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  1. Both Yokozunas today are capable of doing Yokozuna quality sumo. if they must withdraw to heal so be it .That is a privilege they earned by getting where they are ranked. For the time being they are favorites to win any Basho they enter. They may be on the downslope of their careers. but not quite at the end of them.
  2. gunner

    Wajima in memoriam overview

    RIP He And Jessie Had some great bouts.
  3. gunner

    Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    Happy birthday! Many more.
  4. gunner

    January Ura Compilation

    I believe he will have a short but exciting career. His sumo is effective because of his speed and flexibility. Top level body condition is hard to maintain look at him leaving the Doyo. This guy puts it all on the line except for the days he henkas. He is getting beat up pretty badly.
  5. gunner

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    A fine young man. I believe an injury was not being treated successfully to his perception coupled with a constant Bullying that was allowed to get out of hand and was racially motivated. made it impossible to continue.
  6. gunner

    Hatsu 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Kinta your dedication and expertise is much appreciated by this fan. to take time out from your time in Thailand is beyond expectations please enjoy a Sabai on me.
  7. gunner

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Kakuryu's henka was a brilliant move. a Yokozuna must not rely on them as a pet technique but mixing them in with other moves shows just how skillful they are and not one trick ponys. I think it keeps everyone on their toes.
  8. gunner

    Natsu 2015 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15!

    Can you please tell me how to get to the data base with the videos?
  9. gunner

    Should ozeki candidate (Kakuryu) henka?

    Kakuryu in only with 35+ but Kotoshogiku might get promoted with 33? Sorry, but that's just crazy talk. The 33 win standard might have looked like turning into a 34 win standard the last few years, but if both guys finish with exactly 33 they're both moving up, bank on it. It's easily justified by the guys in charge (three double-digit records, finish on a strong 11+, etc.), and double promotions are just way too attractive from a publicity angle to forego them because of some kooky adherence to even higher "standards" when the 33 win guideline is pretty tough in the first place. For better or worse, Baruto's 12-9-12 run was doomed as soon as nobody openly spoke of a promotion goal following the 9-win basho, and the only way he could have overcome that was a yusho-quality performance. That's not the case this time, both rikishi are officially touted as challenging for the promotion in Aki. Giku 33/Kaku 34+ will surely also do it with Kaio now gone (besides, that would be an 11/10/11/12 run, all as sekiwake), and while Giku 34+/Kaku 33 might be a bit more questionable I'd strongly expect the double promotion there, too. It's a pretty unlikely case anyway with Kotoshogiku starting with a one-win deficit. As for the henka question - as long as Kakuryu doesn't henka Hakuho (or a yusho contender) I doubt anyone who matters will care. No, that's typically hikiotoshi. Not sure I've ever seen a tsukiotoshi call when the losing rikishi didn't actually touch down on the dohyo.
  10. gunner

    Sumo World Magazine

    I would like to try again to get a subscription to Sumo World Magazine . I hope someone will send me good contact information to Clyde Newton or whoever is publishing the magazine now. Thanks