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  1. Having watched just the NHK feed on day 13, I thought that Hakuho had won, and thought the tori-naoshi was somewhat strange. But after reviewing the day 13 pics, it is (as Hakuho said) as plain as a child could see that the top/side of Hakuho's feet touched first... and only the dead body rule possibly saved him. If anything, the judges were charitable to Hakuho, and it is indeed unfortunate that he would criticize them for a decision in his favor.
  2. I agree with wanderer above.... A Yokozuna IS supposed to show power sumo, either Yorikiri or Oshi/tsuki sumo.
  3. Zuikakuyama

    Aki Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    I too am very impressed with Myogiryu in his bout with Kakuryu. His balance was incredible and the forward charging sumo was equally impressive. I look to him being an Ozeki sooner than later.
  4. Zuikakuyama

    Natsu Basho 2012 - Discussion

    Doitsu, Exactly my point. I did not say that the schedle was wrongly done in the last few days. I said he got lucky with the schedule because of the then situation from days 10 onwards. From another perspective, there is no denying that he got the easiest schedule out of the lower megashira yushos we have seen.
  5. Zuikakuyama

    Natsu Basho 2012 - Discussion

    I feel that tenho got really lucky with the schedule and really did not deserve the yusho. He met only 2 sanyak or above, and no joi-jin megashira. The other lower megashira yushos at least had more top ranked bouts. For example the last lower megashira yusho by Takatoriki, he met 5 sanyaku.
  6. Zuikakuyama

    Kaio retires

    Best of luck to one of my early favorites. And looks like I may need to change my avatar after more than 8 years.
  7. Zuikakuyama

    Hokutouriki intai

    Yes. I remember fondly that basho where he almost yushoed, only to be hodwinked by new makuchi/future yokozuna Hakuho.
  8. Zuikakuyama

    Game Over- no more foreign rikishi loopholes

    "外国出身力士枠" (foreing=born rikishis) sounds like it would also include Japanese children born to Japanese parents outside of Japan (ie., Japanese parents working or studying in US or EU has a child there). So would these guys be excluded?
  9. Zuikakuyama


    He actually lasted a lot longer than I supposed he would by at least 2 years. It was painful at times to watch him get up after falling (and also that infamous Asashoryu leg attack) Anyway, best of luck to him.
  10. Zuikakuyama

    Asashoryu, Harumafuji, Baruto bouts - video clips

    Thank you SO much foer compiling these videos for us. Much appreciated!!
  11. Zuikakuyama

    Ama's Ozeki run

    Looking at the bright side, if he can get 10 wins here, he is still on an Ozeki run for next basho with a 11 win performance.
  12. Zuikakuyama

    Boy did they screw Asashoryu today

    Thanks for posting up this link. I am always on the lookout for these basho replays. Too bad the Toyasuko postings lasted so short.
  13. Zuikakuyama

    new camera suggestions (by Canon fans)

    Yes. Getting a digital single lens reflex camera is definitely the way to go. For sumo taking purposes, my recommendation is any Canon body + a 70-200mm L lens.
  14. Zuikakuyama

    Asa's sumo - worthy of a Y?

    LOL. 100% agreement with your insightful ANALYSIS.
  15. Zuikakuyama


    Kotooshu is still lacking confidence. He looked as nervous as hell. If not for Mickey, he would probaly have choked on his 2nd yusho chance.