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  1. gunner

    a little help with translation

    thank you it makes sense. its a shotgun.
  2. I am looking at an object that was inscribed Made for the Nihon Juhoten . I am not familiar with the term Juhoten. what does it mean please.
  3. gunner

    Ichinojo intai

    I always enjoyed his Sumo. If it were not for alcohol I believe He would be ozeki and maybe YOKOZUNA> heavy drinking is a unfortunate part of sumo culture. Some people should not drink . a couple of Mongolian Yokozuna's are an example
  4. gunner

    TV Series with Sumo

    Just watched a TV series set in a Sumo stable. Bad boy antics by junior rikishi over the top but Heya scenes are outstanding. On Netflicks Japanese with English sub- titles. "Sanctuary" I enjoyed it.
  5. gunner

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Henka is legal its effective against rikishi who over extend themselves at the tachiai. Truley strong Players are not fooled very often by it and should guard against it. especially when the basho is on the line and your facing a slapper pusher like Abi. I was rooting for Taka but He really got suckered by Abi.
  6. gunner

    Aki 2022 discussion (results)

    ENHO has tried it before.
  7. gunner

    Ex-Takanoyama emerges

    Founders pictures are common in dojos around the world. they are placed in a place of honor.(shimoza) not stuck in a window definitely not a place of honor.
  8. gunner

    New recruits Natsu 2022

    Great! a guy from Kanagwa
  9. gunner

    Ex-Takanoyama emerges

    Great to see Taknoyama again. Gym is set like a mma fighters place but interesting to see Jigoro Kanos picture stuck in the window, kind of disrespectful.
  10. gunner

    Ichinojo acquires Japanese citizenship

    I am not sure if Ichinojo and Kaisei want to become stable masters I think they fear the loss of Chanko Nabe more.
  11. gunner

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    I am very happy nothing much came of this event. while not Hakuhos greatest fan, I believe he is the greatest Yokozuna.and defines hinkaku.
  12. gunner

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Takagenji fought a smart fight against a smaller man who comes in extra low face down and is a leg grabber. I am surprised all his opponents don't try to ring his bell with a flat hand uppercut to get the little prick upright.
  13. gunner

    The English commentators- views

    I enjoy all the commentary. as I am not Fluent in Japanese the various English commentators help me understand more easily even the ones who add the letter U after the O as in Kaio. Thanks and I Appreciate all the work you have put into the Sumo Kintamayamau.
  14. gunner

    Favorite Yokozuna? Past And Present

    Favorite yokozuna Wajima my least favorite kitanoumi Kita was a Dai yokozuna I just did not care for his style. Favorite non Yokozuna takanohana the ozeki and Takamiyama.
  15. gunner

    March basho 2021

    Terunofujis story is fantastic. A longtime fan I agonized at his injury and fall in rank. I hope he can get another yusho and at least a jun-yusho together very soon because I don't see him staying heathy enough to remain at the top of the meatgrinder. To me he looks like a Yokozuna but I think he is reaching his limit rapidly.