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    Nagoya 2022

    I personally thought that Inosuke did the right thing albeit a bit clumsy. It was obvious that Terunofuji could not execute any attack using the belt despite it coming undone a bit by bit. Much ado about nothing. I always thought if some shenanigans ala deflategate happen in sumo where if someone knows that his opponent would use uwate technique then he might loosen it a bit before the fight. Great effort by Wakamotoharu though, hope he could finish kachikoshi. I also think that the tournament should be concluded and the championship trophies distributed. 2/3 of it would have been completed and only a small fraction of all sumotoris are infected and gone kyujo. Do not, personally, see any reason why it should be abandoned at this point. For banzuke purposes, I would like to have the record prior going COVID kyujo considered, but knowing the Japanese bureaucratic mind, I am to be surprised once again with some new solution.
  2. I am the Yokozuna

    New kesho mawashi

    Name of the person is 七條 (on which I commented) not 七条 (for which you are giving the example). Even though it (条)is simplified version of the same character(條), sometimes different writing as it is with Watanabe, for example, have different historical backgrounds. In this case, both names read the same, but the sumotori's has a different origin of the name. Moreover, only half of these names with 条 come from Kyoto. The same goes for 小路 - very few of the names stem from Kyoto.
  3. I am the Yokozuna

    New kesho mawashi

    The name comes from Kagawa prefecture and on Shikoku island live most people named Shichijo(7). But your statement is correct for names such as Nijo(2), Shijo(4), Gojo(5) (even though most people named so live in Shizuoka) and Kujo(9). Ichijo(1) is kind of a name coming from the north as it is a name from Kyoto. Sanjo(3) seems to be split between Hokkaido and Kyoto. Rokujo(6) is also split between Hokkaido and Kinki。Hachijo(8) is more or less Chubu. Jujo(10), Senjo(1000) and Manjo(100000) come also from North Honshu. Point being that the rule is not so straightforward.
  4. I am the Yokozuna

    Happy 60th Birthday, Akinomaki!

    Happy birthday, Akinomaki! Always appreciate your contributions to the forum! Have a great one!
  5. I am the Yokozuna

    Narutobeya happenings

    I am always aware of oyakata proclaiming that they would reform or change the ways the sumo has been trained or instructed. Naruto and Nishonoseki have said things in that fashion and I am a bit sceptical as to how much they would change the tradition. We had one stablemaster bent on reforming the JSA who was expelled for other transgressions, but still it is a dangerous road. Japan is about incremental changes or updates, not about sudden turnovers. Anyhow, Naruto has scouted a lot of promising rikishis, so at least he has the eye for a talent, or never stops searching for a new one, or has the connections to get young prospects introduced to him, so sooner than later he would get a sekitori. Hopefully, one of many more to come.
  6. I am the Yokozuna

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    新入幕 shin-nyu-maku so you need to hear/pronounce double n
  7. I am the Yokozuna

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2023 - Seems so far away!

    Any chance to reopen it for one more day?
  8. I am the Yokozuna

    Oho - the Millennial Valentine

    Any chance to reopen it for one more day?
  9. I am the Yokozuna

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2022

    Can we have the poll reopen for one more day?
  10. I am the Yokozuna

    Can users leaving the forum delete all their posts?

    Not a surprising development. Some people really live in the past. I know you would not know it sometimes in Japan, but internet and information technology happened and info is more widely available. Archive.org also exist so if you need to trawl something from the forum's past track, it should be available too
  11. I am the Yokozuna

    Miyagino/Hakuho extra activities

    The narrower pinstripe suit is quite normal in the business world. The wide, bold, pinestripe usually is for celebratory occassions. What the issue here is that the button down shirt does not go well with it, plus the narrow monocolor tie and finally the wide lapel. I know I know he is a big guy and he needs wider lapels but I would have gone for a bit narrower one.
  12. Sumo, and Japanese in general, are about keeping the traditions. Blindly, mindlessly, without a single question. Some might say this stubborness is to the detriment of the competitiveness and the betterment of all concerned, but, hey, what do they know, these pesky troublemakers. In short, all would stay the same.
  13. I am the Yokozuna

    New Juryo for Hatsu 2022

    Really pleased for Choyoarashi. When all then young boys from Kokonoe were breaking through he caught my eye and I was really rooting for him. Unfortunately, the injuries have robbed him of a possibly longer sekitori career. Recently, I had wondered what makes him stick after so many years being unsuccessful in his quest to return to paid ranks. I pondered that John might be right and these guys are just in for the training and practicing. But Chiyoarashi persevered and is back. Hopefully for more than a single basho. But what a cool shikona - an eternal storm - kind of the Red Spot on Jupiter.
  14. I am the Yokozuna

    Lower division celebs results

    What is in for Jokoryu and Chiyootori to keep fighting? Both have more than 30 tournaments as sekitori, so presumably they should qualify for toshiyori status. Searching for a vacant kabu within the ichimon or just hoping for one last hurrah?
  15. I am the Yokozuna

    Lower division celebs results

    I believe Jokuryu is 3-3 I do not know how many more chances Roga would waste to get himself promoted to Juryo. Would he ever make it there?
  16. I am the Yokozuna

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Really interesting tournament with some interesting developments. Sumo-wise, Kyushu was never some great place. I always think of the dohyo there as very slippery. What really caught my eye was the quarter finals yesterdays, probably the semifinals tomorrow and the final on Friday in the Makushita yusho race. It is really tough - while in Makuuchi or Juryo you could have a day off and possibly relay on someone to give you a second chance, below every bout is a final, no second chances. Really like the comeback of Tomokaze. If he reached Juryo, it would be a miracle after his horrific injury. However, no signs of his explosive oshi style that took him to Makuuchi, so I do not know what to expect of him.
  17. I am the Yokozuna

    Who Is This Woman?

    A strange thread. Really baffled by the continuing reporting on this lady.
  18. I am the Yokozuna

    Hakuho retires

    Watching the press conference, I felt at the time, that all involved were relieved that at last some solution had been found, so that Hakuho stays in the sumo world, even though under specific conditions, the NSK board kind of punished him for his erratic behavior and Miyagino-oyakata could retire without his name being forever tarnished. I felt that Hakuho had stayed the last three-four years in sumo just negotiating and searching for such a resolution. Truly remarkable career, I do not foresee how it could be surpassed in my lifetime, a great warrior and an amazing mentality to continue to win so many times. I found technically Asashoryo to be a bit more diverse, but Hakuho had still an amazing arsenal of technics. When he tried the yobimodoshi when pursuing the Yoshibayama's record spoke of some balls and confidence. From what Hakuhonofan's said, I also thought to be true - he really tried to be very Japanese, but when Kisenosato broke his winning series and he saw the joy of the Japanese fans from his loss made him probably realize that all is vein and he became a tad nastier. But it comes with the rank. Then, I thought he overstayed his welcome as yokozuna just pursuing fame and money, but lately changed my opinion that he might have sought for a resolution to stay in the sumo world after retirement. I also agree with Kinta's assessment that if he could stay a year, he would be for a very long run. I really want to see how the lack of limelight would influence him. Really hope that he would train a great number of young rikishi capable of leaving a mark in kakkai Hakuho would be sorely missed and the lack of any significant coverage before the Kyushu basho is just a testament to that in my opinion.
  19. I am the Yokozuna

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Aki

    That is not in Japanese. Never seen, heard or used that.
  20. I am the Yokozuna

    strange Rikishi names

    Jumonji is an actual family name, met in Northern Japan, with roots to the emperor Kanmu's grandchildren.
  21. I am the Yokozuna

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Would Abi be able to clinch a juryo yusho with a 15-0 record? Zensho is very rare in juryo, so I hope Abi does it. The last one who has done it was Tochinoshin, I believe.
  22. I am the Yokozuna

    Ikioi retires

    OK, unfortunately, none is factually correct. I do speak the language. Honorifics in Japanese simply explained here. An okami, as a role, is not limited to sumo and I can speculate 9 of 10 Japanese would never associated with sumo. To give you a different example Ikioi's name is not Ikio-zeki, even though he might have been called that.
  23. I am the Yokozuna

    Ikioi retires

    Well, that was quite expected, I reckon. Usually these things as engagements and weddings do not drag for so long in Japan Hope that both of them would find a partner with whom they would have the lifestyle they wish to follow. But Mamiko comes from a family that basically has put her on a pedestal and has taken care of her life. So to go from there to where she needs to take care of other's needs, is not something she accept so easily, in my mind. Anyhow, it is okami, not okami-san. On a different note, I believe, there are current oyakata with 60 bashos in makuuchi under their belt and the JSA might make some exceptions if someone does not meet their requirements. I also am sure that Ikioi is a kabu owner, but whether he would find or establish a new heya, this is something I am so versed into. But, I expect him to stay in sumo.
  24. I am the Yokozuna

    Ikioi retires

    Really really liked Ikioi's sumo. Ever since his horrific it was always was a question of when he would retire not if. Wish him all the best in his next stage in his life. Hope he gets married soon (even though I feel the lady just does not want to be an okami and she might push him in a different career) and get to train sumotori to be as enthusiastic and as respectful as he was on the dohyo.
  25. I am the Yokozuna

    John Gunning taking a 3 year social media break

    Definitely, he would be doing a PhD. Science related - 3 years. Hopefully, the forthcoming book tells behind the scenes stories. That was for me at least unexpected so soon, but I really welcome it. Would try to purchase it.