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  1. Taka

    Bout Time Haru 15

    day 4: 5 secs
  2. Taka

    Bout Time Haru 15

    Don't know if too late for bout 3 (Makuuchi bouts haven't started yet) otherwise it will just be my default. Bout 3: 11 secs
  3. Taka

    Bout Time Haru 15

    Day 2: 5 sec
  4. Taka

    Bout Time Haru 15

    Day 1: 6 seconds Default: 6 seconds
  5. Taka

    Golynohana's Sumo Site - Updates

    Yeah maybe. I had no idea about its return. Though most should see it when they enter the other games on Golynohana's site. That's what I just did and it's great to have SalaryCap-Sumo back! Maybe the pre-basho game I enjoy the most.
  6. Taka

    Fantasy Metasumo 2015

    1: Pandaazuma 2: Norizo 3: Oskanohana 4: Taka (there are most likely better picks but as a motivational tool maybe it will work!) 5: Kitakachiyama 6: Bafa 7: Danishido 8:Wasarabiyama
  7. Taka

    Games Bugs

    Interesting, that should help Doitsuyama track down what might have gone wrong. I've forwarded your lineups to him now, though with him on vacation it could be a bit until they're corrected in the game. (If it's not fixed by week two, please remind us so it doesn't get forgotten.)In the meantime, my only suggestion is to re-load the entry form again after you've submitted your final entry, to see if all the picks are registered correctly. Make sure you reload by clicking on "Entry" on the navbar, not by using the reload button or keyboard shortcut of your browser (which might simply pull the positions of the radio buttons from its internal cache). In fact, I highly suggest reloading the entry form in this way prior to any changes, too. It sounds like your problem may be related to a discrepancy between the visual positions of the radio buttons (<- the way you set them as part of your entry) and what the browser thinks they are (<- defaulted to X, as in the "empty" original form), due to your use of the 'back' button to access the entry form the second time. (Maybe you've switched to a different browser recently?) Interesting and thanks for the pointers! Yeah, I have actually primarily been using Chrome lately including for all my picks this Basho where in the past it was more Firefox. I would be surprised though FWIW if I've never ever done my picks in Chrome.
  8. Taka

    Games Bugs

    To leave no hidden stone unturned in my little problem here, after looking at my 1 registered non X pick on day 3, there is a pattern and the scores I've been "dealt" aren't exactly random. The 6-5 score on the first 11 bouts on day 2 is where I'm pretty sure I hit the "save picks" button because I was anticipating a small break. But then I did finish the whole thing afterwards and did receive the confirmation that I've forwarded. Back to day 3 where the only 1 registered non X-pick is also a bout that I remember because it was the one bout that I changed my mind on after completing everything else, then instead of "submitting entry" once again and getting a second confirmation mail I hit back-button on my browser from the winners picked page, changed the one pick and hit save picks instead. Something that's basically my standard procedure in this game and has never gone wrong like this before where that one newly saved bout then seemingly overrides/erases all the completed picks so to speak and becoming the result.
  9. Taka

    Games Bugs

    Sent. :-)
  10. Taka

    Games Bugs

    Something strange is happening to my ST scores. It's extra strange that it seems to be just me, obviously making me think that I'm making some kind of weird mistake. It was 6-5-24 yesterday and I'm listed as 0-1-34 today! And yes I did get confirmation emails with perfectly normal predictions after I completed each day. I could see maybe just maybe that I've hit reset or something by mistake on day 1 (it would be the first time ever) and somehow that's why my score finished the way it did but there is almost no way that I've done this both days and like I said I did get confirmation emails on both day 2 and 3 like it was business as usual. I sent an email about day 2 yesterday (and forwarded confirmation) to the gmx-mail where you've sent picks when the site has been down. I'm not sure it's the right place, so let me know if I should go elsewhere trying to solve whatever this is. edit: day 2 and 3 of course not day 1 which was fine
  11. Taka

    Golynohana's Sumo Site - Updates

    Nice work!
  12. Taka

    Fantasy Metasumo 2013

    1. Pandaazuma 2. Frinkanohana 3. Randomitsuki 4. Doitsuyama 5. Tosahayate 6. Feginowaka 7. Obana 8. Saku
  13. Taka

    2012 Sumo Games World Championship Finals

    Thanks Panda and credit for that scary run you put together. All in all I think you're my favorite for the 2013 title! I would also like to echo the thanks to Doitsuyama. Just brilliant work altogether :-) . Also thanks to Randomitsuki and all his work. The Championship, Masters and SB. Without a doubt it all makes things more interesting and adds to the fun. Next year? I'm already looking forward to it, but I don't really have any unrealistic expectations of repeating, that would be a little bit silly, there are too many very good players, not least better and more likely to score consistently across the board in the pre-basho games where I'm too weak overall. For me every success there is just a welcome bonus these days but once again the daily-games title is a goal and I would definitely enjoy further establishing myself as a truly elite force there! :-D
  14. Taka

    2012 Sumo Games World Championship Finals

    Very nice roundup Randomitsuki. Overall I'm down to only a few horses and as you say they're not the most reliable either, so more than anything (unfortunately) I will definitely have to hope that Panda's fantastic MONSTER-Basho will start shrinking asap.. Speaking of that, if the "view-entry form" when you log on to SalaryCap is correct my rikishi order is completely messed up from what was intended, not least Jokoryu and Chiyonokunu ahead of Hakuho at 10x and 9x pts... I just can't believe it if I've made that kind of enormous oversight, so I hope that's wrong somehow... (In jonokuchi...)
  15. Taka

    2012 Sumo Games World Championship Finals

    Also thanks. I was looking forward to this, tthough of course it can quickly turn into daily dreading if day upon day my lead will be slipping until I'm eventually getting overtaken.. Well, we'll see, it's still too early to say much, but definitely not the best start here with some really strange mistakes on my part, the worst misclicking Kaisei today in TTT and missing/forgetting the Sumo Game deadline... Good luck to everyone.
  16. Taka

    Seki-Quad senshuraku Aki'12

    I know I don't like my chances. At first glance I count ONE reasonable likely winner, maybe just maybe two, so will have to get very lucky which of course would also have been the case even with some good choices avalable. So even more lucky than very lucky then!
  17. Taka

    Aki Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Did they get it right with Tochiozan - Toyohibiki? I couldn't really tell on the stream.
  18. Taka

    Videos-Nagoya 2012-Days 1-15

    Thanks for all the videos. Great work again.
  19. Taka

    Game Talk - Hatsu 2012

    You almost doubled the score of the guy who finished second in the Masters Series, sir. So congrats to a marvelous performance. That's what people get for not picking you in Meta-Sumo. I have the files for the Hatsu Masters ready, but cannot upload at the moment. Hopefully, Gusoyama will sort that out soon. Thank you! AND YEAH TAKE THAT ALL YOU NON-BELIEVERS! :-O But really, of course, absolutely no way I should/would be picked when up against, what I think is fair to call the "big four" (with apologies to all the other successful players) in sumo-gaming. Compared to the best I have some glaring leaks in quite a few of the pre-basho games and overall (even if this great start won't exactly hurt any ambitions) I won't be unhappy if I can simply retain a good place in the top 10 for the third year running. Rather, IF I were to set a lofty goal, instead it would be something like the daily-games title where I was close the last time around and feel very comfortable in quite a few games, even if the top of the banzuke environment in places such as SumoGame and Bench makes it very hard to get serious win streaks going, let alone over a number of Basho, and you definitely need your fair share of good fortune with almost every bout being so close.
  20. Taka

    Game Talk - Hatsu 2012

    Pretty much looked like an excellent basho all along for me, and especially after day 14 there were quite a few great yusho opportunities opening up where I was either outright leading or at least pretty close. This final day was something of a roller coaster though and when some key bouts turned out bad for me, games like. Roto, Sumo Game and Paper all fell frustratingly just out of yusho-reach while Toto (even though I was co-leading I had only been scraping wins together) would always take a miracle. Thankfully I had a nice come from behind in S4 so I didn't end up empty handed after all :-O , and I haven't looked too closely, or even counted, but I think I must be near the top in Salarycap as well. Overall then, some great results in S4, Salary (I would think,)Toto, Sumo game, Paper, OBG and Roto, so I couldn't have asked for a much better start to the sumo-gaming year. EDIT: nvm, I see the Salarycap results are indeed in, and I did indeed win! Excellent.
  21. Taka

    New Forum-Based Game - Fantasy Metasumo

    1: 1-5 Norizo 2: 6-10 Meyeryu 3: 11-20 Mysko 4: 21-40 Andoreasu 5: 41-80 Anjoboshi 6: 81-120 Fatakiyama 7: 120-200 Fujisan 8: 200+ Pastonayma
  22. Taka

    The Videos - Kyushu 2011 -Days 1-15

    Yes, I'm also becoming a big fan of these, so thank you!
  23. Taka

    NSK Video Stream - Haru 10

    Yes, that's what I was asking about. I assume they or someone else will just open another account under a different name. Does anyone know what the new location is? +1 That was great and did a good job of reviving my sumo interest. Doesn't really take much, just something better than the same old official one that I almost can't believe in 2010 is still exactly what it was, I don't even know how many internet years ago. Can only speak for myself of course but after getting so used to much better quality in recent years, some that you pay for like MLBtv or NBA league pass, but from various free streams as well, it has just become too close to unwatchable.
  24. Taka

    Career predictons Hatsu 2010

    Great work Randomitsuki! Surely a "Sumo Prospectus" along the lines of what we see in Baseball with Nate Silver's Pecota model is only a matter of time now! (Sign of approval...)