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  1. Trivia bits
  2. Games Talk Nagoya 2018

    three 10 - 10 bouts in Sumo Game on Day 2. I don't think we see this very often? not a great feeling to be on the losing end in one of these...
  3. Sekitori Heya Game (SHG) - Nagoya 2018 ENTRY

    Entries received so far: 1. chishafuwaku 2. Tenshinhan 3. just_some_guy 4. Ryoshishokunin 5. wolfgangho (welcome back!!!) 6. WAKATAKE 7. Pandaazuma 8. Sakura
  4. Juryo Winning Streak Nagoya 2018 (NEW GAME)

    except you don't get eliminated after a loss, you can start all over.
  5. Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Sekitori Heya Game! As always, RECRUITING NEW PLAYERS for this easy pre-basho game!!! TOPICS: We're back to 10 teams again, as Team Takadagawa left us after just one basho. No newcomers this time. In Nagoya 2018 we have not one but two teams with 7 sekitori: Kise and Oitekaze. Lots of points to be scored there! SHG Nagoya 2018 ENTRY FORM Rules: The player's task is to sort the sekitori within their respective heyas by how many wins he/she thinks those sekitori will get during the upcoming basho. TOP - most wins, BOTTOM - least wins. In case of two rikishi with identical number of wins, the score of the one with a higher rank will be considered better. If a rikishi withdraws before the Day 1 torikumi is published (i.e. is NOT listed on the Day 1 torikumi), he will automatically be moved to the bottom spot of all players' entries and his score will not be included in the averages for bonus questions. No need to resend the entry or correct the picks in such cases. If such a rikishi enters the basho later, it does not "activate" him in any way. Scoring: Base points: After the basho, 1 point will be awarded for every correctly guessed A>B-type (A has more wins than B) relation between every two members of each "team". Bull’s-eye points will be awarded for getting the order of the whole "team" right (a bull's-eye) (the more sekitori in a heya, the higher the bonus): +3 for a 3-sekitori heya, +5 for a 4-sekitori heya +8 for a 5-sekitori heya +12 for a 6-sekitori heya +17 for a 7-sekitori heya etc. There are also 2 bonus question for 4 points each: 1. Which of the featured teams do you think will have the highest average number of wins? 2. Which of the featured teams do you think will have the lowest average number of wins? (1. In case of an identical average number of wins, the scores of bigger teams will be treated as better. In case of two or more equally big teams getting the same best average number of wins, all of them will be considered "winners". And vice versa for 2. - in case of two or more identical lowest averages, the biggest team is considered worse) TIE-BREAKERS: 1. Most base points (that is, excluding bull's-eye points and bonus question points) 2. Base points for 6-sekitori heya 3. Base points for 5-sekitori heya 4. Base points for 4-sekitori heya 5. Base points for 3-sekitori heya SHG Nagoya 2018 ENTRY FORM DEADLINE: beginning of the first sekitori bout on Day 1 (hopefully someone will be able to provide this information if needed)
  6. Tokoyama training

    So another myth falls apart! It's not only during the danpatsu-shiki that the lower ranked rikishi can get an oicho mage done - they can be models for tokoyama training and get it done this way!
  7. New Juryo for Nagoya 2018

    yes, but I wasn't sure whether we were talking about the same thing. I guess we are
  8. New Juryo for Nagoya 2018

    My point is it's a small 'yu'! You don't write "Kotoshiyougiku", right? Because it's a small 'yo'.
  9. New Juryo for Nagoya 2018

    Wouldn't it be Churanoumi, with a small ゅ?
  10. Ramos foul on Salah - monoii

    They would probably call it a tsukiotoshi, as in most cases where no-one can tell what the hell happened.
  11. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    This sounded interesting, so I ran a quick Database search. The result is surprising: if I'm not horribly wrong, 65 out of 511 rikishi ranked in makuuchi in the six-basho era won at least one championship, which equals to 12,72%. Way more than I expected!
  12. Final Results It's time to annouce the final results of the Natsu 2018 edition of Sekitori Heya Game! Not surprisingly, the yusho goes to andonishiki! Congratulations!!! andonishiki managed to hold onto all of his 4 BE's despite all the dangers listed in my previous post. He even managed to add one more point to his score, bringing it up to 64. His result includes 52 base points and 12 bonus points for Kasugano, Oguruma, Takadagawa and Takanohana BE's. He also scored 17 for the huge Team Oitekaze, which was the best result among all the players (the second best result being 14). Holleshoryu stayed on the podium as well. He was the only player to get both Bonus Questions correct, which brought him 8 points! His Kasugano BE added 3 more bonus points to his result. Good news for Pandaazuma! He finished the basho with 11 wins, which means he'll be back at the rank of Ozeki for Nagoya 2018. Good job, Panda-zeki! He had more base points than Holleshoryu (43 vs. 41) but only 7 bonus points made him finish third. Pandaazuma scored 4 bonus points for BQ#1 and 3 points for a Sadogatake BE. BQ#1: Takanohana - 10,33 wins/sekitori (Kasugano got beaten by Takanohana on senshuraku, which cost nine players 4 bonus points) BQ#2: Isegahama - 4,8 wins/sekitori 1 andonishiki 64 15-0 2 Holleshoryu 52 11-4 3 Pandaazuma 50 11-4 4 Atenzan 47 10-5 5 WAKATAKE 47 10-5 6 Gansekiiwa 45 9'-6 7 Achiyama 45 8-7 8 Tenshinhan 42 8-7 9 Taikoubana 42 8-7 10 Senkoho 41 8-7 11 Suwihuto 40 7-8 12 Ryoshishokunin 39 7-8 13 Shokikogi 38 6-9 14 kuroimori 36 6-9 15 chishafuwaku 34 5-10 16 Gurowake 30 4-11 17 Sakura 29 3-12
  13. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Natsu 2018

    Entries received Day 15 Pandaazuma Kakuryu Takarafuji Takekaze Jakusotsu Kakuryu Chiyotairyu Ryuden Kuroimori Kakuryu Takarafuji Nishikigi Gaijingai Kakuryu Chiyoshoma Takekaze Sakura Kakuryu Chiyotairyu Takekaze shimodahito Chiyoshoma Takarafuji Sadanoumi Shokikogi Kakuryu Shodai Nishikigi gernobono Kakuryu Takarafuji Chiyomaru Senkoho Kakuryu Takarafuji Nishikigi Achiyama Kakuryu Takarafuji Takekaze WAKATAKE Kakuryu Shodai Chiyomaru RaeucherLax Kakuryu Takarafuji Chiyomaru Suwihuto Kakuryu Takarafuji Ryuden Gansekiiwa Kakuryu Daieisho Takekaze chishafuwaku Kakuryu Chiyomaru Takekaze Unkonoyama Kakuryu Ryuden Takekaze
  14. Pre-Senshuraku Bull's-Eye Analysis Isegahama: no-one Kasugano: If Tochiozan wins AND Aoiyama loses - Tenshinhan, Sakura, Pandaazuma, Shokikogi, Senkoho. In any other case: Suwihuto, Ryoshishokunin, chishafuwaku, Atenzan, Holleshoryu, Achiyama, andonishiki. Kise: no-one Kokonoe: no-one Oguruma: If Yoshikaze wins AND Yago loses: WAKATAKE, Pandaazuma, Gurowake, Shokikogi, Holleshoryu, Senkoho, Achiyama. In any other case: Suwihuto, kuroimori, andonishiki Oitekaze: no-one Sadogatake: Ryoshishokunin, WAKATAKE, Pandaazuma, Shokikogi, Gansekiiwa (GUARANTEED) Sakaigawa: no-one Takadagawa: Tenshinhan, Gansekiiwa, Senkoho, andonishiki (GUARANTEED) Takanohana: Interesting case here. Everyone can still get a BE: Takanoiwa O, Takakeisho O, Takagenji O => Suwihuto, WAKATAKE, Atenzan, andonishiki Takanoiwa X, Takakeisho O, Takagenji O => Pandaazuma, Holleshoryu Takanoiwa O, Takakeisho X, Takagenji O => chishafuwaku, Gansekiiwa, kuroimori Takanoiwa O, Takakeisho O, Takagenji X => Suwihuto, WAKATAKE, Atenzan, andonishiki Takanoiwa X, Takakeisho X, Takagenji O => Shokikogi Takanoiwa X, Takakeisho O, Takagenji X => Taikoubana, Ryoshishokunin, Tenshinhan, Sakura, Gurowake, Senkoho, Achiyama Takanoiwa O, Takakeisho X, Takagenji X => Suwihuto, WAKATAKE, Atenzan, andonishiki Takanoiwa X, Takakeisho X, Takagenji X => Suwihuto, WAKATAKE, Atenzan, andonishiki Tomozuna: If Kaisei wins AND Kyokushuho loses: Taikoubana, Atenzan In any other case: Holleshoryu
  15. Day 14 Standings andonishiki is still in the lead with one day to go! He's managed to hold onto his 4 small BE's for Kasugano, Oguruma, Takadagawa and Takanohana. However, only the Takadagawa BE cannot be taken away from him tomorrow. The remaining three are still not guaranteed (stay tuned for the pre-senshuraku BE analysis in the next post). Holleshoryu is back on the podium with BE's for Kasugano and Tomozuna (neither of them guaranteed yet) and 8 points for the Bonus Questions! WAKATAKE stays in third with BE's for Sadogatake (guaranteed) and Takanohana (not guaranteed) + 4 points for BQ#2. 1 andonishiki 63 14-1 2 Holleshoryu 56 12-3 3 WAKATAKE 50 10-5 4 Pandaazuma 49 9-6 5 Achiyama 48 9-6 6 Tenshinhan 47 9'-6 7 Senkoho 46 8-7 8 Gansekiiwa 44 8-7 9 Ryoshishokunin 44 8-7 10 Atenzan 43 7-8 11 Shokikogi 43 7-8 12 Taikoubana 42 7-8 13 kuroimori 39 6-9 14 Suwihuto 39 6-9 15 chishafuwaku 37 5-10 16 Gurowake 35 5-10 17 Sakura 30 3-12