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  1. nomadwolf

    TORCHBEARER 2018: invitation, rules, and your picks

    J7e Osunaarashi
  2. nomadwolf

    Games Bugs

    Bah, by the time I got home to make an entry... 30 seconds after the deadline...
  3. nomadwolf

    Games Bugs

    Down for me too...
  4. nomadwolf

    TORCHBEARER 2017: invitation, rules, and your picks

    J6w for Rank Tokushoryu for Rikishi
  5. nomadwolf

    Superbanzuke (bad) news

    Well, sorry I missed this! I didn't have email notifications turned on for mentions (it is now on), and you can see how often I visit the forums these days. :( Anyway, glad that it was sorted out in the end!
  6. nomadwolf

    Games Bugs

    If we are going to manual entry, I can whip up a spreadsheet that allows you to manually copy the website table and it spits out what Doitsuyama needs, but that depends on what he needs... :D
  7. nomadwolf

    Games Bugs

    Yeah, this looks to also have taken out the @sumo twitter account... and my Excel grabber, which will make my picks that much slower... Took an hour to figure out how to manually copy the results to my sheets...
  8. nomadwolf

    SalaryCap Sumo - Banzuke Natsu'16

    Where can we see the W-L records? But thanks for getting this game back up and running! (other suggestion is a rules link, even if it goes to the site for now).
  9. nomadwolf

    Games Bugs

    TTT and Chain Gang need a kick to get the torikumi's. (CG should probably allow picks without a Torikumi like Quad does, but that's just a "nice to have").
  10. nomadwolf

    Salarycap Sumo Invitation Haru

    Yeah, I miss SCS, but without rules or costs, might be hard to make an entry...
  11. Profomisakari has 2 rikishi picks: Sato & Kyokutaisei
  12. nomadwolf

    TORCHBEARER 2016: invitation, rules, and your picks

    J5w & Dewahayate
  13. nomadwolf

    Games Bugs

    Soooo, daily entry forms will be available for ISP, Bench, TTT, and CG soon?
  14. nomadwolf

    Strength and disparity at the top of the banzuke

    I can't comment on the historical sumo, but I can comment on data. The method you have above just shows that the current top 16 have ELOs 46% above average vs. 40% above 20~30 years ago. As has been somewhat argued in previous posts, that still assumes that the average level stays relatively constant. That's even harder to guess than comparing the top 16, since no one is even watching & comparing their bouts. And it's not even "the average" rikishi (which would be an adjustment based on median"), but rather the average or all rikishi's ELOs, which is more difficult to wrap your head around. (I assume you did your correction by adding/subtracting to all ELOs, not by a ratio). All that said, I never had a good feeling how the ELO should behave as rikishi enter & leave the system. It'd be interesting to see the average ELO of rikishi leaving each year vs. the behavior of the top & average ELOs.
  15. nomadwolf

    Toto, Quad, Oracle, FS banzuke Aki 2014

    Bah... hate that it has to be force-refreshed... Thanks.