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  1. Trivia bits

    Takamisakari and his shisho Azumazeki (ex-Ushiomaru) who is two years younger
  2. The Gyoji

    This is the 35th Shonosuke in his makushita days, right? No idea about the others in this video.
  3. The Gyoji

    Who's the young Jonokuchi gyoji in this 1984 video? I'd say Kimura HIsanosuke judging by the eyebrows but I'm not sure
  4. Sumo Reference Updates

    Thanks! I think my VPN might have connected me to a Japanese server. It works fine now that I switched to a different country. Thanks!
  5. Sumo Reference Updates

    Checked it in another browser - same effect. Any ideas?
  6. Sumo Reference Updates

  7. Sumo Reference Updates

    This is kind of weird but I'm glad it's only me!
  8. Sumo Reference Updates

    I hope it's just me: have all the videos and video-related features disappeared from the DB?
  9. Sekitori Heya Game (SHG) Aki 2017 ENTRY+STANDINGS

    Final Results The only competing yokozuna took the yusho in Tokyo with a 11-4 record and it's just the same in SHG Aki 2017 - Yokozuna Tenshinhan wins his 5th (yes, FIFTH!) Sekitori Heya Game yusho - first since his Yokozuna promotion after the Nagoya 2016 yusho. Congratulations!!! Tenshinhan managed to score 3 BE's - a big one (11 pts) for Sakaigawa and two smaller ones for Kasugano and Tomozuna. He also correctly provided Miyagino's ineptitude and scored 4 points for BQ#2. Suwihuto finishes second with BE's for Kasugano, Miyagino and Sadogatake. He was also the only player to predict how well Sadogatake will do this basho and he gets 4 points for BQ#1. Shokikogi scored the most base points of all players (49), even more than the yusho winner - Tenshinhan (48). However, he only managed to get 8 bonus points (5 for Sakaigawa and 3 for Miyagino) and his score places him at the third position. Once again I apologize for not having presented the Aki banzuke to you... It is inacceptable and I will try to do it all between the bashos. I hope to see you all next time! Thank you for playing SHG! 1 Tenshinhan 63 11-4 2 Suwihuto 58 10-5 3 Shokikogi 57 10-5 4 just_some_guy 56 9-6 5 Sakura 54 9-6 6 Senkoho 53 9-6 7 Ryoshishokunin 52 8-7 8 Pandaazuma 51 8-7 9 chishafuwaku 51 8-7 10 Achiyama 51 8-7 11 Kumojin 46 6-9 12 Rhyen 45 6-9 13 Holleshoryu 44 6-9 14 McBugger 44 6-9 15 Wakatake 40 5-10 16 kuroimori 40 5-10
  10. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2017

    + Shokikogi. Chiyonokuni Takarafuji Sadanoumi Wakatake. Goeido Takarafuji Arawashi Gaijingai. Goeido Kagayaki Ikioi Suwihuto Goeido Takakeisho Arawashi Kuroimori. Goeido Endo Arawashi Tenshinhan. Goeido Takarafuji Arawashi Achiyama. Goeido Takarafuji Arawashi Chishafuwaku. Mitakeumi Ikioi Arawashi
  11. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2017

    Entries received from all 14 players. I'll try to post the picks as soon as possible.
  12. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2017

    + Kuroimori Tenshinhan
  13. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2017

    + Shokikogi Wakatake Gaijingai Suwihuto
  14. Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2017

    Picks received so far: Pandaazuma Jakusotsu Shimodahito Senkoho Sakura Gernobono