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  1. Kimyouzan

    Takanohana has plans for Osaka

    I support his efforts completely, but I think more has to be done. Changing the broadcast time would be a great start. Also, wouldn't asking people to come in formal clothing off put the regular joes that might be filling the stands normally?
  2. Kimyouzan

    New Sumo book-Hawaiians

    Sounds like an interesting book but this Is the reason why I skip certain sections of the Akebono book when I re-read it. It can get really frustrating trying to keep track of a lot of Hawaiian names (both places and people) when you're not from there, have never been there, and don't know anyone from there.
  3. Kimyouzan

    Tosanoumi, Iwakiyama danpatsushiki

    I always liked these two. I hope Iwakiyama gets better.
  4. Kimyouzan

    Baruto Yokozuna run-really?

    Good point. I always thought it was premature, but guys like Hakuho and Asashoryu (who aside from Musashimaru are the only Yokozuna that I and others have ever experienced live) have kind of spoiled a lot of people in terms of expectations. I guess I'm just annoyed with the Ozeki sometimes, as I'm sure others are too. Anyway, go Baruto!!!
  5. Kimyouzan

    Baruto Yokozuna run-really?

    If you say so.... I haven't been watching Sumo as long as most of you guys, but it just seems so impossible to me that ALL THE OZEKI just suck that much that they can't get more wins. I think part of it is mentally, they don't want the responsibility, since when there's a tsuna run these days they always choke. I can't agree more. I really miss the days of two (or more) Yokozuna. Bart and Kise are my two best picks (although I really like Kotoshogiku). After them it's down to Myougiryu and Chiyotairyu :D
  6. Kimyouzan

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    Thanks again to Kintamayama! It was a great basho, and I'm really happy for Baruto. It's too bad he still can't beat Hakuho often, but it does happen so who knows what will happen in Osaka!
  7. Kimyouzan

    Baruto Yokozuna run-really?

    I think that Baruto, as well as Kotooshu and Harumafuji (and Kaio and Chiyotaikai before them) are quite comfortable as Ozeki and don't seem to have any desire to move up to the ultimate rank. None of them are good enough to challenge Hakuho on a regular basis, and as long as that is true they won't be trying their best in a tsuna run.
  8. Kimyouzan

    Baruto Pic Gallery

    Great pics! I assume that's his wife and mother there? The hakujin? And who are those two kids there?
  9. Kimyouzan

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    Agreed! That extra second really helps :D My god Kakuryu was a monster on day 6! I was really REALLY hoping that Myougiryu would kick Aran's ass, but unfortunately it was not to be. Next time for sure (Sign of approval...) Just watched day 7. Goeido really impressed me today for the first time in a while! Also, Houmasho is the man! He's really improved recently :D Once again great commentary Kintamayama, and I love the halftime vids! Hakuho almost seems bored these days...
  10. Kimyouzan

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    And on the 8th day God created the pause-button... B-) You enjoy pausing videos every 20 seconds? It was just a suggestion, which he said he would try out, and I am grateful.
  11. Kimyouzan

    Takanohana calendar

    Looks like a fun calendar! I wish that heya with more recognizable rikishi would do the same thing. I used to love the annual official calendar, but the last couple have been a bit lame. My favorite sumo pic of all time was the cover of the 2010 (or was it the 2009??) calendar, with Hakuho's back during the dohyo-iri.
  12. Kimyouzan

    Yamamotoyama makes a big splash

    Unfortunately that's exactly what I thought of too. Poor guy :-|
  13. Kimyouzan

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    That would be great! Once again, thanks for the videos. I missed a lot of Sumo for about a year after I moved back to the states, and these vids have been a godsend.
  14. Kimyouzan

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    What a bout with Kiseno-Kakuryu! Matrix-level stuff that I thought only guys like Toyonoshima could do... Thanks a million for these videos, Kintamayama. I have been watching every one for months! If it's possible though, could you add on just an extra two seconds before each bout starts? It's hard to read the names and win/loss records so quickly. Would be awesome if you could, but even if not I still enjoy the videos a lot :)
  15. Kimyouzan

    Ex-Asashouryuu sued in the North

    I hope he saved his money....