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  1. Takamizawa

    Thoughts on Kyushu 2010

    To be honest, I think Kaio has already far overstayed his welcome by a number of years. He should really hang it up now; his record this past basho isn't (shouldn't be) fooling anyone. Maybe that's just my opinion, but the longer this goes on the less dignity he can retire with. Sorry for being so negative, but I'm just tired of it.
  2. Takamizawa

    Hakuhou's quest for 70

    I believe the technical term is "suplex" (In a state of confusion...)
  3. Takamizawa

    Hakuho to break another record?

    Agreed 100%. Would really love to see Kise confidently build off of this!
  4. Takamizawa

    Takayasu's brilliant zensho yusho

    Oh dear! I hope he gets better soon! :-(
  5. Takamizawa

    Takayasu's brilliant zensho yusho

    But but... Shoho is from my alma mater, and I was soooo stoked at the possibility of a yusho (Tears forming...) . Still all my congrats to Takayasu!
  6. Takamizawa

    Rocky Does Ryogoku

    Oh my GOD! Stallone AND Dolph??? Dolph is my personal hero. Freaking AWESOME!!!! *screams like fan-girl* That bout was badass too for the record.
  7. Takamizawa

    Day 1 results and day 2 pairings

    Ah and just found a link for the Aran - Tochinoshin match. Awesome super chikara badassery ensues:
  8. Takamizawa

    Day 1 results and day 2 pairings

    I like Kaio as much as the next guy, but I've lost count of how many basho this has already been going on for.. His matches aren't really enjoyable anymore (at least for me), but you can't really fault the guy for it either. In some ways, one more ugly basho is almost (being the key word here) tolerable just for the chance to see him one last time in Fukuoka, since it's the one basho I can actually attend!.
  9. Takamizawa

    Farewell Kotomitsuki

    (Weeping...) He'll always be one of my favorites..
  10. Takamizawa

    Old Sumo ukiyoe found

    Cool stuff! Thanks!
  11. Takamizawa

    Ozumo is indestructable

    Yes! I find myself sitting at the edge of my seat during most of his matches just on the off chance that someone can finally topple him! I honestly thought his dominace would be boring, but with the winning streak it's actually become more interesting personally. While I may not be a huge Hakuho fan, he is still always amazing to watch; he's really the perfect combination of speed, strength, and skill.
  12. Takamizawa

    Jiji Premium Pics

    Looks like Tokitenku. Edit: These are all great pictures by the way! (Shaking head...)
  13. Takamizawa

    The Court of Public Opinion

    I thought I was more implying that what he said was dumb.. And yes you're right, he did say majority of "opinions." It's still stupid, because he's still talking about a TV lineup decided by a democratic majority with people always voting against stuff they don't wanna see, and with how specialized the NHK's programming is a lot of the time, they would just end up not showing anything (except maybe news). Disregarding the guy's age, I was jokingly stating that such a poorly thought out statement to the press was good indication of why he was unemployed. Obviously if the guy is retired, it defeats the whole point of what I wrote, rendering my lame attempt at humor useless. But still, how does my statement of "wow this is stupid, no wonder he's unemployed" bring you to your conclusion above? I once again fail to see how I at all implied what you are accusing me of, as it seems you have a knack for putting words in my mouth or reading farrrr too deep into what I write. Either that or I guess I need to work on my clarity and communication (and perhaps my humor as well) heh :-S
  14. Takamizawa

    The Court of Public Opinion

    Wow, this is stupid; no wonder he's unemployed. If the NHK needed to have a majority of viewers to broadcast anything, well, then they'd have nothing to broadcast.
  15. Takamizawa

    NSK Video Stream - Nagoya 10

    Lol! Aaaand it's back again..