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  1. Skotkotaikai

    Chiyonofuji passing

    Very sad news :( Rest in peace Chiyonofuji.
  2. Skotkotaikai

    Odd or Interesting Sumo Names

    Goshozakura is very funny if read in Bulgarian. Gosho-za-kura. Gosho is a popular Bulgarian name and the whole thing basically means: "Gosho for the d**k"... (Couldn't resist not posting it, sorry :) )
  3. Skotkotaikai

    Kotooshu considering retirement

    Total crap. I'll tell you what happened. Osh was in a bad mood and depressed after yet again another injury and ranted off the record with a Bulgarian journalist friend along the lines of "Screw this, I'm quitting " etc.. Said friend went and told someone else and it snowballed, catching Osh off guard. "Are you out of your mind?? FIX IT!!" he told his journalist friend. "Let's say it was a mix up-lucky Kokkai just retired.." was the solution. Sounds wacky? I'll bet you it's much closer to the truth than you think.. There is the possibility that someone passed a rumor to the journalists. For example someone who doesn't like Kotooshu. As for motives to do such a thing... Well, there are people in Bulgaria who would do such a thing simply because of envy or malice. There is a saying in Bulgaria which states: "It isn't important that I am well, it is important that my neighbour is NOT well"
  4. Skotkotaikai

    Should Hakuho Retire?

    They won't get angry because of someone's childish behaviour. If you insist on getting kicked then try to yorikiri him out of the place. Btw, I totally agree with Kintamayama's words. Wish people didn't bother over such small things like one henka by the Yokozuna :( In my opinion people who think it is a big problem are just bored and have nothing better to do, so they focus on small things and act like judges.
  5. Skotkotaikai

    Kotooshu considering retirement

    I second that opinion. The Bulgarian sport press is very very unreliable. They just love to write sensational but false articles. Here is how they work: some incompetent liar writes an article and then the others start copying it... This article from is so stupid... For example it claims that Sadogatake stable will not rely on Kotooshu anymore. As if they are writing about some football club... The article from Gong looks more reliable except the part about the stable. Guess they added it themselves :)
  6. Skotkotaikai

    Makuuchi knockouts

    Here is another one. That should be the bout where Takamisakari ko-ed Hokutoriki
  7. Skotkotaikai

    Makuuchi knockouts

    and Sakaizawa vs Kakizoe
  8. Skotkotaikai

    Should Hakuho Retire?

    You should become a fantasy writer. Don't waste your talent in the forums, please.
  9. Skotkotaikai

    Should Hakuho Retire?

  10. Skotkotaikai

    Steroids in sumo - ONE man has it figured out

    Absolutely correct. You ARE kidding, right? Otherwise, your credibilty factor just dropped below zero. I don't even know why I keep feeding... It is true. Men usually do not put on SIGNIFICANT weight after the age of 16 without help. Certainly not muscle mass. Most people have done the MAJORITY (not all) of their growing by the time they reach their sixteenth birthday. Eating a lot and working out doesn't put on the kind of muscle mass that Hakuho did in '03/'04 when he was 18--not 16--by the way. It is your emotions that hamper YOUR credibility, not mine. Masumasumasu, could you please post some link to the information which you mentioned? You know, men growing after the age of 16 and all. My cousin just turned 15 and he is very keen on mass gaining, so he wants to know if it is too late for him. Thank you in advance. Btw, good point mentioning emotions! Maguroyama, you should be thankful to Masumasumasu. He wants to help you. Did you know that there is a certain creature which feeds off the emotions of people? If someone annoys you in a forum for example, this parasite will feast on your emotions. So, keep emotions in check. I know you'd tell me such a beast does not exist, but it does... It is not some fantasy critter which dwells in our dreams only :( Forgot the name though. It was some fancy name starting with T.... .
  11. Skotkotaikai

    Steroids in sumo - ONE man has it figured out

    As far as I know in all sports sportsmen have doctors who give them medications and substances. I don't think that rikishi with common sense would take steroids on their own. If they do, they'd take what their doctor gives them. (Some would do it on their own I guess, but these should be minority). So, I guess it all depends on the politics of the stables. And what are these politics I do not know. But I've always imagined they wouldn't approve steroids and such nasty substances. Hope it is like that :)
  12. Skotkotaikai

    Steroids in sumo - ONE man has it figured out

    Awwww, don't give steroids to the trolls! They may gain too much weight :'-( And to stay on the topic - I don't believe that steroid usage is common in the sumo world.
  13. Skotkotaikai

    Nagoya Basho 2012 - General Discussion Thread

    Congratulations to Harumafuji! Wish to him to be that strong in the next tournament too. That was one exciting tournament! :)
  14. Skotkotaikai

    Welcome to Sanyaku, Aoiyama !

    Possible, but very rare. Thanks :) Wow... Didn't expect it was that rare. Anyway, congrats to Aoiyama for his KK!
  15. Skotkotaikai

    Welcome to Sanyaku, Aoiyama !

    Is it possible that Goeido moves from SE to SW only? In such case there will be only Komusubi slots available to the Maegashira.