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  1. Ringoyama

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks everybody for the warm welcome! ;-)
  2. Ringoyama

    Who is this? Quiz.

    Contrarily to his (Whistling...) brother, Takanohana decided to avoid chanko-nabe forever after his retirement (I am not worthy...) ...
  3. Ringoyama

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the Forum. There was once a report of an Italian recruit, named Paolo Allesi-Yamada. Unfortumately, he disappeared before the shin-deshi exam and was never heard of again. Thanks for the information, Madorosumaru-sama. I never heard about Paolo. It`s a pity that he disappeared so quickly (I am not worthy...) ...
  4. Ringoyama

    Hello everyone!

    It is a great pleasure to introduce myself. I am an Italian (A sekitori...) based in Kyushu, Japan. I start to be a Sumo otaku in 2004. I was so fortunate to have a seat at all the four bashos (twice in Tokyo, Osaka and Hakata, and once in Nagoya). My dream is to have a front row seat in a senshuraku (Whistling...) In the web, I started to post in the forum of the italian site sumo.it in 2006, and now I decided that it`s time to partecipate actively to this amazing forum, that I started to read about one year ago. My favorite rikishi are in my signature. As a European, I supported Kotooshu a lot during the last natsu basho, and I wonder if someday an Italian rikishi will reach the top of the banzuke...or if at least an Italian will ever partecipate to some basho... (Sigh...) Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (I am not worthy...)