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  1. 01010101

    Asashouryuu in Mongolia after intai

    You are right, nothing to discuss but Asashoryu as usual.
  2. 01010101

    Asashouryuu-after intai preparations

    John Kruk, the chubby (ok, portly?) outfielder/first baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies in the early '90's was at a sports-related event, where he was introduced as one of that city's prominant sports figures. A lady standing beside him looked him over, and said, "You don't look like an athlete." He replied, "No, ma'am. I'm a baseball player." (I am not worthy...)
  3. 01010101

    Asashouryuu-after intai preparations

    Who cares what you care?
  4. 01010101

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    I sure hope so. Also, does anyone know how I could get my hands on any of the previous DVDs? Sounds like they'd be an interesting watch. I hope they include all of the many fantastic matches he had with Hakuho. Hope someone posts a link.
  5. 01010101

    Yokozuna Asashoryu Scandal - The Final Chapter

    Does anyone really believe that he was really clinically depressed? People were skeptical then what with questionable doctors and all. Scarcely a word has been mentioned by Ryu or the sports media about that condition in the two years since he came back. (Detective...) there are some still believe!
  6. 01010101

    Help needed

    One of his toughest match-ups is the first 2 days, when he's still rusty. Asa with his highly refined fundamental skills, muscle memories and natural instincts easily can shake off rust gradually regaining his form at the expense of mediocre maegashira earlier conserving his energy for later. But brings his "A" game when it matters up against uprising opponents likes of Bart, Kise deliberately subduing them thus sending a message his is still the top dog.
  7. 01010101

    How many yushos will Asashoryu win in 2010?

    If he sees there's no chance clinching a title in 2010 he would rather retire. With 24 yushos under his belt, he's currently in a tie with Kitanoumi for 3rd place all time. 1 yusho, minimum.
  8. 01010101

    2010 Yushos - Which ranks will win them?

    Hak - 3 Asa - 2 Haru - 1
  9. 01010101

    Chiyotaikai- I will not retire!

    More like Chiyotaikai's OBSC membership card has expired and his submission to renew it has been turned down. Permanently. hahahaha priceless.
  10. Eye does the image! Your galleries are awesome, it's mind boggling the way you choose different angles to take your shots.
  11. 01010101

    Ms. Uchidate- "We are not pleased!"

    And your basis for this assessment is...? Please back me up, wise guy!
  12. 01010101

    Why does Hakuho "suck" in playoffs?

    one answer yacho
  13. 01010101

    Ms. Uchidate- "We are not pleased!"

    If I'm not mistaken Hakuho had the same amount of keiko as Asashoryu, yet he slips thru her fingers. Any comments on any ozeki?
  14. 01010101

    Asashoryu's 25th kinboshi

    I'm just a jealous guy.