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  1. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    [AUTO] Sumo Themed Vanity Plate

    You mean OMUZ.
  2. Kotoseiya Yuichi


    Yes, she lives in Hachinohe Hirosaki. Aomori Prefecture, but not on the coast like Hachinohe.
  3. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Christopher Amott

    I simply can't stand Arch Enemy (nor Carcass) and it's not a question of Angela Gossow as such even though I am allergic to growling. You can have the greatest band the universe has seen but a second of growling spoils everything irredeemably for me. Were I Michael Amott, I'd become schizophrenic. I guess I'm an old school guy who averts from anything introduced to heavy rock since about 1984. :-) Speaking of 'Return to Zero', I'm afraid it's a lacklustre album by Spiritual Beggars' stratospheric standards. It has its moments but somehow the intangible qualities so deeply ingrained to 'Demons', 'On Fire' and 'Ad Astra' are simply lacking this time. Too bad.
  4. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Geometric puzzle

    Forgot to add. Once you've solved it, don't reveal the solution. That would spoil it from the others. (Shaking head...)
  5. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Geometric puzzle

    This was a nice one.
  6. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Christopher Amott

    Well, there's under fifteen years between us, but perhaps that's a deciding factor still. (Shaking head...) I ended up listening the album through about fifteen times in a row (it's a short one at 33 minutes) within about eleven hours and went to bed only at 8.20 AM, totally ruining my plans about today. Never before has an album had such an effect on me and I can't figure out why. What has younger Amott* discovered that hits me right on the nerve? Such is the power of music... Wolfgang's Vault is new to me and looks interesting. Thanks for the link! I will check it out in better time. * His elder brother's band Spiritual Beggars is about to release soon their latest album, the first since 2005. Now that I checked, I found out the release day for "Return to Zero" will be next Monday, my brother's 40th birthday. A coincidence! (Shaking head...)
  7. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Christopher Amott

    I would say I've just listened (for seven or eight hours) to the greatest album that has been and most likely will ever be released during my lifetime. Your mileage may vary. I will never again say anything derogatory about Swedes. The last second goals against us are forgiven! (Shaking head...)
  8. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    World Cup 2010

    When the team I've been publicly supporting since about 1978, leaves the tournament, they do it utterly without style and time and again strengthen my reputation as a guy who almost always manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I much prefer total disgrace over a narrow inability to qualify among the top 16. (Showing respect...) Hey! Only two years to next European championships and France's next big win! I promise to sing praises to Les Bleus again! From now on in this tournament I'm behind Kratzenia and Z
  9. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    World Cup 2010

    Only five wins to the second championship. Tomorrow... hmm... 4-0? More if needed. You of little faith.
  10. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    World Cup 2010

    It never occurred to me such a game could be found on the Sumo Games subforum. (I am not worthy...) An interesting concept. I was thinking more traditionally, say... X points for "guessing" the winner of a match correctly, Y points for guessing the difference between goals scored correctly, Z points for guessing the exactly correct result and after the group stage, points for guessing the top 16 teams correctly etc. Perhaps bonus points for the leading goal scorer, the team with most goals scored and/or allowed etc.
  11. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    World Cup 2010

    As is widely known it is written in the stars that France will win their second championship. That much is given, but there remain certain uncertainties about the results of individual matches. Anyone interested in betting (and I'm not talking about actual money as I fully intend to ruin the finances of our national lottery firm anyway) among us sumo fans? For example first the results of the group stage? Or whatever scheme is deemed the most interesting?
  12. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Sumo suits racist?

    I have already started. (Clapping wildly...) Big wheels are turning. (Yucky...)
  13. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Sumo suits racist?

    I'm beginning to believe you're one of them Marxists yourself! They're everywhere! (On the banzuke...) That you would like us to believe. There's a Marxist walking on the street by my apartment as I write! Most likely he's a feminist as well. There comes another! They're everywhere! (Blinking...) Just because I'm a deranged village idiot, doesn't mean they're not after me!!!1!
  14. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Sumo suits racist?

    We'll be voting from the roofs and treading knee deep in blood in my lifetime. I'm considering entering politics. My part will be minimal but the best I can do. This Marxist, "racist", multiculturalist filth pours to my apartment daily from every screen I happen to switch on. One day a vein will burst.
  15. Kotoseiya Yuichi

    Requesting high resolution scans of rikishi

    Thank you to those who responded. ;-)