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  1. Torabayama

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    True. Though, Futahaguro is an outlier in a variety of ways I suppose. As for Asahifuji he was promoted the next basho so it wasn't like he stayed on the banzuke ranked lower. Would Terunofuji get the nod if he won this time around?
  2. Torabayama

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Should Terunofuji take the yusho this time, would it not be a bit awkward that we have a current ozeki holding more yushos than a current yokozuna? Not sure when/if it happened before. I don't think he would be promoted even with a victory this time correct?
  3. Torabayama

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    Damn, I was really hoping for 大雪嵐. (Laughing...) Or maybe Big Maple Tree? 大楓木
  4. Torabayama

    Nagoya 2014 Discussion Thread

    I can't keep up with which conspiracy theory I'm supposed to adhere to these days... The kyokai is rigging it so that we can get a Japanese yokozuna? Then we get yokozuna Kakuryu? Hakuho is dropping matches on purpose so that there can be a Japanese yusho winner but that still hasn't happened and now there is a conspiracy because Hakuho is winning his bouts? My head is spinning...
  5. Here's a short video I took of the entrance before prayer/blessing at the Atsuta Jingu dohyo-iri. Enjoy!
  6. Yubinhaad, where you at Atsuta for the festivities. Was there myself but didn't manage the best pics so thanks for those. Will upload my video of everyone walking out for the initial prayer and blessing soon. Cheers!
  7. Torabayama

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Appears I just missed it as the account has been terminated. Was on this morning when I woke up but silly me thought I would watch it a little late.
  8. Torabayama

    Day 14 Pics - Natsu 14

    Has Kyokutaisei secured a place in Juryo now with his 5-2? Glad to seem him doing well.
  9. Torabayama

    Nagoya Basho 2014 PR (images)

    Thanks Asanomeshi. I had been checking their site and waiting for it to update. After doing some research on past dohyo-iri's at Atsuta Jingu, it seems they are regularly held two Saturdays before the start of the basho. That would put this year's ceremony on July 5th. I think it starts around 1PM. Also, the dohyo matsuri should be held on July 12th at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium. I hope to catch this an the yusho parade on the 27th.
  10. Torabayama

    Nagoya Basho 2014 PR (images)

    Speaking of Nagoya, I'll be attending on day 10. I used to live in the area and always wanted to attend the dohyo-iri at Atsuta Shrine nearby. Does anyone happen to know the date that it will be held this year? Also, do they have a yusho parade for Nagoya and if so does anyone know the route and a good viewing spot? Any help would be great.
  11. Torabayama

    Video Stream - Availability

    Is it still the case that this other streaming option doesn't work on Mac other than through something like VMWare, or is it possible to stream Niji on a Mac through VLC?
  12. Torabayama

    Kakuryu as Yokozuna

    First time we'll have more than 2 Yokozuna in around 14 years correct?
  13. Torabayama

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    Great basho, regardless of what happens next. Really enjoyed this one. Kakuryu getting his first yusho, Osunarashi finally getting his kachi-koshi on the last day, Endo facing off against the big guns for the first time, Kotooshu retiring, Kotoshogiku taking down both Yokozuna, Kisenosato getting pushed of the ring by a Hakuho matta, Goedo pulling together some epic performances and finishing 12-3 with the jun-yusho and setting up a hopeful ozeki run, and a rematch on the final day yokozuna match. Entertaining stuff.
  14. Torabayama

    Sumo documentary videos

    There are a lot of lost gems out there that have gone away under YouTube's copyright takedowns. Anyone remember 'Mongolian Eagle' about Kyokushuzan? It used to be on a service called Joost but when it disappeared I could never find it again....
  15. Torabayama

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    Thanks for those clarifications Asashosakari and wanderer. And last question, was the Kyokushuzan/Asashoryu divide started due to Kyokushuzan being the elder and Asashoryu usurping his accomplishments so to speak? Surely it began before the mage pulling, mirror breaking incident.