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  1. Thank you for the information.
  2. Yes, that's them! I thought that I recalled that they were born in the USA & entered Sumo after high school. Maybe they were raised in the states? It's disappointing to see that one of them has retired. Do you know the reason? Do you know what he's doing now?
  3. What happened with the two American brothers from the mainland who entered Sumo out of high school sometime within the last 5-10 years? I seem to recall that the mother was Japanese, the father was American & they were high school wrestlers. I remember reading about them when they were leaving for Japan & lost track of them. I can't even remember their names now. Information will be greatly appreciated.
  4. athelitextreme

    2016 US Sumo Nationals Results/Videos

    Thanks for the link! (West wins...)
  5. athelitextreme

    Amateur sumo. Video Highlights.

    Brief but good hard fought match.
  6. athelitextreme

    What is this picture about?

    Huh? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that's beside the point of the thread. (Consoling...) My comment was based on statements made in old threads on this forum & information that I've come across online. If homosexuality is widely accepted in Sumo, so be it, because it makes no difference to me. It would be interesting to see evidence to that regard though. (Being ninja...) Anyway, my question was if this was sincere or a joke & it's been answered. Thank you.
  7. athelitextreme

    What is this picture about?

    I think the comment would've been ridiculous if the statement weren't true. This is the case in most professional sports. OK, I figured it might be but I didn't understand it, so I wasn't sure.
  8. athelitextreme

    What is this picture about?

    Judging by the lack of interest & responses, I assume the question is inane or the subject is taboo. :-(
  9. athelitextreme

    What is this picture about?

    This is exactly why I'm confused. The homophobia in Sumo is no secret. I'm wondering if I missed something in the translation, if it's a joke picture they posted or if it's sincere.
  10. athelitextreme

    What is this picture about?

    Are you being facetious or is that really a female?
  11. athelitextreme

    What is this picture about?

    This picture was posted twice this past week on the Minesaki Beya FB page. I found it puzzling, especially after using Google to translate the captions & comments. I'm not judgmental & it makes no difference to me either way. I'm simply wondering, if there's something I'm not understanding in the language or cultural differences, or if it's as it appears. I dare not mention what, so as to not offend the individuals in the picture, if in fact there's a misunderstanding. The first caption reads: 呼出し弘行です。 遂にカップル成立! 神前で永遠の愛を誓った2人…。 The second caption reads: 平成25年7月15日 呼出・弘行 呼出し・弘行です。 遂にカップル成立! 神前で永遠の愛を誓った2人…。 Your input is sincerely & greatly appreciated.
  12. athelitextreme

    Akebono back in the heya

    Awesome!!! (Beaten...)
  13. athelitextreme

    Eastern U.S.A. Tournaments?

    Please post an update to let us know how it went.
  14. athelitextreme

    Akebono back in the heya

    I absolutely agree... I'm very pleased that Akebono will return to Sumo where he belongs. I was always disappointed by his entering pro-wrestling.
  15. athelitextreme

    Eastern U.S.A. Tournaments?

    How far are you from Atlanta? You may want to contact the Georgia Sumo Association. I'm not sure if this information is current: Georgia Sumo Association 5165 Forest Run Trace Alpharetta, GA 30022 Phone: 770-360-8900 Email: