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    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2015 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    Well, looks like I got my wish.. a pseudo-henka by Hak. And I thought Yoshikaze was henka-proof. But then, who expects Hak to pull one? It may have been unintentional, or it may have been one of preservation, given Kaze's penchant for coming on like a food processor and knocking things off of the table. Or maybe Hak's hurting somewhere? (And Kaze isn't your average opponent - too much kinetic activity, like trying to dance with a Shiatsu massager.) Still, it gave me my first raised eyebrow of the basho. And give Gaga credit. Staying on her his feet and being successful. And doesn't Mitakeumi remind you of Endo from a while ago? I'm getting the impression that more than a few guys are "playing it safe" up there, going for the belt rather than other techniques. Still waiting for the first Bitch Slap-fest. And I always have rising respect for Toyonoshima. I think, pound for pound, this is one of the best guys up there. Aggressive, intelligent, resilient. Ok, so today was a little more interesting. Let's see if someone adds another sequin to the dress tomorrow.
  2. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2015 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    in the bout with Chiyonokuni above, the Gyoji wears green and white. I hadn't put my glasses on yet, and to me, it looked like the bout was being officiated by a Christmas Tree. Lots of comments about late bloomers, but I'm always impressed by Aminishiki. How this guy with the bad knees has lasted so long, and still maintain a level of effectiveness always keeps my interest. Enjoyed the Day 2 bout with Geeku and Tochinoshin, and showed creativity and ability to change strategy on the fly. There's no way Geeku could out-muscle Noshine, Plan B? A nice throw. And with the exception of a few really good bouts, this basho thus far is like treatment for Insomniacs. It's nice to have the full compliment of players but there are so many guys who are in different levels of healthiness. Some on their was back from injuries, some are fighting wounded - if anything, it makes the basho a kind of Bizzarro World Parity, where anyone can win on any given day. But so far, the action is pretty flat and the bouts by and large are over quickly. Times like this I really miss some of the characters who used to do the dancing. I'm not seeing any parallels to Chiyotaikai, Mainoumi, Kaio, Kotomitsuki, even guys like Roho, Iwakiyama, Takamisakari and Homasho, Even Wakanoho! I'm dying for a good throw, a juicy henka, anything but the talented robots up there these days. There's no, um, character? Nothing for the fan to grasp on an emotional level. Now, these are just my comments in a Western mind-set. I'm certainly not dissing the level of sumo-ship - it's mostly excellent (except for betting on whether or not Gagamaru stays on his feet, or when Kise has the next brain cramp). I enjoy the 3.48 second bouts. But I've been to city council meetings that are more entertaining. Anyway, I sit here waiting for the next spark of something, anything. I'll even settle for a raised eyebrow.
  3. Treblemaker

    Is this one of you guys? Guys?

    Quite easy: turn buddhist, die quickly, and get reborn as a fly - unlimited access everywhere, baby! nice plan, but still tough to make it through a 15 day basho Especially if you're a gnat. Might not make through one bout...
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    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    I've enjoyed this basho so far. Went back and re-watched all of Moti's 4 videos from Day 1, and this is definitely NOT your normal basho. Even with Hakuho out (I will bet a good steak dinner that says he's NOT injured), it's wide open. To make predictions after only 4 or 5 days of dancing is risky. Keep your shekels in your pockets. This next stretch of 4-5 days will tell the tale. I watched both of Hak's bouts in slo-motion, almost frame-to-frame, and there's absolutely NO evidence that he pre-injured his knee. if you have something loose within the kneecap, like cartilage, or maybe you've given it a twist, you'd be favouring that leg. Watched both dohyo-iri's, his warm-ups and his action within each bout. I didn't see him favour either leg, even during squats - which, as I can recall from experience, would make most people scream. He's had his ass handed to him, plain and simple, and has "gracefully" take the short exit, which frankly, I think is the best move. He deserves it. Now, without Hak and HF, I'm thinking, maybe there's some paint on a wall somewhere that needs to be watched. But this thing has turned out to be the best basho in recent memory. Lots of slapping, pushing, yanking, henka-ing, even the belt bouts are pretty good. But this is still Day 5 coming up - people still have energy. Lots of room for position jockeying. Sorry that Kitataiki is having a rough time - I like this guy. The Human Rain Delay. Amuru reminds me of all the good stuff from Takanoyama, Kotooshu, Aran and Wakanoho. All in one very potent package. Watching Gaga and Toyonoshima dance was like Me and MiniMe. Having said all that in the lines above, I don't think there's anyone that will give Terunofuji a hard time waltzing to the cup. But you never know. And fighting Yoshikaze is like having to deal with a blender.
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    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Hopefully it truly will not be devestating, but having 204 kilos fall on your knee can be devastating. One prime example of a career destroyed by such a fall would have been Mainoumi falling victim to Konishiki. Or YMY falling on himself.
  6. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Well, if T-Fuji rattles off a yusho this basho, and somehow manages to get another one in Nov, or get a jun-yusho, it may force the Kyokai's hand, in spite of the Mongolian background. I think they'd rather give it to Kise, and who knows? If he becomes uncharacteristicly efficient and knocks off the Yoks to get his yusho, they might start thinking really hard.
  7. Treblemaker

    Heya A-Z with (partial) pictorial history

    Absolutely wonderful collection. Great work! Thanks for this, and looking forward to more.
  8. Futabayama? Taiho? ;-) I don't think Hakuho and Asashoryu are really comparable where that is concerned. Asashoryu never struck me as a guy who consciously chased records, for one thing, while Hakuho certainly does. Well, also the fact that Asa was older than Hak, What would have been interesting is the hypothetical scenario of having them at the same age and peaking at the same time. Any takers?
  9. That's pretty good work. And it's an interesting thought. Now, just for the fun of it, let's see if you can do the math if there was never a Mongolian invasion! Not one. Not even with the Hawaiian contingent. Now THAT would be interesting. I'm sure it happened in a parallel universe.
  10. Treblemaker

    The greatest yokozuna of modern times is

    I think the term, "greatest" should be more defined. If you're talking about the "highest achieving", that's one thing. If referring to someone adhering to the definition of Yokozuna, and exemplifying that role, that's something else. If you're talking about someone people turned out to watch, who grabbed the interest and emotions of the crowd, and who might have been the best "entertainer" or best "draw", then we're on a different planet again. In terms of achievements, you can't touch Hakuho. Methodical, technical and effective. But then, there was a long time where he had nobody to really play with. In terms of being a total textbook "Yokozuna", at least to the naked eye, again, Hakuho seems to stand out. But I would perhaps add Takanohana. In terms of popularity and excitement, I might narrow it down to Kitanoumi, Chiyonofuji and Asashoryu. All were fun to watch, but for sheer tension, intensity and drama, nobody came close to Asa. It didn't matter that there was a dearth of competition for a few years, and it didn't really matter WHO he was up against, once that last slap on the belt woke people up, you knew you were in for a treat. So, "greatest" Yokozuna? Well, time will tell. 10 years from now, Hakuho will be remembered fondly, but few people are going to dial up his bouts on YouTube. Takanohana and Chiyonofuji will still be draws at autograph sessions and book signings, but Asashoryu will still be the most popular figure for people who saw him in action. Maybe not the "greatest", but certainly the most remembered. Just on counting the number of hits of his bouts as available on YT, he easily has more views than all other videos of Yokozunas combined. The only one of the current crop who might have a claim to come close is HF, if he can stay healthy. Greatest "Non-Yokozunas" have to go to Kaio and Kyokutenho. Reasons are self-explanatory. All of the above, my most humble opinions. Your mileage WILL vary.
  11. Treblemaker

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome, Laurent! And welcome to Toronto. Meet you at Timmy's? (I'm in Toronto, too..)
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    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    After I complained yesterday that there was no tsuppari, no pushing, shoving and bitch-slapping, today we got a whole dose of it! Seirou: Best Henka yet! Hibiki is still looking for his retina... Amuuruuuuu looks like a newer model Aran, with all parts working correctly. Sadanofuji vs Gaga: reminded me of an old National Geographics video of two rhinos fighting over a patch of clover. Grunting included. Tanawashi vs Takekazi: The Bitch-slap of the day, followed by "Oh, you go down? Me go down too.." Ichinojo, being a bigger and heavier playmate still can't figure out Tochinoshin. Why? Cause Noshin does things right. I still say there's something NOT right with Nojo. Terunofuji reminding me more and more of a Hak/Asa hybrid, but in a bigger anmeaner body. Great throw! Karma I: Aminishiki, the Master of all Sleight-of-Foot moves, gets his knees handed to him by Goeido, who essentially is henka-proof. Takarafuji starts slap-fest. Kakuryu says, I can do that too. But better. Hakuho comes in low! (Rare.) Tochiozan says, I can play that game too. Pushes Most Exalted Face to clay. Face not happy. Karma II. Yes, we have us a yusho race!
  13. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    This is why I like sumo. A few throws, and couple of nice, juicy henkas, some belly-flops, and a good ol' fashioned face wash.
  14. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    He definitely is powerful like Baruto but Terunofuji seems to have more ways in which to beat his opponents. I mentioned this (see post #138), because he does have the power, PLUS the height, PLUS some of the better characteristics of Hakuho. Maybe a few more weapons in his arsenal than Baruto had. Whereas Baruto was a former bouncer, Teruno looks like he's got some history behind him. What he lacks is experience at the very top levels, but he makes up for it. I think we're seeing Kakuryu coming into the proper Yokozuna zone. Not flamboyant, just effective. And why? Why? Why doesn't anybody actually attack Hakuho right at the tachi-ai? Go full guns, knock him off guard, surprise him. It works. We've seen it. What usually happens is that he absorbs whatever group hug, goes for the belt, waits to see what is offered on the table, then takes the other guy to the cleaners. Whem he's been beaten lately, it's seems to be because of a real charge, followed by some strategy that doesn't allow him to grab a belt. I'd love to see him in a real shoving match/bitch-fight/slap-fest. Trouble is, who does that anymore? Where's Chiyotakai when you need him? Everyone up there is a belt-and-suspenders guy these days. And what's up with Ichinojo? This is not the same guy we've seen for the last 2 bashos. He's sluggish, sometimes confused, and not a lot of effort.
  15. Treblemaker

    Nagoya 15 Streaming

    Ok, just for old times sake, I went back and downloaded KeyholeTV! (Remember it?) IT WORKS! Mind you, it was pretty choppy, so I went for the Premium Module Key (5 days for $1, 30 days for $5), and it's the NHK broadcast, in Japanese, including Juryo bouts. The window is still pretty small, but can be enlarged somewhat, and the video is slightly choppy, but acceptable. So, for $5 every couple of months, I can live with getting the full live NHK broadcast, from Juryo right on up. Better than paying $$$$$ to NHK, or subscribing $20/month for Japan TV. It's reminiscent of the old NHK live feed, but since there are severely limited options, this (at least for now and a few bucks) satisfies the desire to watch some live action, even in a small window. Late edit: Compared it to the UBS broadcast, and the video is thousands of times better on UBS, but lags almost 30 seconds behind the NHK broadcast. Still, for experimentation purposes, I'm watching the tiny Keyhole video, simply because I like the genuine ambient background noise, and also for nostalgia.. IMHO and YMMV.
  16. Treblemaker

    Nagoya 15 Streaming

    Came across this link: Can someone check this out (click on one of the streams - for me, vaughanlive works), and tell me if this is the channel that NHK broadcasts sumo on?
  17. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Geeku is one of the most henka-prone guys there is. I'm willing to bet a few shekels that he would fall for it three days in a row, if people were willing to try. I mean, why not? A pretty much guaranteed win against an Ozeki?
  18. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    I've always liked Goeido. The issue, I think, is that he hasn't made the mental adjustment. Today was vintage Goeido. On the whole, the Ozeki group seems ("seems"), to be capable of doing their job, but again, Kise follows one great bout with a stinker, and Geeku is so highly henka-prone, it's amazing that he isn't "bait-switched" more often.
  19. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Speaking of being shot out of a cannon, I really miss Kotomitsuki.. That man fired out of a crouch faster than anyone. But That's how you handle people like Tochinoshin. And if this wasn't the best bout Kise has ever had, it was close to it. Recovered from a flabby henka, and finished the job. And what was Ichinojo thinking? A slow-motion henka is a ticket outtathere... Terunofuji is beginning to look a lot like a cross between Hakuho and Baruto, with the best features of each. Throw in the meaness of Asa and you have the potential of The Next Big Thing. Speaking of which, I miss the manic intensity of Asa. I really do. With HF out, all we have is ballet. And the drinking contest is to see how long Gaga can keep upright before gravity trips him. Late edit: They're starting the Ozeki vs Ozeki battles early, aren't they? And this just in... There's nothing wrong with Hakuho. Yet.
  20. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Still not sure... the first two bouts had Hak in positions where the right move could have had him. Tochinoshin basically beat himself. I'd reserve judgement about Hak until after the 6th or 7th day. If he's still not dominating people by then, it's not boredom. And gravity is still Gagamaru's biggest foe. Kakuryu (for the first time) showed the style I remember when he was climbing up the ladder. Giku was fortunate. That could have gone either way. Disappointed that HF is out. I enjoy watching him, win or lose. And I'm puzzled about Ichinojo. He's not really a plodder. He's got some footwork. For a big guy, he's pretty agile, I think. Why not use some of that agility? Or am I wrong about this? (I've been wrong before, but it's so long ago...) ;)
  21. Treblemaker

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Um, not sure that (a) Hakuho was bored/toying with him/had it all planned out or (b) was really in trouble/was held in check more than was obvious/was waiting to see what was being offered, if anything, by Takarafuji. What I DO sense was that this wasn't a typical Hakuho Opening Night bout. Not sure if it's an indicator, or an anomaly, but as we get into week two, if these kind of bouts keep occurring, well, I don't know. Hakuho owes sumo nothing, and sumo owes Hak a ton. Might be a really good time to go out on top. Would be very interesting to see Hak as one of the MIB discussing business in the middle of the ring... IMHO, of course...
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    Terunofuji promoted to Ozeki

    OK, so is it too early to start talking of another Mongolian Log-Jam at the top? Given that, of the three Native Son Ozeki heading into the last tournament, only Kise might be capable of actually becoming a Yokozuna, but we all know he's getting older, and with parity being what it is, I don't see a timeline with a belt in his IMMEDIATE future. Next in line for promotion? I firmly believe that it's Ichinojo.(yet another Mongolian). I've been wrong before (and Many times before), but with Geeku and Goeido, well, still not sure that they're Yok material. By Sept, you could have 5 Mongolians out of the top 8 spots. Kise remains the last Native Hope. Just don't hold your collective breaths.... IMHO, of course.
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    Natsu 2015 Basho Talk (spoiler alert!)

    At the start of this, I had written off Aminishiki and Tenho, but both keep plugging along. This is why I don't go to casinos. Don't know if anyone was keeping track, but this basho had not so many throws and few henkas (but some real juicy ones!). I kinda miss the days when people were tossing each other around. And don't write Hakuho off just yet. Yes, this might not have been his best effort, but parity being what it is, there's still no substituting strength and enthusiasm with sheer experience. Hak's downfall was running into vintage HF. If there's an acid test, it's how Hak deals in the next few basho. Then, if there's a trend, then we can start the retirement parade. I don't think he's done yet. And to the age-old question about the next Yokozuna, I think we finally see Kise over the next few months. But then, I don't go to casinos.
  24. Treblemaker

    Natsu 2015 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15!

    Moti, many thanks. Enjoyed every moment of your work.
  25. Treblemaker

    Natsu 15 Streaming

    I can't get Niji to work... As my Japanese is as good as my Esperanto, I have no idea if I'm supposed to fix a setting, etc. There's a message at the bottom ending in 4120. What am I doing wrong?