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    Corona and sumo

    Unfortunately, you, Israel, announced one yesterday. It is not about the mortality per se but other things in regards to the virus origin, incubation period etc You clearly do not understand how it works. 15,000 football game without any infected people would be a good case if only these people were quarnaterd and tested and in 24 days or so they turned up fine, this is how we should know. Japan did not test the bureaucrats on the ship who were in contact with infected people and let them return to work because they did not show symptoms and we know that the symptoms could show up in 30 days or so. So, they do not know what to do and they do not have any sensible plan wearing these masks is just senselss. Besides. Japan let people from the ship just go home by public transit or taxis. People tested as negative when repatriated and test back home turn up as infected. So, now everyone who knows a bob about viruses criticises Japan. So, anything Japan does is hardly trustwhorty clear damage control mode at the moment where they try to show that the gaijokujin do not understand the intercracies of the unique Japanese culture. Other that my explanation is that we see the inherent Japanese arrogance and the unwillingness to listen to foreign experts. For me, the economic impact could be devastating, if Chinese factories do not restart operations by end April.
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    Corona and sumo

    Unfortunately, this is a too simplistic view. Still, without going into too much details, there are too many known unknowns and on top of it way too much face-saving exercises going in Japan such as counting two Japanese elderly as not toll from coronavirus. If you have had business dealings with China, last two months nothing moves, all is stopped. You do not quarantine 150 mln people for just a simple flu.
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    Joining a Koenkai?

    Probably @John Gunning could give you some details on the Tokyo-based heya koenkai or how to approach them, since the simple search Miyagino-beya (宮城野部屋)and support club (後援会)does not yield some definitive results on Google and Yahoo JP. What I could find is: http://www.yokozuna-hakuho.com/ is a Niigata-based Hakuho support club. http://nagoya-miyagino-fanclub.jp/ is a Nagoya-based Miyagino fan club, but they have not update their website since June, 2019. Miyaginobeya does not seem to have an official website.
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    Joining a Koenkai?

    Which is the Heya koenkai you want to join in
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    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    bilibili.com Miomio keeps on uploading programs however they are not streamble. Or there is a way?
  6. I am the Yokozuna

    Can you ID this Yokozona?

  7. I am the Yokozuna

    Terunofuji Watch

    Depends on the proverbial banzuke luck, but several years ago Endo got promoted with a yusho from way back in the ranking J14 or J13. 6 or 7 or 8 years ago. What I root for is a Terunofuji zenyusho, since it is so rare to achieve in juryo - Tochinoshin was the last one to do it.
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    Win a Harumafuji tegata

  9. I am the Yokozuna

    Greetings from Budapest

    Hi, I might have met you. Your background sounds very familiar to someone I have met. Where did you live in Japan?
  10. I am the Yokozuna

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    Aaah, Japan, never cease to justify the stereotypes. Once someone is down, let's beat him and bring the dirty laundry, just to get the guilty verdict from the public opinion regardless of the real verifiable facts, e.g. Ghosn debacle at the moment. Extra points for bashing the foreigner as well. Where were those whistleblowers before the latest accident and before the heya being disclosed? Is Takanohana-beya the only heya with such issues?
  11. I am the Yokozuna

    Asashoryu activities

    Without doubting Asashoryu's business acumen and without denying the fact he has retired a very wealthy man, some of those business projects require much more money that he would have acquired during his professional sumo life. So, my question should have to do with the following: is there some information about his partners and investors?
  12. I am the Yokozuna

    Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

  13. I am the Yokozuna

    Wajima in memoriam gallery

    that was an amazing photo collection. Thank you.
  14. I am the Yokozuna

    Sumo articles by journalists who are Forum members/or not

    Sumo’s ban on women appears a centuries-long evolution - Asahi Shimbun
  15. I am the Yokozuna

    Japan Times Sumo Column Request

    Fat, round, Japanese especially those over 40 are not uncommon nowadays. Special stores for bigger sized Japan-based people have been around for quite some time. Younger, school-aged, Japanese - tall and overweight (especially girls) - could be seen much more often than let's say 30 years or so.
  16. I am the Yokozuna

    Sumo articles by journalists who are Forum members/or not

    I would love, John, if possible, in articles like this to have any first-person quotes and writing based on some discussions or talks with the related people, not just summary of what is already known dressed like an op-ed. I guess you are quite busy but this is what I felt after reading the column on Naya.
  17. I am the Yokozuna

    Japan Times Sumo Column Request

    Scouting What does a scout search for in a prospective rikishi? How many times they observe them doing sumo? Do the scouts attend to local events or events abroad? How these young athletes being recommended by someone are being evaluated? Injuries at Kokonoe-beya At some point of time there were so many rikishi harboring an injury during the time of ex-Chiyonofuji so there should be something about his training regiment or way of disciplining his deshi to account for so many and often injuries. If it were a mere coincidence, how about what type of medical care a heya in general provides etc. Jungyos What is the decision making process in terms of which cities to be visited and where to exhibit sumo trainings and sumo matches? How the international jungyos come about as ideas, when are these organized etc. Smaller stables A feature on smaller heays where they do not have any sumotori or very limited number of rikishi all together. What is life like? What are the issues? How they receive any support etc
  18. I am the Yokozuna

    Osunaarashi scandal

    What Oosuna has achieved - coming through an internet forum to tour Japan to find a place at a sumo stable to rise so fast so high, to clinch two kinboshis on two successful days and so on and so on, is an amazing story and I will always admire him for this. In fact, I think there is a movie somewhere to be made based on his life story. One of the great *what could have happened if....* stories in the kakkai from the last 20 years in my opinion. At some point no one wanted to fight him in yotsu-zumo and I predicted, a bit foolishly, him becoming an oozeki in several polls on this forum. However, he struck me as a bit lazy - for never mastering the local lingo even at some basic level aside from several set phrases and for not doing proper training, as suggested by several documentaries shown on the Japanese TV. Probably Ootake-beya, given their history prior to him joining the stable, was not the most proper place for him to start his sumo but I guess he should have seen this as an obstacle as well. Thanks for the memories and I hope you could learn from the mistakes in this episode in your life and build them on to have a better results in your next endeavors.
  19. I am the Yokozuna

    Should-have-been Y/O

    Tochiazuma, Baruto, probably Chiyotaikai twice had the chance during the Takanohana and then Asashoryu era - that is my time watching sumo. And from all these three probably the biggest loss was Tochiazuma.
  20. I am the Yokozuna

    Osunaarashi scandal

    One thing being not mentioned is that while Oosanuarashi might just get away with a small fine or out-of-court settlement, and thus he could be spared a deportation, Immigration Bureau might deny him visa renewal based on this law infringement upon his next visa renewal application, if indeed he is not a permanent residency holder. I am surprised how little Japanese he speaks and he has learned. A bit lazy, probably. Anyhow, I hope he could somehow survive in the sumo, then he could use his demotion as an opportunity to heal up and then rejuvenated and healthy to attack higher divisions .
  21. I am the Yokozuna

    Can we have more likes to give out during basho's?

    I would rather have the current number of reactions increased from 10 to 20. I, personally, react to any post where the user has put some effort into preparing and posting it, e.g. translating, posting pictures, posting videos, news, own analyses and so on. This for me is an important gesture to show to anyone that I have read their contribution and I have appreciated their effort I would rather send them a can of beer instead of a "like", but.................... Currently, I just stop my daily reading when my 10 reactions run out and sometimes I am behind on the news and recent developments because of this. Please reconsider this.
  22. I am the Yokozuna

    Asashoryu activities

    There was this poster on this board, who disappeared upon Asashoryu's retirement, claiming that Asashoryu has invested in many business and set for life financially. I knew through a friend of mine from the university that Asashoryu had done some investing in real estate and had set-up a brokerage or investment bank (I do not recall which one) during the height of mining boom in Mongolia, so I kind of believed what the said poster had claimed. Anyhow, looking through his recent activities, I am wondering if he, as many other retired athletes, has not run out of money.
  23. I am the Yokozuna

    Hakuho misconduct (split from Basho Talk Kyushu 2017)

    would be he suspended from the tournament? Me, me, me" attitude is not faring well in Japan. Petulant small child could do this, person of his stature and experience not so much.
  24. I am the Yokozuna

    New recruits for Kyushu 2017

    He wants to join pro sumo, hatsu dohyo iri might be in Kyushu, considers Ootakebeya,
  25. I am the Yokozuna

    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    Second one - average time from the last basho that it took Terunofuji to win a bout - 13.5 seconds and 6.5 to lose one and his average bout time stood at 8.5 First one - which leg Sokokurai dashes with to his opponents - left 20 times, right 10 times