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  1. I came to this very conclusion many years ago but every now and then I feel tempted to let my hopes go up. Fortunately I resist that. If only Shodai were a bit taller... but he must be the best college rikishi I've seen climbing up the ranks in the last decade. I am still holding my horses though.
  2. I must admit it that for many years I didn't notice Yoshikaze. But he is that kind of rikishi who can 'take it' without giving in, acting as though he were the strongest guy out there. Kachikoshi is still within reach but I think Aoiyama is having his worst basho in a long while. He is being pushed too easily in a tournament that might see his first make-koshi outside the joi-jin in more than 3 years. Last time, though, he was known to be injured. Is it good bye Kitataiki ? Didn't Okinoumi fight in the first-half yesterday ? I don't remember a M2 fighting that early in a long time, specially one with kachi-koshi chances. Or maybe I just don't pay attention to these things. What would explain it is the presence of 4 'visitors' (<M3) fighting in upper half, I guess.
  3. shumitto

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    I've noticed that Kintamayama's videos have 3 thumbs down on average. Why would some do it for a sumo video ? Someone who wants to play the 'funny guy' ? or someone with no neck ? maybe Eric 'Mr. Syntax' Blair ? Anyway, I would like to thank you all for the great videos. I wish I had the time to watch them all.
  4. How about getting kachi-koshi first? At 5-1 he's not too far off now. With injured Yoshikaze and Takayasu also doing fine, it will be a neck and neck race to determine who wins a sansho.
  5. I agree that his record alone doesn't say much, but the quality of his wins are a bit better. He is not sleepwalking his way to a kachikoshi. Yet, I would like to see him deliver against a better opposition before getting excited about it.
  6. shumitto

    New recruits for Nagoya 2016

    This Kawaguchi is so bad, look at his posture. Kinjo's win was so clear, how did the gyoji get that wrong ? The guy looks promising though, I can picture him in Jonokuchi in one basho. :-D
  7. I thought the deal was Yusho and NO retirement, so that they can keep winning against him.
  8. shumitto

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    This schedule is probably adjusted according to your computer. I have a different one here. Did you miss the gyoji referee and the oshidashi push out ? I certainly didn't. Both NHK World and NHK Premium show their sumo digests at the same time. There is no reason to put all makuuchi bouts in both of them if the former is free and the latter is not. I for one, I would cancel my NHK subscription if NHK world showed all bouts.
  9. shumitto

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    I think you will find it here
  10. You might disagree with the content, but please appreciate the writing style. "News being news in the modern era" "Increasingly, however, the numbers of international media outlets, professional photographers and journalists reaching out for help in gaining access to morning practice or one of the six annual tournaments has also been increasing."
  11. shumitto

    Banzuke Nagoya 2016

    By making it to Sekiwake, both Kaisei and Tochinoshin have tied with their shisho for career highest rank.
  12. shumitto

    The Bench Euros 2016!

    I haven't actually watched it ( I am mostly following only the results) but Croatia has a star-studded midfield. It was about time they pulled off such an upset.
  13. shumitto

    University Banzuke 2015

    I've found some videos about these guys on youtube. It is worth checking. The most frustrating aspect of following college sumo is that many promising sumotori don't go pro. You seldom see that in other sports.
  14. shumitto

    The Bench Euros 2016!

    Sorry about your father. Give me Turkey if still available, or Poland.
  15. shumitto

    Forum Update Feedback

    I was on google and found this. Edit: URL removed. it looks nice, too.
  16. shumitto

    Heisei Hopefuls - prospect watch

    I hope not. I know in March he stayed at his parents, but he was supposed to be back in May.
  17. I think it is Chiganoura-beya.
  18. I think it is worth checking for the pictures, but the regular 'readership' of the forum won't get much from it. It is the usual "wake up early, train hard" kind of article.
  19. shumitto

    Heisei Hopefuls - prospect watch

    Thank you for this thread, it is really a great material. When I have the time to check for prospects I will do it with this list in mind. I've haven't watched Musashikuni recently with the lack of videos and all, but my impression is that he had decent overall skills (like dohyo sense, balance) but somehow lacked in the strenght department. His tsuppari stopped working in upper Sandanme. I have no idea about the other weaknesses that might have been revealed in the last few basho though.
  20. shumitto

    The Bench Euros 2016!

    Count me in. As a player.
  21. shumitto

    Official now-Kyokutenhou has retired

    According to Wikipedia he has become a politician in his homeland.
  22. shumitto

    Retirees after Natsu 2016

    @Wakatake Thank you for your answer. I read somewhere about this requirement of 30 basho. I wasn't clear about that, but my question was more materially concerned with those rikishi that retire after a mere 4 or 5 basho. They don't even sport a mage, how can and why should a danpatsu-shiki be held ? This interest was triggered by the departure of Iwagami, a rikishi I've followed in his very, very short career.
  23. shumitto

    Wakanosato Retires (This time it's official)

    It's nice to see former Takanowaka in good shape.
  24. Kyokutenho was the epitome of the risk-shy, consistent rikishi and he of all people won the Yusho. I know that's the exception, but hey, we can hope, too.
  25. shumitto

    Hello from Germany

    Hallo & Herzlich Willkommen. I wonder when the forum rules will require proficiency in German. :-P