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  1. salle

    Kisenosato intai

    Sadly Kisenosato will remain in records as the worst-performing Yokozuna in the modern era history :( He used to be strong Ozeki. It is sad to see his career ending this way.
  2. salle

    Sansho Nagoya 2014 (Special Prizes)

    2 kinboshi and no sansho feels very unfair. The rules are rules I guess ...
  3. According to Bulgarian news site (not citing any sources) Kotooshu applied for cessation of his Bulgarian citizenship. I can only interpret that as preparation for the role of oyakata very soon.
  4. salle

    Hatsu 2014 Discussion - *contains spoilers

    It is not clear what exactly you are asking. "Promoted without having won a single yusho ever in his career" or "Promoted without having won a single yusho during his so called Yokozuna run". In both cases however the answer is the promotion of Futahaguro in 1986 after 2 consecutive jun-yusho and no single Makuuchi yusho in his entire career. In fact he had only two yusho - one in Jonokuchi and one in Juryo. Here is a query which might help. Perhaps it can be written better, but querying databases without typing raw SQL is not among my strengths.
  5. salle

    Kotooshu preparation for ...

    According to current Japanese law: Yes! (Dunno about Bulgaria, but wouldn't matter here anyways). Bulgarian law allows double citizenship, but that indeed does not matter when the other country doesn't allow it.
  6. salle

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    I expected Osunaarashi to "heat" his wall somewhere in upper half of Maegashira, but I am now affraid he might drop back to Juryo and remain there for some more basho. It seems clear his problems are in mental department and I agree it is for his oyakata to fix them and do it rather fast.
  7. salle

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    The word Impatient came to my mind while watching his first two makuuchi bouts.
  8. salle

    Is anyone here a fan of...

    So Opera can not be 'high art'? If we accept that definition of yours some of the followig must be true too: 1) A composer who writes operas is not high artist OR 2) 'high art' applies to certain piece or pieces only, but not to the complete works of a composer. If 1) was true then what do we say about your list of favorite composers? Beethoven, Haydn, Handel, Schubert, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Schumann, Scriabin, Rachmaninov did wrote operas. Should we exclude them from the 'high art' list on the grounds that Opera can not be 'high art'? The 2) is quite reasonable, but it beats all your reasoning so far for it is the piece that is 'high art' not the composer (implying all his works are). For example what remains from Wagner's works if we take his operas out the equation? There are plenty of artists in all forms of art not only music who are known for single or few works recognized as exrtemely 'high' even though the rest of their work is either nothing special or non-existent. With 2) I fully agree by the way, but if you do agree too you have to admit that otherwise mediocre composer who has single great piece must be put next to Beethoven who composed only 'high art' and nothing else .oO(.. wait wait ... what about Fidelio?)
  9. salle

    Is anyone here a fan of...

    I am still missing any rational definition of the term "high-art" you use. How do you measure technical vs artistic focus for example? How do you measure influence and breaking grounds? Regarding the soundtrack your argument is funny. ".. just that, background ..". You can say precisely the same for any opera. The opera music is just backround for the story plot isn't it? Besides this particular soundtrack I mentioned outlived the movie and is one of the rare such examples when the entire soundtrack is an independent music piece . You better listen to it first. I don't expect you to like it or regard it "high", but do give it a try. Then your coment about Freddie Mercury proves all I wanted to prove. You are talking about your preferences only which is indeed perfectly fine. We all have our own opinion and point of view regarding artists. Some we like, some we don't. That's normal. Placing tags on them saying this one is high, the other isn't is (sorry to say this) pretentious nonsense. As for musicians from 20th century there are plenty of names which are arguably composers, but when it comes to groundbreaking, influence or both there is little doubt about that. Just to name few more random names from my playlists: Dead Can Dance; Chick Corea; Bobby McFerrin
  10. salle

    Is anyone here a fan of...

    I enjoy all of them at different level except for Scryabin and almost all of Wagner. I also enjoy a lot some not so well known to the modern public old composers like Telemann and Gesualdo for example. I agree some old composers are great, but I most certainly disgree all of the 20th century composers belong to lesser art category. Next you say "entertaimnent" as if it implies lesser quality, but you seem to forget most of classic and pre-classic music was entertainment music too and also most of it was highly commercial, written for profit or some other benefit. "Entertainment" does not contradict "quality" which you seem to imply. Correct me if I am wrong. Also let's not forget there were plenty of mediocre composers in the past most of them now forgotten and also lot of not so great pieces written by some great composers. At the other hand there are plenty of high qualtiy music examples from late 20th century (I'm yet to hear something from 21th which I would regard as such). Here are some random examples for which I would like to hear why they don't deserve your "high art" tag. * Emmerson Lake and Palmer - "Works volume 1" album. Why it is not "high art"? * 1492 soundtrack by Vangelis - Why it is not "high art"? * "Barcelona" by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé - Why it is not "high art"?
  11. salle

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    It would be ugly if they do it. Promotion without single makuuchi yusho should never happen.
  12. salle

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    In theory yes, but in practice there is no way to achieve that. In very best case he will make it to kettei-sen, meet Hakuho there and lose with dignity. Even that is more a dream than reality.
  13. salle

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Why would he? I know there are conspiracy theories, but how come you put Kotooshu and Harumafuji together into that? Apart from the fact that mongolians use our aplhabet I am not aware of any other connection between them and us. Perhaps common alphabet is enough to build consipracy theory around it :-) Kotooshu said he feels healthy and he looks healthy for first basho in quite some time. Considering his age and past injuries where any next injury can force imminent intai I could imagine the opposite - strong focus and attempt to go as far as possible this week. We will see tomorrow.
  14. salle

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Short memory? The standards were very high well before Asashoryu and Hakuho. Within last 20 years there was only one "weak" yokozuna - Wakanohana. Even Musashimaru who got the tsuna very late in his career was a beast when healthy and what about Akebono and Takanohana who always had very strong opposition during their prime unlike mongolian yokozunas?
  15. I don't want to play devlis advocate, but since nobody is asking that question here we go: Is Shinto a religion? More detailed version: What makes you believe a follower of a religion X would consider Shinto as another religion and thus imposing problems with his X religion? Even more detailed: What makes you believe that Islam professed by Osunaarashi considers Shinto as a religion and Shinto rituals as religious ones and not just secular gestures?
  16. salle

    Harumafuji in 2013

    He will be suggested to retire in 2013. He will have 2 bashos with 12 or more wins. No more than 46-50 and only if he manages to escape retirement early in 2013
  17. salle

    Kadoban Ozeki should have to win 10

    Yes it is always possible and natural that someone suddenly improves a lot, but that doesn't change the main point - at the current time the current Ozeki are better than the rest. Maybe slightly better and maybe "better just enough to hang around", but still the difference exists. That's not
  18. salle

    Kadoban Ozeki should have to win 10

    Very well said! It doesn't matter how strong or weak the Ozekis are when they are at this time better than the rest below them. You don't have to be good to be better .. Imagine all of them get injured and the rank becomes vacant. Who from the rest can fill it? Myogyriu maybe some day, but he seems to need at least few more basho. Goeido on paper looks like starting his Ozeki run, but given his history I wouldn't bet on him. Who else? Toyinoshima? He has wins against each of the current Ozeki, but if they are out he doesn't have who to defeat. I honestly don't see anyone on current Makuuchi and even Juryo banzuke who looks like strong O-candidate. Except for Myogyriu that is.
  19. salle

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    I didn't say he should retire and I am the last one to say that! It is the opposite. I'm very happy to see him finding enough spirit, strength, technique and stamina to beat yokozuna even if it is once in a while. However age and injuries don't forgive and he is already at that stage of his career when any injury can become the decider.
  20. salle

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Kotooshu's win today was very pleasing to watch. His left uwate was proved to be still very dangerous, but even more important he overmatched one of the main weapons of Hakuho - patience. The Yokozuna won so many bouts by patiently absorbing and blocking any attempts while waiting for his aite to get out of breath or make mistake before he makes his winning move. Not this time. It must be very positive feeling to escape kadoban with such win. I really hope Kotooshu is not going to retire any soon, but if he has such plans today is perfect time to do it with dignity.
  21. salle

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Shotenro was knocked out by Aoiyama today with almost muay tai elbow strike, but it wasn't done by Hakuho so I hope nobody will shout "Evil! Must retire!"
  22. salle

    Kotooshu considering retirement

    Perhaps true somewhere else, but here in Bulgaria it is not how sports press works. Someone publishes something and everybody else just copy/pastes it without even thinking about the credibility of the sources. That's perfect description of Bulgarian sports press :)
  23. salle

    Makuuchi knockouts

    Really? Can you find single example when you can prove the intent was to knock out the opponent? The outcome yes, but intent? Please stop these ridiculous claims. You don't know and you can not know what they intent prior to or during bout unless they say it.
  24. salle

    Should Hakuho Retire?

    Let's take Harumafuji during current Aki basho as an example. Watch all his bouts during current basho and count how many times he manages to hit with his head the face or chin of his opponent at the tachiai. In most martial art such head strikes are prohibited! Isn't it dangerous? Isn't it intended to hurt and even broke nose, chin or teeth of his opponents? (There are not mouth guards in sumo as far as I know) Isn't there high risk of brain or neck injury with such head strikes? Yet they are perfectly legal in sumo so yes it "isn't really like other contact sports", but it is definitely not more mild or something. Even more - such head-first tachi-ai is considered something to be respected.
  25. salle

    Should Hakuho Retire?

    Do you see the controversy here? If taking care to avoid injuries for your opponent is main concern then the infamous henka becomes very good technique because it lessens the risk of injuries a lot compared to straight ahead tachi-ai. Then why henka it is considered "bad" and straight clash is "good"? That clash at the start of each and every bout is seriously underestimated. No matter if it is chest-to-chest, head-to-chest, head-to-head or hand-to-head/chest/whatever it is always very brutal and violent. Those are not 50-80kg fighters. They are 120-190 kg heavy bodies launching them at amazingly high speed at the tachi-ai. Tell me at least one other martial art where nearly all bouts begin with such violent clash? Now about the other underestimation. Due to their dignity the rikishi don't speak much and don't demonstrate how much they were knocked down or out during bouts. They walk away on their own feet unless it is really bad injury. Most bouts in sumo end so quickly that we have no time to see if someone feels dizzy or is completely disoriented after that initial clash at tachi-ai. We can only guess how often some rikishi is in condition which would be good enough for recording it as Knock Out in other martial arts. Note that nowadays definition of Knock Out in most sport is far away from "lying unconscious on the ground" and bouts are stopped much earlier to avoid nasty brain damages. In sumo there's natural protection as you lose the bout quickly enough to prevent such danger.