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  1. Games Bugs

    I also tried to recreate the ajax. It seams like the server is checking if the HTTP header field with the name "X-Requested-With" and value "XMLHttpRequest" is present. Without that header field I get empty results, with the header I get results. Hope that helps.
  2. Japanese Makuuchi Yusho in 2016

    The upcoming Hatsu basho marks the 10th anniversary of the last makuuchi yusho won by a japanese born rikishi (Tochiazuma in case you don't remember). In celebration of this anniversary just answer the following simple yes or no question: Will a japanese born rikishi win a makuuchi yusho in 2016? My mind says NO, my heart says YES. I'll vote yes.
  3. Official now-Kyokutenhou has retired

    No, Kaio has more than 18 years between first (05/1993) and last (07/2011) appearance.
  4. Natsu 2015 Basho Talk (spoiler alert!)

    Best example is Futabayama. Yusho in his last sekiwake basho and yusho in his first ozeki basho, but no promotion to yokozuna until after another yusho in his second ozeki basho.
  5. Games Bugs

    The Server is up and running at the moment.
  6. Aki 2013 Games Talk

    SekiQuad: 8 consecutive days with 2 winners and 2 losers :'-(
  7. New Bench Sumo banzuke for July 2013

    The entry form is now available. I just submitted my entry.
  8. Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Thanks Asashosakari for the explanation. I didn't know that there are only 3 intra-sanyaku bouts per day with 10 active sanyaku. With this in mind it all makes sense to me. It was day 4 of the Nagoya basho 1980 when yokozuna Wajima faced ozeki Masuiyama. There is also one instance of a yokozuna facing a ozeki and three intances of intra-ozeki bouts on day 1 of a basho, all in the 1970s. Look here.
  9. Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    I thought that was unusual at first, too, but the way the schedule works right now with two yokozuna and four ozeki (and three intra-sanyaku bouts per day), they pretty much have to start by Day 7, so Day 6 isn't all that early. Edit: Okay, by Day 8 at the very latest, although that would go against their usual habits, too. If I didn't miss something, the first intra-ozeki bouts in Nagoya this year were on Day 9. There were one yokozuna and six ozeki, so a total of seven, active in that basho. Now after Barutos injury only six remain active. How do you explain that with 7 Y/O it is possible to start the intra-ozeki bout on day 9, but have to start by day 8 at the latest with only 6 Y/O?
  10. Sumo Game Deadlines

    Sumo Game is back up.
  11. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    Winner Myogiru Loser Kisenosato
  12. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    Winner Aminishiki Loser Aran
  13. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    Winner Tochiozan Loser Kisenosato
  14. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    Winner Aoiyama Loser Kotooshu
  15. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    Winner Aminishiki Loser Kotoshogiku