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  1. Thank you so much! What is the KK though? Thanks Jake
  2. Hey all. I was wondering if I could get some help... I have a friend visiting Japan in the next week or so, and I wanted to see if she could find the extremely detailed figurines of professional Rikishi. I have no clue what they are called, nor where to even send her!? Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated! Are there Sumo "shops" or can these things only be found at Basho? I am not sure what cities she will visit. Sorry to be so vague. Thanks for the help! JAB
  3. JAB

    Australian Female Sumo

    130 kilo's at 14!?!?!?!? Seriously, that is nothing to be applauded, she needs to get some help! Good on the girls for getting on the Dohyo and giving it 100%! Jake
  4. JAB


    Thanks Kuro. Yeah it is a shame some of us actually get off of our lazy, fat asses and do something other than act like experts on a forum eh :-)
  5. JAB


    Oh, wow! I guess I totally missed that one! Thanks! Why the change? Jake
  6. JAB


    I apologize if I missed it elsewhere, but is Ama not in this Basho?? Thanks Jake
  7. JAB

    Heya and their "styles" of sumo

    Great posts! Keep it coming guys. I have been curious about this as well. Jake
  8. Speaking of which how are the matches made each day of Basho? Is a computer program used? Draws name out of a hat? What is the procedure? Thanks Jake
  9. JAB

    Banzuke.com has woken up

    I will be happy to slap the crap out of any fool who protest's! I am just grateful for all you do!!! Cheers Jake (Doing a wave...)
  10. JAB

    Beer or Milk?

    I've had Kingfisher before. Perhaps not the "strong" variety. Good stuff! I hoist a Stella in your direction sir, and wish you the best of life in the upcoming year(s)! Cheers Jake
  11. JAB

    Beer or Milk?

    I thought it was hard to get ahold of booze in the UAE? ;-) We don't get those cool beers over here (Singing drunk...) Never heard of Navigator!?!?
  12. JAB


    Well Harry I saw a mention of it on a National Geo blurb about Sumo. They did not offer the charachters so I cannot be of much help there. Thanks though, Jake
  13. JAB


    Can someone explain "Sumokan" to me please? I heard it refers to training the sixth sense or something along those lines!?!? Thanks Jake
  14. JAB

    Beer or Milk?

    Thats great!! Thanks!
  15. JAB

    Coaching & Practice

    Viki - Thanks so much! That was great. You are very fortunate. It seems that their is usually only one Dohyo in each stable!? I imagine space is very, very expensive to rent in most of Japan, but is that the reason? No I have not seen those videos, but thanks. I will check them out. Agreed practice can vary I am sure. But again, just trying to strike up an interesting conversation from those of you who have been and can offer experiences they have had. Cheers and Happy Whichever Holiday you Celebrate! Thanks again Viki! Jake