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    Time for that question again-

    Tomorrow! Finally :'-( :-)
  2. Taka

    Some more pictures

    (I am not worthy...) Great thread this one! Ever since stumbling upon it a week or so ago i haven't stopped looking at this photo.So much history in it! Fascinating!
  3. Taka


    What a great photograph of Kotonowaka that is! I've figured out now that it was indeed in 96 i watched my first Bashos (I am not worthy...) but anyway once again thank you for the welcome and i'll definetely check out the various Sumo games! Looking much forward to it. I at least like to think that i'm pretty good at predicting bouts! But we will see (I am not worthy...)
  4. Taka


    Thanks! I have read it now (found a link in a thread) but i did arrive directly on the msg board.
  5. Taka


    Ok i do remember Musashimaru "only" having won two Basho at the time i started watching....
  6. Taka


    Thanks a lot ;-) Obviously i'm not very good with years. It was of course earlier than that (Eh?) I'm driving myself crazy right now trying to remember which one was my first Basho :-) (Just do not get it...) (Applauding...)
  7. Taka


    (Eh?) Ok i've done some reading of various threads and it seems ive been missing out on a lot! Streams of Bashos? (on the official site?) Videos already out the following day? Who needs ******** Eurosport then (Applauding...) I need info and some links guys! Please :-)