo pools, but now I can't find anyone to play with. Uh....anybody here interested in a little 'game of chance'? .