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  1. Ichinjo looks the goods but another Mongolian. Who in the ranks has the potential to be the next Japanese born Yok? Goeido is a favoruite of mine and I would love to see him step up but there seems to be a real division between the top Mongolians and everyone else.
  2. Musashoryu

    Day 14 Pics - Haru 14

    great photos....the ones of the Kak-Hak bout are fabulous...that was really good bout!
  3. Musashoryu

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    That was a great bout and i cant see Kak faltering now......will Goeido make Ozeki? I hope so he is one of my favourites.
  4. Musashoryu

    Aki 13 Comments

    Was over very quick wasnt it? Hakuho marches on!
  5. Musashoryu

    Hakuho, 27 Yusho and Counting

    A year or two ago I would have said he is on his way to 34 at least....the only thing that can stop his progression is injury and the older you get the more prone to them. As for sumo being boring because one Yokozuna dominates I say just the opposite, it is a privelege to watch one of the greats in action.
  6. Musashoryu

    Harumafuji talk

    I think he will find it difficult I expect Hakuho to come out blazing, since promotion to Yokozuna he hasnt gone three basho in a row without winning one of them...
  7. Musashoryu

    Day 12 Observations

    I love Takamisakari, such an energiser bunny.....he cleaned Hokoturiki's clock good!
  8. Musashoryu

    Day 10 results and day 11 pairings

    I dont think Aran is the man to stop the Yokozuna's streak.....roll on 60
  9. Musashoryu

    Can anyone stop the Hakuho juggernaught?

    Its funny...the Sumo purist in me is enjoying the Yokozuna doing what he should but also I want to see someone rise through the ranks and challenge him while he is on top! I have no doubt he will eventually become one of the greatest Yokozuna of all time!
  10. With the current state of Sumo as it is and the Ozeki about as consistent as a raging river who will stop the Hakuho juggernaught? At this point I can only see injury getting in the way of him smashng all records. Those who know more about Sumo than me ( which is most people on this wonderful forum) might have identified an up and comer who might get him, if so who?
  11. Musashoryu

    Hakuhou news and Aki 2009 preparations

    Agreed- I am a big Asashoryu fan but Hak is a more Yokozuna-like Yok than Asa ever was. Compared to Asa he might seem boring but seen in the light of the art of Sumo and its tradition he is an artist befitting of his rank.
  12. Musashoryu

    Hakuhou news and Aki 2009 preparations

    Which is why when he surpasses Asashoryu in records he will be considered one of the best of all time........
  13. Musashoryu

    Post Basho YDC meeting

    As a western fan of Sumo and a lifetime Japan-ophile let me give my perspective....i love the tradition and culture of Sumo and I dont want to see it change.....In my mind Hakuho is a model of Yokozuna in and out of the ring.....but the western part of me loves the controversy of Asa and I enjoy watching his passion, still I know that it is very much not a part of Sumo culture and I wouldnt like others to emulate him......but nothing gets me more excited in Sumo than watching Asa doing what he does is my little secret I jumped up and clapped my hands together with excitement and joy when he won the other day in the middle of a crowded Japanese restaurant, so that shows how the passion comes across! So I have no problems with the YDC having words with him as it there job to continue the beautiful traditions of Sumo but I also enjoy Asa in way only a non-Japanese could!
  14. Musashoryu

    Day 15 results, yusho and sansho

    Good to see Goeido dong well again....I would love to see him reack Ozeki!
  15. Musashoryu

    Ryu: "I have returned!"

    Great post! It was interesting to see the crowd actually behind Asa......although there are still many who want him to fall on his face!