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    Something's wrong

    With me, there is also the issue of reactions clock reset. It used to be 24 hours, now it is 26 hours one day, 40 hours the other day before being allowed to react again.
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    Does anyone recognize this 1920s building?

    It says that is just panoramic view of factory/ies, without specifying the place or the factory/ies itself. It could be anywhere in Taisho Japan. The text below the dohyo just states entertainment and comfort for the workers.
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    Corona and sumo

    Kotokantetsu was forced to retire after he expressed his desire not to do any sumo this basho at the Kokugikan amid the pandemic but was told either to participate or to retire, so he chose latter. Source Japan has not handled this properly. So, JSA does not deviate from the norm - all for the Olympics which would be very hard to happen. Mindo ga takai, ne (Aso, Deputy preme minister, remark that the Japanese are better than other peoples and that was the reason for their lower positive results last spring)
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    Yoshikaze situation

    and what did happen? please enlighten us
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    Rikishi identification

    I reckon this might be your guy http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=1363&l=e
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    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Miomio has resurfaced under .us domain https://miomio.us/ I can report a better quality of the videos and an easier to navigate site.
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    Yusho Portraits

    Thanks that is quite a good development
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    How Baseball Became the National Sport

    I read an article on this topic two years ago, in some scientific journal, but I seem I cannot find it, but was really thoroughly researched and it was very detailed, if anyone has seen/read it, it would be great to share some info.
  9. I am the Yokozuna

    Corona and sumo

    @Kintamayama kudos for guessing that the basho won't happen. I am surprised by the measures taken by NSK. How would they cope financially? Would they receive any support from the government? The baseball association was reported to aim for July restart of the baseball championship. I could not hear what they said on the news about the football season. Hopefully, people like Tomokaze would be able to rest and recuperate more thoroughly.
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    Sumo films

    It is him Different video of Tamanishiki perforing dohyoiri
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    Whenever, Wherever Basho 202*

    Both KK
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    Corona and sumo

    I also believe the basho would be held. Nothing is in their minds so severe to cancel a tournament. And the whole organization needs the money. Haru 2011 was called off not due to the earthquake but due to the yaocho scandal. 1995 Hatsu was not interrupted after the earthquake in Kobe. Nothing would stop them. When you have 100 plus only tests in Tokyo, it is hard to detect infected people as well.
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    Corona and sumo

    One thing, that does not get discussed here is the stigma in Japan in the community if anyone has been found to be infected with some serious disease. E.g. if one of your neighbors gets infected with A, then their family would be forever associated with that disease. So, many people would just avoid visiting a doctor at any cost for fear of being just known as the Covid-19 patients. There was the story on Japanese news about someone who was on Diamond Princess and tested negative but still being harassed by his neighbors. Second thing, that has not been discussed is that in Japan generally people try to not stand out by being ill or missing out on work, which is often mistaken for being considerate of others. If anyone has seen the full parks in recent weeks and full trains, then one could be convinced that Japanese are largely egoistic. Third thing, is that Japan has a test rate lower than countries of world economic stature such as Moldova, Nepal and Cuba. Even though that the prime minister Abe promised that they would increase tests performed to 20,000 a day, in the last week, in Japan there have been 25,000 PCR test performed. Less you test, fewer people you would find even though we see many people are asymptomatic and infecting vulnerable people. Forth thing, according to some article in Nature, Japan does not perform post mortem autopsies. Only 1.6% have undergone such procedure in mid 2010s. So, even if you die from an accompanying disease such as pneumonia, it is hard to find if the Covid-19 really triggered it if no one is testing. So, now the cases which are announced as deaths from coronavirus have to do only with people who tested positive before their passing. I read also that Japan reports pneumonia deaths every three year, conveniently next report is due in 2 years. Fifth thing, as @Pandaazuma correctly points out, but since has disappeared, that in 2011 there was fingerprinting at Japan and worries that Japan was trying to cover up the real tragedy at Fukushima. He, unfortunately, does not recall that only when a field team from IAAE was about to visit the plant site, the Japanese government changed the story - from just steam to meltdown at two reactors. Almost everyone I knew left the country or Tokyo area at that time. Sumo-related, I know for a fact that Naruto-oyakata, a proud Japanese now, fled Tokyo then (my source is someone who hosted him). I am sure at that time many other masculine rikishis had fled Tokyo as well. Sixth thing, Japan's constitution does not allow for US or EU styled lockdowns. So, there are just recommendations and urges by the government and they rely on the local, prefectural, governments to take on the initiative. But unfortunately Koike in Tokyo is as indecisive as the prime minister. At first no worries and messages such as "cherry viewing is to Japanese what hugging is to Italians", and no hanami bans in the first weeks to worried looks and message just right after Olympics were postponed. By the way, no bans on travelers from China and Wuhan were imposed even though the virus was known to be circulating there etc because Japanese wanted to cash in on the Chinese travellers during the Lunar New Year travels.............Government and so on could be accused of derelict of duty. Seven thing, the last time any embassy recommended leaving the country immediately was in 2011. One of the European embassies in their newsletter accused Japan of providing false information in March (I do not have the link anymore), which was last observed in 2011. Eight things, despite the Japanese pride in their healthcare system, it seems it is rather unprepared to tackles a crisis such as pandemic. Not enough ICU beds, not enough ventillators. So what do you then? Many hospitals turn away patients for fear of being seen as a hospital with a Covid 19 patient or not being prepared to treat one. 4 months have passed and instead of taking lessons from S. Korea, Taiwan, who had endured SARS pandemics, Japan just wasted tame on identifying clusters and trying to keep on hosting the Olympics in July. Tokyo is at 271% occupation rate for ICU beds at the beginning of the second week of the emergency proclamation. And many others but this is sumo forum, so: I read most posts on Twitter related to the infected rikishi - most people miraculously tend to agree that the silence from NSK on the matter - who the rikishi is and which the beya - is astounding and resembles the silence during the yaocho scandal. In my mind and my experience with Japan, it has to do with "who is going to pay for it?" question and NSK does not want to lose any income from NHK so I believe they would push for Natsu basho at any cost. (Why it matters - NSK is a public interest incorporated organization/foundation - so if they hide the information, the public interest might be their profit only!) Anyhow, I just read this story from Yahoo JP that during the Taiwan (under Japanese occupation at that time) jungyo in April 1918, three rikishis got infected with Spanish flu and passed away. More than 20 rikishes fell ill from the disease, which was known for some time as sumo flu.
  14. I am the Yokozuna

    Latest stock exchange news - kabu, Oyakata transfers, etc.

    36歳関取復帰ならず 関取 - sekitori, not taker 36 year old without returning to sekitori status. 2010 playoff with Hakuho was amazing basho. Really rooted for him. Great guy, wish him all the best as an oyakata. He seems to have been a good influence on young wrestlers from the TV shows that I have seen.
  15. I am the Yokozuna

    Corona and sumo

    If we only had someone in the know amongst us to tell us which heya it might be. Why is this secrecy though. Baseball in Japan announced immediately the infected players and coaches. Once again - trying to preserve some face and honor, keeping some obscure made out of thin air traditions aka bullying - is being observed here. "The rikishi is below makushita so that is why we would not identify him." What a stupid excuse. Worse it goes unchallenged by the kisha club cheerleaders.
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    Hoping to identify a sumo-related sculpture

    Bottom group characters basically state an item for sale. The above ones I cannot read properly but the first character on the top left is country and the other ones on the left are for sculpture. These on the right seem like a drawing, not characters. So, some label from bygone times.
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    Hakuho & the Olympics - a dilemma.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gojōrō_Katsuhiro In total, 70 different sumotoris led 70 different delegations at the opening ceremony https://mixi.jp/view_bbs.pl?comm_id=69463&id=60064929
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    Rikishi Status - 2020 Haru

    Hopefully, he would get tested to dispel any doubts. Kokonoe beya is quite big one.
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    Help identify please - vintage sumo Kimono fabric

    Off the mark, Otokonoyama, tanmono is the name for cloth for Japanese styled clothing such as kimono, yukata etc.
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    I am yet to read anything controversial or critical of anyone from him. Oosunaarashi was quite low-hanging fruit. His recent articles on sumotoris of the past reads like obituaries on NY Times at best. Comes here claims he knows something(Kinta kind of crossed him to back up on Harumafuji's role), then disappears, never says anything after that. I see him as the English-speaking PR guy of NSK. He is not a Mark Buckton. I hope his varied stories make it a good book. But who would be interested in 50 years to read about some long forgotten not so successful rikishi.
  22. I am the Yokozuna


    Is it me or does John really make each of his articles for any, active or deceased, sumotori read like a hagiography?
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    Help identify please - vintage sumo Kimono fabric

    I believe it is called tanmono 反物 but might be mistaken
  24. I am the Yokozuna

    Joining a Koenkai?

    Probably @John Gunning could give you some details on the Tokyo-based heya koenkai or how to approach them, since the simple search Miyagino-beya (宮城野部屋)and support club (後援会)does not yield some definitive results on Google and Yahoo JP. What I could find is: http://www.yokozuna-hakuho.com/ is a Niigata-based Hakuho support club. http://nagoya-miyagino-fanclub.jp/ is a Nagoya-based Miyagino fan club, but they have not update their website since June, 2019. Miyaginobeya does not seem to have an official website.
  25. I am the Yokozuna

    Joining a Koenkai?

    Which is the Heya koenkai you want to join in