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  1. Saburo

    New ozeki Kirishima

    I know, I watched (the original) Kirishima during his Heisei glory days, becoming the king of Izutsu-beya and possibly becoming the next Nishinoumi if he had advanced to Yokozuna. I'd rather Kiribayama hold onto his own legacy -- personal preference.
  2. Saburo

    New ozeki Kirishima

    Eh, I'm not down with the new shikona. Unnecessary IMO... Nevertheless a grand day. Congrats to the shin Ozeki.
  3. Saburo

    Mitakeumi Ozeki Promotion

    Checked out the YT link and completely whiffed on Dewanoumi Oyakata -- I was *there* for a good portion of Oginohana's career and can NOT believe how old he looks now. Even Kasugano looks younger than him.
  4. Saburo

    Kitanofuji stuff

    Anyone in Japan get a sample of Kitanofuji curry? He's the best.
  5. Saburo

    Shiba Shinichi: 1939-2021

    The great Chiba dead at 82. I understand Western media having to reference the likes of "Kill Bill" in any Chiba obituary but man, he didn't need any charity from Tarantino to bolster what was already a hall-of-fame list of credits. Like many kids in Hawaii I was introduced to Chiba as a star of TV detective shows like THE BODYGUARD and GORILLA 7, followed by a slew of jidai-geki: YAGYU CONSPIRACY and KAGE NO GUNDAN amongst others. I still envision Chiba doing battle with a katana more than his fists. (I didn't see any of the STREET FIGHTER movies until only a decade-plus ago.) I wonder who the more-famous COVID death in Japan is: Chiba or Shimura Ken? I assume Shimura had higher visibility for a longer period of time but Chiba was known overseas, if only for that niche.
  6. Saburo

    Terunofuji is the 73rd Yokozuna.

    So, is his first public dohyo-iri going to be in the honbasho next month?
  7. Saburo

    Terunofuji is the 73rd Yokozuna.

    Dumb question but... when's the tsuna-uchi? Used to be the day after the JSA reps came to visit. Is it postponed due to Olympic fever?
  8. Saburo

    Golf Holes-in-one by a sumo wrestler?

    Memory is the smoothest of all liars but I recall reading that ex-Yokozuna Tochinishiki scored an ace in his oyakata days. Might have been an obit column in Sumo World magazine
  9. Saburo

    Ex-rikishi in the food business

    The dean of yakitori chefs here in Honolulu was a ex-rikishi in Takasago Beya in the 1980s, Tsurumifuji. Never made it past Sandame but what a life in Hawaii. His omakase restaurant is still kicking it after all the pandemic shutdowns the last year and change. I read a quote from Konishiki years ago, saying he was small but tougher than nails. An old portrait at the restaurant:
  10. I remember Hasegawa-Kitanofuji matches as a kid where the two of them would have these *great* niramiai at jikan-mae. Hasegawa had that ice-cold look. Would love to hear Kitanofuji reminisce about those torikumi.
  11. Saburo

    The English commentators- views

    I began watching sumo again in the mid-1980s but didn't get the full NHK Bilingual English audio telecasts until the early (?) 1990s. Each broadcast had a play-by-play announcer (Dave Wiggins, anyone?) and a color analyst (my friend *loves* to reminisce about Clyde "The Glide" Newton), along with a third person translating "hanamichi reports." Those days offered a more balanced voice for viewers and didn't feel obliged to cater to "Sumo 101" n00bs. Kinda tough for a solo voice for a couple hours. As has been intimated in previous posts here, the color analyst will make its return to NHK Bilingual soon.
  12. Saburo

    Banner/background photo

    No changes as of today. Just weird, quirky message board glitches. OTOH I can still fill in my AIM and MSN chat handles!
  13. BTW good to know that the NHK English booths will have more than a single play-by-play voice in near-future basho. A single voice feels so lonely, unlike when I used to tune in decades (!) ago and it would sound just as engaging as the Nihongo audio.
  14. Saburo

    Banner/background photo

    Thanks everyone. I mostly lurk here during hon-basho. I belong to a slew of message boards and the first thing I always do is try to make my profile page snazzy. In lieu of actual content, that is...
  15. Saburo

    Banner/background photo

    Just checked again: still no Cover Photo option.