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  1. Good evening everyone :). I had a few quick questions I was hoping someone could answer. Has anyone had Chankonabe, and if so, what does it taste like? I know the recipe varies depending on the stable, but I would hazard a guess to say that it probably is similiar in each. I was also wondering on average how many calories the average Rikishi consumes per day, and how many they burn off. Sorry if any of these questions are silly, I'm just very curious and would love to know. Thank you very much for the input, I greatly appreciate it! -Gogo ;-)
  2. Gougou na Nami

    Can we be friends?

    While not my personal way of expression, I don't see anything wrong with showing the love :). Especially with new members, we should go out of our way to make them feel welcome, let them be themselves, and besides, it never hurt anyone to be nice! Everyones been very kind to me and I for one am very grateful. **Hands you a cookie** -Gogo (In a state of confusion...) (Neener, neener...)
  3. Gougou na Nami

    Interview with Izutsu Oyakata

    Awesome, thank you so much! Highly informative, and great answers. Very high res photos too :). -Gogo ;-)
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    Hello everyone :)

    Hello Everyone! It's really great to find a community dedicated to Sumo. I'm new to the sport, still learning, watching a lot and reading a ton, I just wanted to say thank you for having so much information readily available and that I look forward to getting to know you all. A big hello from sunny San Diego! -Gougou Na Nami Or just call me Gogo :) :-P
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    Next Mongolian to reach juryo

    I'm behind Hoshikaze all the way! (In a state of confusion...). He's been around a while without making it and is still ton of fun to watch, like a PO'ed goofy monkey. I'm not sure if he has the physical strength, but you never know :). Tokusegawa is also a solid choice. -Gogo
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    Hello everyone :)

    Hmmm You dont have a brother called Yoavoshimaru do you? I don't, hehe :). My brothers name is Orin and unfortunately doesn't share my love of all things Sumo :*(. -Gogo
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    Rikishi Strength Analysis Revisited

    Fantastic job! Going to need more than the 3 hours I spent with it, tip of the iceberg. Fantastic analysis, thorough and engaging. Thank you so much! :D Made a newbie Sumo fan a point of reference. -Gogo (In a state of confusion...)
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    Where to buy Tegata online?

    He got me all taken care of, thank you guys so much! Everyone here is very kind. -Gogo
  9. Gougou na Nami

    Where to buy Tegata online?

    Good evening everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy Tegata online, other than ebay. I've been going nuts trying to find one, I'm collecting to decorate my room when I move this February. Ebay doesn't have much, and the one seller I did find usually has the same auctions. Any links or advice would be really appreciated! Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking the time to help. -Gogo (In a state of confusion...)
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    Tomozuna Beya

    You guys rock, than you so much! Very Helpful. (In a state of confusion...) -Gogo
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    Mongolian girl

    A warm and blessed welcome from Sunny San Diego. Who's your favorite? I'm betting Asashōryū, but maybe you could tell us :D. (In a state of confusion...) -Gogo
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    hi everybody

    Welcome to the forums! Tell us more about yourself, what is your interest in Sumo? We would love to get to know you. -Gogo (In a state of confusion...)
  13. Gougou na Nami

    Hello from Nagoya

    Welcome to the forums Steve! Any photos you take that involve Sumo, don't hesitate to upload them! A happy warm welcome from sunny San Diego. :D (In a state of confusion...) -Gogo
  14. Gougou na Nami

    Hello everyone :)

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome! :) Yep, it means Thundering Wave, and is a bit odd, but then again, so am I :D. You'll see me on quite a bit, and its really great to be here. **chucks salt into the ring with a grin** Gogo (Hugging...)