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  1. Saburo

    Yusho portraits donated

    I remember Hasegawa was there in the mid-1990s. It was pretty weathered and faded by then, like Mienoumi is now. I wonder when it was taken down.
  2. Saburo

    Banner/background photo

    Hi all. Is there an option to add a photo to the banner/background area on my profile page? That purple and grey graphic looks so dull to me. Thanks.
  3. Saburo

    Kanreki dohyo-iri

    FWIW I was in an internet rabbit hole on the subject of kanreki dohyo-iri and came across this collection of pics and info: I'm moderately surprised there have been so few of them. Good luck to Isegahama/Asahifuji in 2020.
  4. Saburo

    Random Bouts

    One of the greatest torikumi of my life. I just now dug up an audio recording of the NHK radio broadcast for this match. Nothing like Nihongo play by play for sumo!
  5. Saburo

    Izutsu-oyakata has died

    I got back into sumo in the basho of the first video clip above of Sakahoko defeating Chiyonofuji: Hatsu Basho 1987. Master of Morozashi, me and my brother would call him. Sakahoko and Terao made sumo so much easier to get into. So many of the rikishi I knew from the late 1980s and early 1990s are passing way too soon...
  6. Saburo

    60th Yokozuna Futahaguro passes away

    Sad news. I got back into sumo around the time Kitao/Futahaguro was promoted to yokozuna. His forced retirement at the end of 1987 was such a shock.
  7. Saburo

    Basho Talk ** Haru Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    Haven't followed a honbasho in a decade or so and not really familiar with the sanyaku rikishi, save for the Mongolian yokozuna. Saw all 15 days on NHK World and twas quite the drama. I still have a 1980s-1990s vibe in me. Kept a close eye on Kisenosato and the vibe I got was classic Takanonami sumo on display: some backpedaling, high center of gravity. The kotenage moving backwards in the ketteisen... Makes for exciting sumo but not exactly a blueprint for successful yokozuna-zumo. His loss to Harumafuji reminded me of Takanonami getting blitzed by the likes of Akebono cause there was nothing to latch onto and swing out.
  8. Saburo

    Tegata on ebay

    Thanks, never would have been able to make out Takanonami.
  9. Saburo

    Tegata on ebay Any guesses as to the handprint on the far left?
  10. Saburo

    Rijicho Kitanoumi passes away

    I was introduced to sumo in the early 1970s and saw him rise from baby phenom to dominance. His matches with Wajima were epic struggles, at least in my limited field of view. Quite the shock to hear the news early Friday...
  11. Saburo

    Former Ozeki Takanonami has passed away

    What a shock. But people who met him on the Hawaii jungyo in the early 1990s said he was a really cool guy in person. I was never enamored with his sumo style but heck, ozeki and two yusho? I totally forgot he had a second.
  12. Saburo

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    Agreed. Kakuryu has gotta wait.
  13. Saburo

    Former Yokozuna Taiho Has Passed Away

    A giant amongst giants. Sad day for ozumo and the sports world in general.
  14. Saburo

    Kaio retires

    Last of the March '88 rikishi? It really seems like Ake/Waka/Taka was an entirely different generation. As if Kaio bridged the gap from B&W to Color and beyond. Haven't really been into sumo the last few years but it was always comforting to know that there was always Kaio, my link to when I got back into sumo in the late 1980s and seeing the sport become trendy again in the early 90s. Truly end of another era in ozumo...