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  1. tominishiki

    New Bench Sumo Banzuke

    I will be kosho in July as I won't be near a computer most of July being abroad.
  2. tominishiki


    Just checked now and apparently I was right, if four teams are equal on points and all matches between them were draws, it's going to be a matter of goals scored. If two teams are equal on that basis too, then it's going to be a matter of goal difference overall, as you're saying. cf. (page 6, note 7) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I heard that the amount of goals that counts are the goals in the games between the four teams so in that situation Israel leads with 6-6 than Switzerland with 4-4
  3. tominishiki


    I think he did an excellent job. He was always close to the events. If anything, he overlooked two penalties in our favor. Concerning the red card, well, the rule book states "no physical contact with the goalkeeper", and as O'Brien was lying on top of Awat, and consequently, Awat was bleeding heavily from his nose (probably punched himself in the nose..) well.. And, of course, he disallowed a scored penalty kick and demanded a torinaoshi because players entered the penalty area.. Come on.. how many referees do THAT?? And still, Nimni scored. Every referee makes a mistake here and there. but to call him an embarassment? I wonder why the Greek press didn't like his decisions. I'm willing to bet he has past issues with the Greek press, or was involved in the past in some very unpopular decisions. Otherwise, what does the Greek sports press care anyway?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think he showed the red card because of the physical contact in the air but I think that in the air it was more than that becuase he wont bleed heavily from his nose from a usual contact maybe he headbutted Dudu Awat accidently in the air I don't know how.
  4. tominishiki


    In the competition between Israel, Ireland, Switzerland and France there have been only draws so far. I think it may well go on this way until the end. In which case all teams will be equal on points, and I suppose it's going to be decided on the amount of goals scored during these encounters between the four top teams. In that prospect a 2-2 draw is a relatively good result for both teams (good chances that they end up 1st and 2nd of the group)... But of course anything can still happen... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think that the goal diffrence count and not the amount of goals in that case if the draw situation will continue the important matches aree against Faroe Islands and Cyprus and the team that will win in the highest goal diffrence will be on top
  5. tominishiki


    As of today the standings are Group 4 Pld Pts Switzerland 6 12 Israel 7 11 Republic of Ireland 6 10 France 6 10 Cyprus 6 1 Faroe Islands 5 1 Israel has the easiest scedhule as all the other teams still have to play in Lansdown road and to face each other. I think that the four teams will win faroe islands so the standings will look like this Israel 9 17 pts Republic of Ireland 7 13 France 7 13 Switzerland 6 12 My guess is that at the end Israel will finish on top and Ireland second
  6. tominishiki

    Who will win the NBA championship?

    My guess is Miami Heat what is yours??
  7. tominishiki

    Japanese G1/ G1 quiz game

    Makushita Tominishiki east 16- 13-2 , YUSHO!! Yess my first time yusho in japanese game (In a state of confusion...) (I am not worthy...) (Applauding...)
  8. tominishiki


    The hoshitori site seems to be down at the moment Can you please post the results in this thread?? if you will I'll be very greatfull.
  9. tominishiki

    Troll Game May 2005

    You know what? I'm about 2 seconds away from saying F this. You want to do the f'ing gyoji duties? You want to see how much manual f'ing work goes into this? Be my f'ing guest. :-( Edited to add: FYI, I'm East Coast America, which is GMT -5, so take that into account when you make demands. Edited to add(2): Thank you to those who support and appreciate the daily tasks that are done by the gyoji. Day 11 results when I get to it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry Gusoyama didn't meant to heart you I just got a little upset but I guess that if you want to curse me I won't go to your level curse me as long as you want. ;-) Just for you to know not all people get credit for every thing they do and I just corrected you and I guess that if you so suffer from doing it you can just quit as no one demending you to do the daily gyoji duty.
  10. tominishiki

    Troll Game May 2005

    Ae Tominishiki-clone v He R2D2-drone Ae Tominishiki-clone ;-) M1e - Tamanoshima (Shaking head...) M6w - Hokutoriki (Nodding yes...) M7e - Takamisakari (Shaking head...) M8w - Asasekiryu (Nodding yes...) He R2D2-drone (Punk rocker...) M12w - Tokitsuumi (Shaking head...) M13e - Takanowaka (w) (Shaking head...) M13w - Toyonoshima (Nodding yes...) M14e - Kotoshogiku(l) (Shaking head...) Gyoji notes: R2 wins again. How did R2 won if he had only one winner and I had 2??
  11. tominishiki

    Troll Game May 2005

    cause I saw that gernobono clone is making a win loss prediction about his rikishi why I can't do it?
  12. tominishiki

    Day 7 Withdrawals-Includes Sekitori

    youve forgot Gojoro
  13. tominishiki

    Troll Game May 2005

    If I want to play the troll game with my colne how can I play???
  14. tominishiki

    KaioU diagnosis

    As of today Kaio withdrawal from natsu basho
  15. tominishiki


    What a day Maccabi beat the greeks and CSKA are out with their 22 milion budget like we say in Israel oh ha ma kara CSKA hachla ota translation to English:oh ha what happenned CSKA ate it. I guess it isn't a happy day in our Panatinhaikos fan ;-) (Sigh...) (Punk rocker...) Maccabi rulez :-)