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  1. shumitto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    Thanks for the updates @Asashosakari. This thread is great as usual. This basho will possibly see Tsurugisho finally reaching Makuuchi as one its greatest news promotion-wise. That is to say that unless some last day kachi-koshi brings a new face to Juryo it will be kind of boring in that department, which is rather normal after 4 promotions to juryo. Leaving sumo is Aminishiki, who received his own thread but here I would like to say that I got used to seeing him as last representative of an old way of doing sumo. He and former Ozeki Kaio really stood out from the crowd. Leaving Makuuchi for now is Yago. So far he has shown excellent raw power, but not much else. He looks injured to boot. Speaking of dropping, when I see the list of former sekitori I realize that only a handful of them still have decent a shot at regaining sekitorihood, but also that very few spots are available for those willing to hang up the mawashi and stay with the kyokai (which is not new, but I think about it every time I have the chance.). What occurred to me only today though is how many of these kabu on loan are in fact ejectable seats. Kotoshogiku is probably just one disastrous basho away from intai, Yoshikaze will to drop to Juryo for the first time in ages and Tochiozan, who has been a perennial member of Makuuchi since 03.2007 (!) is likely to follow suit. Both Ikioi and Chiyootori don't look that great either. There are some forced oyakata retirements for 2021, but that is unlikely to solve to problem. I am curious as to if the kyokai will come up with something, but for now I bet they won't. By the way, my post is not well-organized but I will leave it as is.
  2. shumitto

    Meeting Tamawashi at Kataonami

    You met the only two rikishi of the stable. I didn't even know that there was a stable like that. I wonder if moto-Tamakasuga dons his mawashi to train with them. Thanks for the pic.
  3. shumitto

    Retirees May 2019

    I guess I am so used to seeing veterans soldiering on despite the lack of realistic chances of moving up again (Sagatsukasa, Tokushinho, Nionoumi, Keitenkai and the list goes on) that when I see someone retiring in a "timely" manner like Dewahayate and Tochihiryu I kind of feel surprised. But in a sense, when you were never cut out to be a solid sekitori - as I believe to be the case for both-, anytime is a good time to quit.
  4. After landing partly on his injured knee - courtesy of Aoiyama's henka - Takakeisho probably realised it was not worth it after all. He didn't look quite comfortable even before that. Ikioi is having a kyujo-like basho again, but I doubt he will withdraw. He is now on a 3-20 run.
  5. Terunofuji looked sluggish and a lot heavier, but he won. It will be difficult to watch him.
  6. shumitto

    New Juryo Natsu 2019

    After a while I thought that Irodori would neve gonna make it. It's been more than 8 years since his makushita debut anyway. It must be some kind of record. Let's see if finally makes his breakthrough. Speaking of a long time between makushita and juryo promotions, it is a tough decision for Fujiazuma. With this banzuke it could hardly have been any different, but he has kind of deserved this unlikely promotion, which is unlikely given his career path over the past 4 or 5 years, specially the last 2.
  7. shumitto

    Enho vs. Ichinojo?

    Or Chuck Norris. On a more serious note, skill may help prevent injuries to some extent. Rikishi who know how to fall and those who are most of the time in a dominant position (Hakuho got injured against the only rikishi who put him on the back foot) have an edge, but there is a 'systemic risk' you can't avoid.
  8. shumitto

    Retirees after Haru 2019

    They arrived at about the same time I started following sumo. It is hard to forget. Too right it is, specially considering Tenkaiho was probably the least promising of the four.
  9. shumitto

    Retirees after Haru 2019

    Tenkaiho/Minami is the last one from the promising quartet that joined way back in 01.2007 to retire. Lots of promise, but... An ejection seat is better than no seat at all.
  10. shumitto

    Abema TV all sumo live

    Thank you, MISELET. Your work has been an invaluable asset to us and the result of it became a staple of our evenings. We already miss it. By the way, does anyone know what software he used to record these videos ? VLC ?
  11. shumitto

    Abema TV all sumo live

    Abema working fine on day one.
  12. shumitto

    Why is there not even a small Tomokaze hype?

    Do you mean here or in the Japanese press ? I've bumped into a few articles about him lately, but admittedly, with Kisenosato having just retired and Takakeisho looking like an Ozeki in the making, there is not much attention left for someone who is not overly charismatic. Hype or non-hype aside, last basho his oshi-tsuki game was exposed and that happened not only when he lost. I expect kachi-koshi but not an easy debut.
  13. shumitto

    What other sports do you watch?

    Brazil Open 2005 ? Are you going to watch the next edition ?
  14. shumitto

    Kisenosato intai

    I don't know where it has been posted first, but I've just found it here.
  15. shumitto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2019

    They can give a not very young (Shimanoumi, 29) but fairly motivated rikishi a chance at proving himself in Makuuchi. Either Yutakayama or Chiyoshoma, both lackluster, would have to give way. It is a no brainer, I think, but the Kyokai will probably play conservatively again like they did last time with Daishomaru/Terutsuyoshi. Shimanoumi would likely bomb anyway, but why not be more aggressive with this promotion/demotion thing. On a side note, I am happy for Daiseido. I have watched very few bouts of him, and in none of them he gave me the impression of being long-term sekitori material, but he's deserved his chance.
  16. shumitto

    Aminishiki in 2019 - the veteran question

    It will be hard to find someone to put money against this. A more likely bet would be Takekaze v. Aminishiki, who retires first ? It has a clear favorite, but it is doable.
  17. shumitto

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2019

    Keeping Terutsuyoshi in Juryo with a very promotable record just to save Daishomaru who was not only easily demotable - but also showed some lethargic sumo - is a very poor choice.
  18. shumitto

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    I was going to remain silent about this (and no, I don't have any sources here), but I remember pretty well that a source was quoted by many Japanese papers saying that it was either retirement or the boot for Harumafuji. And as far as I can tell, it wasn't in 24 hours. The whole thing boiled for a while - a few days - before the climax. Anyway, if half of what is being told is true, no way Takanoiwa was going to remain for much longer.
  19. shumitto

    Trivia bits

    Truly remarkable. He also had only 1 mk before becoming a sekitori against Hakuho's 2, but the Mongolian was much greener when he became a pro. Musashimaru's run stands out a bit more when you compare him with other rikishi of similar weight. Anyway, two good examples of quality and consistency.
  20. shumitto

    Salary raise

    If rikishi maintain their purchase power it will be a big win, however unlikely it seems.
  21. shumitto

    Trivia bits

    I've just realised that Hakuho is yet to go the full distance - mind you, as a sekitori- and not get a kachi-koshi. Given his rank, that is unlikely to happen. His last make-koshi without a withdrawal has handed to him by Kaonishiki (then Murata) in 2002 (!), on day 10, his 5th bout. This was manually checked, so...
  22. shumitto

    YDC convenes

    In my time as a sumo fan (hey, 10 years in the forum) it is the first time I see a Yokozuna sitting out for this long. The other rikishi with long absences I have seen were the likes of Tochinoshin, Ryuden and so on who had the time to start almost from scratch. Defeating lower rankers, they build up their physique, technique and confidence again. Even if Kisenosato regains his full fitness, which at this point is doubtful at best, it is unreasonable to demand much from someone who has probably lost a lot by not competing. Maybe this comparison is bad, but I remember that after about two years away, it took Sokokurai three basho with some 9 months (4/2013 - 1/2014) of hard training to start getting back to his normal. The circumstances are very different, but...
  23. shumitto

    New Juryo for Aki 2018

    So, Jokoryu is finally back after two years. Will Toyonoshima be able to follow suit ? It doesn't look like the Joker will climb all his way back to Makuuchi with ease, if at all, but maybe that long awaited promotion will give him a new lease of life.
  24. shumitto

    Kotomisen intai

    Another dai-persistent from Sadogatake (Kotokuni, Kotoyutaka, Kotokasuga, Kotonomine all come to mind). But with some many rikishi this heya it is bound to have a myriad of career paths.