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  1. shumitto

    Banzuke Kyushu 2016

    Ichinojo has managed to stay in Makuuchi with a few ranks to spare, while Oosunaarashi was to demoted to Juryo from half a rank higher. And now the Egyptian drops again undeservedly like a rock . Maybe if he wins a zensho-yusho he will get back to Juryo #1.
  2. shumitto

    Kyokai site

    Gyoji and Yobidashi are also listed. Good stuff !
  3. shumitto

    Persistence Watch - 2016 edition

    When I first started watching sumo, my attention was quickly drawn to this guy. I thought no one could be worse, but I am afraid I was wrong. While it is true that Hattorizakura has one (actual) win, it didn't look very convincing. I hope after Hattorizakura retires we don't get to see such rikishi for a long time.
  4. shumitto

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    I haven't seen other pictures of her, but appearance-wise she must be one of the best faces in this whole topic. I wish them luck !
  5. shumitto

    Retired after September 2016

    Sadly it didn't work out for Takamai. His injury must have been so severe that he never got even close to his previous form. I watched only a couple of bouts after his injury and he looked bad, with very a limited mobility. In that sense, it was even worse than with Hakiai, Takunishiki and others who shared a similar faith. At least they all have (so I hope) a degree to fall back on.
  6. shumitto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2016

    This comment from Nishonoseki about Takayasu's chances make sense, given the latter's lack of a proven san'yaku record. Having 8 rikishi at Yokozuna/Ozeki ranks is ok, I think, and this number will sooner or later be reduced by how bouts are scheduled anyway. Kizenryu is going to beat this record, and what makes it even more "dubious" is that these one basho stints in Juryo are his whole sekitori career, unlike Asofuji or Iwakiyama, who had much more solid sekitori experience after or between those ups and downs. Honestly, even without injury I think Kizenryu wouldn't have lasted long in Juryo. Despite the good frame and nice brand of sumo, he doesn't quite belong there.
  7. shumitto

    Trivia bits

    I think this must have been written elsewhere (though I haven't found it), but Kyushu will see Hakuho ranked as Y2 for the first time.
  8. shumitto

    Most Makuuchi Wins in a calendar year.

    Ironically, as far as consistency goes, Kisenosato has been the best Ozeki for years and this year is the best overall, but so far he has failed to convert that effort into a title. It is very frustrating. Also, this table shows that Kakuryu has been no better than an average Ozeki this year. I suspect that soon they will show him the door.
  9. shumitto

    Trivia bits

    I think Arawashi is the only Yusho-less rikishi in the whole Makuuchi. I wonder have many have retired with a similar record.
  10. Or maybe he was there to call a monoii against Goeido. It is good to see Kaisei back from his vacations, but a bit too late. Takanoiwa has shown much more fighting spirit, but sports the same record. I wouldn't blame Kaisei though, as he is likely injured. Amakaze is just too green for Makuuchi. It should be remembered though that he is yet to clinch a kachi-koshi from upper Juryo (!) and even in the bottom half his performances were far from consistent. I like the guy, but I have trouble seeing him as a Makuuchi mainstay. Aminishiki has sealed his Juryo spot. I am surprised. It seems you can never write him off.
  11. shumitto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2016

    Back in May Kagamio got injured against big Tenkaiho, who also happens to be in Makushita. IIRC the big brace the Mongolian wears around the right knee is a consequence of that.
  12. shumitto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2016

    I don't think he needs six more. Takahama/Hamanishiki was made an oyakata with 26 basho as a sekitori under his belt. I don't know if he had any privilege for being an in-law to someone, but I know that Hochiyama also become an oyakata without reaching the 30 basho mark.
  13. shumitto

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I've just realized that when I've finished watching a bout, the next one starts playing automatically. I haven't use the DB lately for videos so I have no idea when this feature was implemented, but thank you, it is very handy.
  14. One thing I noticed about Aminishiki the moment he mounted the dohyo for the dohyo-iri is that he clearly lost muscles, specially in the upper-body - at least there it is more visible. Also, his mobility is quite reduced, which makes his win over Satoyama all the more impressive. He has adapted his sumo to his condition, that is, with power techniques no longer an option he goes for slaps and pushes in the hope that his foe will slip on his own. Kyokutaisei seemed aware of this and didn't fall for this (Amini)trick. If things go on like this it is unlikely that he will win even 5 to scrape by. It would be melancholic to see him leave like this, but retirements of rikishi are rarely very different. Will Okinoumi finally deliver that stellar performance that many of us have long awaited for ? I must admit it that I am thrilled as well, but he is the kind of rikishi who beats Harumafuji one day only to lose to Takekaze in the next. Yet, he looks very poised and is hasn't lost his cool in an of those difficult bouts. Quite impressive. I like Chiyoshoma, and when such a former lightweight becomes a sekitori it is a good thing, but I really hope he doesn't turn into some kind of Hakuba, someone who pulls a trick in almost every tachiai. It would take away some of the shine of his sumo.
  15. shumitto

    Tokitenku intai

    I've ran a quick search and unfortunately the only thing I've found is "悪性リンパ腫", which means 'malignant lymphoma'. No source has added any further details.
  16. shumitto

    Banzuke Aki 2016

    Amakaze won two bouts more being 3 ranks below. That is usually enough to get a better a spot. I don't want to turn this topic into an echo chamber, but Osunaarashi's demotion was too tough. I am usually lenient with those things and tend to say that it is just "bad luck" but this is a bit too much. Are you curious to see how Ichinojo performs at this rank ? To be honest, me neither. I never quite jumped on his bandwagon even when he started, I won't do so now. But Shodai again at M2 might be interesting to see. If Kitataiki manages to get a kachi-koshi I will stop rooting for the Cubs after 25+ years to become a White Sox fan. Ok, I am joking, but that gives an idea of how unlikely I see that.
  17. shumitto

    Banzuke Aki 2016

    A good candidate for most picks at the Upside down hoshitori game. I still think that he won't get as many picks as Sadanofuji did when he was that high.
  18. shumitto

    Forum Update Feedback (v4)

    Probably owing to some deleted posts that were still counted, I suppose. Anyway, thank you.
  19. shumitto

    Forum Update Feedback (v4)

    My post count was at 1.016, but I might be mistaken, so if no one else notices anything similar, you had better ignore it.
  20. shumitto

    Forum Update Feedback (v4)

    I have the slight impression that some of my posts were flushed by a vacuum in the middle of this process. I don't miss them, but I thought it worth mentioning.
  21. shumitto

    Kyokai site

    Having seen some foreign fans leaving the Kokugikan in the middle of Makuuchi, they probably assume that foreign fans have nothing more than a passing interest, only a curiosity in Sumo. That also helps explain why their NHK World Highlights are suited to a beginner audience, with even the most basic terms being explained. On a side note, one thing I don't understand about their website is that in case of rikishi below Juryo, you can access their profile from google, but not straight from their website. I don't know if they have fixed that, but I think they didn't.
  22. shumitto

    Chiyonofuji passing

    Taiho, Chiyonofuji and Kitanoumi all have left us in a little more than 3,5 years. Not to mention former Ozeki Kaiketsu who passed away in 2014. Difficult times for sumo fans and Legends.
  23. shumitto

    Kyokai site

    It returns "forbidden" when I try to open it. Based on the comments here it must be a good thing. Anyway, I used to like their older website, specially for checking the results. Also, the color palette was lighter and gave a better overall feeling.
  24. shumitto

    Juryo Promotions for Aki 2016

    Wakanoshima (Shibatayama, Kagoshima), 31, was out of the sekitori ranks for 5 straight basho. Kizenryu (Kise, Kagawa), 31, was out of the sekitori ranks for 6 straight basho. No shin-juryo this time. They have also confirmed the intai of Homarenishiki, but this belongs elsewhere. Veterans Fujiazuma and Kitataiki got lucky.
  25. shumitto

    Juryo Promotions for Aki 2016

    I think your math is 1 basho off. It should be 4 consecutive basho for Wakanoshima (last time in Juryo was November), and 5 consecutive for Kizenryu (last time in Juryo was September). Unless I can't count myself :-) It was a case of bad translation methinks. "Straight basho" should be read as "after X basho". That makes the sum correct.